Prevent crimes of opportunity with proper precautions

Scottsdale sees recent increase in bike thefts

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The City of Scottsdale has recently seen an increase in bike thefts. Between March 15 and March 28 there were seven bike thefts in the downtown district of Scottsdale.

Seven might not seem like a significantly high number of bike thefts but the thefts are taking place under different circumstances.

According to Scottsdale Public Information Officer Kevin Watts, two of the thefts were from a storage area usually secured but due to construction around the area was unsecured. The bike lock was cut off during one theft and the remaining four bikes stolen during this time frame were not properly secured.

“The take-away from this is that these thefts are most commonly crimes of opportunity,” Watts said.

With properly secured bikes around the city, the number of thefts would be greatly reduced, Watts stated.

According to Anthony Pazienza an employee at Landis Cyclery in Scottsdale, they sell two of the biggest brand name bikes. When you are investing in popular bikes, you want to be aware that these bikes are more commonly targeted by thieves.

Pazienza refers people who are looking for a sturdy bike lock to consider the “U-Lock.”

“On a scale from one to 10, as 10 being the safest lock you can buy to one being the least reliable, the chain locks would be at a two and the U-Lock would be considered a six or an eight,” said Pazienza.

Local bike rider Matt Halverson was a victim of bike theft, and, like many, thought he had taken the correct precautions to secure his bike while having lunch in old town Scottsdale.

"I locked my bike up outside on a pole and when I was ready to leave ... realized my bike wasn’t there," Halverson said.

Halverson said he had spent a lot of money on a heavy duty bike lock but it did not do what it was supposed to do in the moment of the theft.

“I thought this bike lock would be durable enough to keep my bike safe. Since I spent a lot of money on my bike, I thought it would be a good investment to buy a good lock but in this case it was easily cut off,” said Halverson.

You can go onto the City of Scottsdale website where you can register your bicycle with the Scottsdale Police Department. If your bike happens to be stolen, this can be a very important way to help ensure recovery.

It is especially important for students to invest in a lock that could be the deciding factor as to whether the thief would look the other way or try to steal the bike, even if it is a little more on the expensive side.

Crimes of opportunity can easily occur at any time of the day. With the proper precautions these crimes can be prevented.

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