APRIL 15, 2015

Governor Doug Ducey signs into law ...

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PHOENIX – On April 9 Governor Doug Ducey signed a tort reform measure - H.B. 2603 - aimed at increasing transparency and fairness in asbestos litigation.

"Our administration is steadfastly committed to ensuring the tort process is fair for all parties involved," said Governor Ducey. "While victims are entitled to compensation, we must prevent double recovery from occurring in the process. I want to ensure we're doing everything possible to create an environment of transparency and fairness in Arizona's legal system, and I thank Rep. Borelli and the Arizona legislators for their leadership and partnership in this important effort."

Ducey, In keeping with his mission to reduce red tape and regulations in state government, also signed into law H.B. 2297 - legislation that prohibits state agencies from adopting rules that would increase existing regulation on property rights or business.

"This measure reflects my commitment to ensuring government operates at the speed of business, while also ensuring agencies can no longer overstep their authority by making laws," said Governor Ducey. "I'm proud to support legislation that keeps regulations lean and reduces redundancies and burdens wherever possible."

The governor also signed into law H.B. 2135 - bipartisan legislation that legalizes ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft in Arizona.

"This is one more simple but significant measure to promote innovation in Arizona," said Governor Ducey. "Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are already booming businesses - rather than standing in the way of growth, we should be encouraging it.

"I'm proud to sign common sense legislation that further reduces limitations to success while supporting enterprise and job growth in our state. I want to thank the legislators - especially Rep. Karen Fann - as well as all the stakeholders who collaborated and compromised to pass this pro-business legislation."

In honor of Prisoners of War Remembrance Day – held annually on April 9 – Governor Doug Ducey issued a proclamation today calling upon all Arizonans to pay respect and gratitude to all of the men and women of our nation's armed forces who have suffered captivity in foreign countries during active service.

"Today, we pause to recognize the brave members of our armed forces who, throughout history, have been taken captive by an enemy nation while fighting to protect us at home.

We are eternally indebted to these men and women. Day after day, American heroes put on the uniform and answer the call to service - selflessly relinquishing their personal freedom to preserve ours. To those who have not returned home, they are in our thoughts, prayers and hearts. We forever honor them, and we continue to pray for their safe return.

I ask that all Arizonans join me in paying respect to our nation's Prisoners of War, their families and all who serve and sacrifice in the name of our national and personal security. God Bless them all."

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