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Water for Cave Creek

With Cave Creek’s General Plan in development, there has been discussion about the availability of potable water in Cave Creek. It is my opinion that Cave Creek will have enough water to satisfy the needs of our citizens for decades into the future.

We live in a region that has very low precipitation and our annual precipitation is notoriously fickle. We average about 12-14 inches of water a year. But we seldom have an average year. For citizens dependent upon wells, this will be a major concern. Compared with Phoenix, our aquifer is shallow and holds relatively little groundwater. I expect that water levels in most private wells will decrease. We already have homes on the West Side that must now truck in water. Cave Creek will need to extend water service as private wells run low.

The rest of us are fortunate to have Colorado River Project (CAP) water that comes from the CAP canal near Cave Creek Road and the 101. It is pumped uphill to our water treatment plant and then to two large, recently built, water tanks. The goal is to pump those tanks full of water at night, when the cost is relatively low, and balance the stored water with continuously flowing water to meet our daily demands. Daily demands peak in the hot summer months. Fortunately, that's when the number of people using water is reduced.

Water planning by the CAP professionals includes “banking” water in the ground as they can. According to my experience. Arizona water supplies have been carefully planned for the foreseeable future.

Before water system upgrades were made shortly after the Town purchased the Cave Creek Water Company, some local businesses had to occasionally truck in water. This was not a supply problem, it was a storage and infrastructure problem. We’re now in better shape. Still, some of Cave Creek’s existing potable water infrastructure is in need of repair and replacement. That will continue to be an ongoing effort.

Planning is essential. CAP professionals require that all new major developments secure a “100 year assured supply of water.” About 80 percent of Arizona’s water use is for agriculture. Domestic use is only about 10 percent. When water becomes more scarce, as we now see in California, agriculture is hit first. While this allows for continued domestic use, it does impact our economy.

If we run low on CAP water, there is the marketplace. Right now, the Native American tribes own more Colorado River water than they can use. So they sell their water on the open market at a supply and demand prices. Not cheap, but water is available.

Most likely the cost of water will increase. This will especially influence some Cave Creek water users. For example, residents with horses generally use more water than the average household. If you have a lawn or plants than require irrigation, that is likely your greatest use of potable water. Those who use the most water pay a higher rate per gallon, which encourages them to conserve water. More efficient use of water and advanced planning will assure the security of Cave Creek municipal water supplies well into the future.

Thomas McGuire
Town Councilman


Woe is Carefree

What to do? What to do? In Carefree, businesses are leaving almost on a daily basis. The town council is so busy fighting among themselves almost nothing gets done.

Yes, the Town Center has to be revitalized. Unfortunately, no matter what this council decides to do, there is a 50/50 chance it won’t help. Therefore, before all of these monies are spent on what may or may not work, let’s discuss the “gorilla in the room;” Fire Protection. When the economy was better and the town in better financial shape, the then town council wanted to give something back to the people. Thus fire protection was provided to all residents and businesses at town expense. It was a mistake. We did not look at possible long term problems. And we most definitely never considered that fire protection would have the potential to bankrupt Carefree. But it does (fire protection is the largest budgeted item).

If this fractured town council wants to do just one beneficial thing for Carefree, they will vote to return to the original procedure...whoever wants fire protection should pay for fire protection. Simply put, Carefree cannot afford to pay Rural/Metro any longer.

Bob Coady
Carefree Councilman 1999-2011


Readers response to April Fools’ Day “news”

No to Castle Adult Mega Book Store to locate to Cave Creek

Dear Mayor and Town Council Members:

This letter is to voice our objection to your current plan to locate a Castle Adult Mega Book Store on the Southeast Corner of Cave Creek Rd and Carefree Highway (Near Walmart) and your alternative plan to put the Adult Store in downtown Cave Creek by the Post Office.

Please do not approve the location of this type of denigrating establishment in our community. You should also be aware that our neighbors are also taking the steps to contact your Council to voice there no vote on this approval.

Please strive to make Cave Creek a family friendly place and do not encourage or draw into our community sexual exploitation and potential threat of predators traveling into our environment.


