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By alan korwin   |   APRIL 22, 2015

The Blatant Racism of "Diversity"

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alan korwinThe lamestream media told you:
"Apple and Amazon, two of technology's most powerful companies, are refusing to release federal data on the diversity of their workforces. Spokeswoman Kristin Huguet declined to comment on why Apple would not release the data. Amazon spokesman Ty Rogers did not respond to requests for comment.

"For years, technology companies fought sharing any demographic information about their employees, claiming the information was a trade secret...

"...Stanford fellow Vivek Wadhwa says Apple and Amazon have a responsibility to the public to be more 'publicly accountable for diversity... This refusal shows that they have something to hide,' said Wadhwa...  Apple, Google, Microsoft and other companies blocked the release of the data from the U.S. Department of Labor to news organizations such as the [far left leaning] San Jose Mercury News that had filed public records requests.... USA Today asked the holdouts to produce the federal filings...

"Only in recent months have the industry's top companies opened up about the persistent lack of diversity in their ranks. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader who urged companies to release the data, says the tech industry is entering a new era of transparency... Rosalind Hudnell, Intel's VP of HR and 'chief diversity officer' seeks 'to drive improvement in a collective fashion.... Wadhwa thinks the industry should 'come clean.' " [many similar stories nationwide]
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Reporters and the narrative controllers in the lamestream media have their panties in a knot, having recently discovered that the greatest technological achievements of modern times have been accomplished essentially by Caucasian and Asian people, according to experts with knowledge of the situation.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay, Apple, so many American-based tech giants responsible for the miraculous advances of society made possible through digital electronics have workforces wholly unrepresentative of third world countries and so-called "disadvantaged" and "communities of color" within the United States, as reported by left-leaning "news" organizations.

"Diversity" promoters and affirmative-action activists, along with welfare and takings coalitions of various types are screaming about the lack of "diversity" within these wildly successful companies -- whose employees have been built up based on merit, performance and results.
The results speak for themselves, experts say, to the chagrin of race-based non-diverse complainers, who are largely black (or claim partial black heritage), and get disproportionate media attention. Champions of the targeted companies got little exposure, except for the fact that everyone in the world, including the complainers, use them extensively.

In Japan and now China, which have supplied much of the hardware and software that supports the American successes, have workforces that are nearly totally homogenous with no diversity of any kind. No dilution of the quality or demographics of staff there is being called for by anyone. Some American sports teams, long known to be out of diversity with the general population, have been attacked recently for their names.

In numerous long articles just coincidentally appearing simultaneously, the monumental technology achievements of Caucasian and Asian people was attacked by the lamestream media, whose own diversity numbers were not included, and have not come under scrutiny so far.

How Blatant Is IT?
Google: one of the greatest achievements of modern mankind, literally Isaac Asimov's dream come true -- The Encyclopedia Galactica -- the book of everything -- instantly available, everywhere. More accurate and more thorough, by orders of magnitude than The Encyclopedia Britannica, the former champ, now a 99-pound weakling and out of print in 2010. Created (gasp!) without what the "rainbow" diversifiers are screaming for.

Amazon: a shopping mecca beyond anything imaginable to R.H. Macy, F.W. Woolworth, Sears & Roebuck, Harrod, and every mega mall builder who ever lived, combined, where leaving home isn't required, with deliveries to your doorstep -- at no charge. Same lack-of-diversity advantage.

eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Intel...

So what do they have in common? They are (primarily) the work of select groups of people, as reported recently in upside-down fashion by the lamestream media and America's loudest black racists. Caucasians, the basic architects of Western Civilization, the greatest civilization to populate the planet, responsible for more art, medicine, creation of wealth, reduction of poverty, advancement of science, invention of industry than any other, and Asians, also with remarkable developmental roots... the assaults on them are reprehensible.

These digital giants resulted from self-selected teams who found their ways to Silicon Valley, agglomerated, started from garages and apartments with little more than the clothing they were wearing and educations, driving ambition, and built the most stupendous creations of the modern age. And the race bigots are indeed blaming them, and working to force non-remedies upon them, to everyone's detriment. Everyone's.

Now obviously other groups have done great things, and I'm generalizing here to make a point, obviously. And the stats require factoring in demographics within the population, I know that, but that's not stopping the attacks either. So just bear with me for a minute before you start shooting the messenger.

Right. What does the vile and vicious "news" media and racist destructive elements of our modern society do about this? They assault the masters of accomplishment for not having more artificially injected "diversity" -- the racist code word for forcing unqualified people into jobs and places they did not fit into on their own based on merit.

Instead of praising the performers for their performance, awarding medals and recognizing their stellar accomplishments, radical leftwing culture warriors and PC race baiters berate them for not meeting a racist goal, and the corrupted "news" media gets behind them in blind lockstep. That perverse denigration of everything excellent, with its guilt-laden call to water down accomplishment and demand the infusion of "people of color" (formerly colored people, now a banned term, except in the NAACP) regardless of their ability to perform. If people have the needed ability, they would be there already.

See the chart above again.

Actually, these firms are of mixed blood. These magnificent firms are not apartheid, they are not 100% pure lily white (and Asian, let's not forget all the high-performance Asians, and others), as the "news" media and racists would have you believe, or wish they were, to perfect their narrative. (Isn't bean counting racist?)

But in other news:
Sixteen black men were murdered again in cold bloody blood right here in the U.S today, by other black men living in ghettos, the same as yesterday and the day before. No national news coverage made the news for reasons that were unclear at press time, according to Brian Williams' replacement.

This helps keep the annual total of murdered ghetto blacks at 6,000 per year, and proving that black lives don't matter, despite Al Sharpton's protests to the contrary. The causes, though known, are ignored.

Jesse Jackson could not be reached for comment. Everytown for Gun Sanity and the Brady Center for the Promotion of Gun Violence both were busy campaigning to restrain the law-abiding public and repeal gun rights, for safety.

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