Fred J. Wellman and Juliette Wellman


Vince Francia wrote:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wellman,

It’s a once-a-year tradition that Sonoran News puts out a front page with outrageous stories. That once-a-year coincides with April 1, otherwise known as April Fools’ Day. Look at the mast head of the paper and you’ll see noted that the page is a spoof in honor of the day.
There is no adult anything coming to Cave Creek.

Don’t feel bad, though. You’re not the only one to be “fooled” by the Sonoran News’ spoof, and fun, I might add. Your Mayor once again had to do a double take when he saw the front page. Which I guess is why they call it April Fools’ Day.

Mayor Vincent

Dear Mayor

I get it now, however this spoof which normally would be harmless in a bygone era and may be funny to the papers editor caused me to disclose my personal information in order to act responsively as citizen, I am afraid I don't see any humor in the prank.

Also unnecessarily exercising our civic authorities to answer a prank is not civically responsible.
I can take a joke but for me, it's not a responsible act of a newspaper which from now on goes straight into the trash in my household.



Motorcycle ban

I recently moved to Cave Creek and one of the many things we loved about the area was the neat activities Cave Creek had to offer. One of our favorites are the many motorcycles that come to town regularly. There are also many cowboy activities that occur regularly. I have seen no articles on banning cowboy activities.

It is more than disturbing when the solution to a problem is a "ban." It seems like very little thought was given to the business owners affected by a ban, not to mention the motorcycle people who look forward to a beautiful ride to Cave Creek.

Controlling the issue seems the better option. Why not have designated parking for motorcycles. If the city needs to purchase land for parking, designate that area for motorcycle parking only and charge a couple bucks to park for the day until the land is paid for. If accidents are an issue, better policing and signage might be needed. Working with the business community is the better answer, but a "BAN" is an easier answer.


Karl Usher
New Resident of Cave Creek


Carefree’s Future Matters

Friends of Carefree, before proceeding to the public activities of your town council, a few administrative notes are worthy of mention. In past editions we outlined a procedure for you to either Subscribe or to Opt-Out of the Newsletter. To simplify the process further there are now links at the end of the Newsletter which clarify and automate those tasks. You may also note that you now receive a personalized (To: your email address) copy of the Newsletter.

The presentation from the Village Center Community Open House of March 26 is available on the website, as is the presentation from the Council meeting of March 3 relating to the Cave Creek/ Carefree ADOT Bike Lanes project. Find them at

The Cave Creek/Carefree ADOT Bike Lanes Project is moving along, with construction scheduled to begin this summer. You should take a look at the presentation noted, as the project will impact you during construction this summer through December, and then going forward. Many residents remain unaware of specific details. Medians, associated vegetation, and landscaping along Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Road will be reduced and vehicle traffic lanes will be narrowed from 14 feet to 11feet wide on major roadways to accommodate the 5 foot wide bike lanes. According to the last traffic study conducted by Paul Basha, the Town's traffic engineering and transportation consultant with nearly 40 years of experience, 7,000 cars a day pass through the intersection of Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Road. Yes, that is 7,000.

Our compliments, and thanks, go out to Linda Bentley of Sonoran News, for her ongoing commitment to reporting news and events in Carefree. Her reporting and photos are very much appreciated.

Town Council Meeting, April 7, 2015
All Council members were present.

Items 1 – 7, Consent Agenda: All 7 items were related to routine town business (meeting minutes, bills, and financial reports); approved 7 – 0.

Item 8, Call to the Public: No one requested to speak.

Item 9, Current Events: None were cited.

Item 10, Conflict of Interest Findings: At Call to the Public during the March council meeting, Councilman Miller read a prepared statement that alleged Councilman Farrar had a conflict of interest arising from his occupation as a commercial real estate broker and his participation in council discussions on matters relating to a proposed Cultural Center. Councilman Miller called for a formal legal review. The town hired Bill Sims, an Arizona Municipal Law Attorney and an acknowledged expert in this field, to review the matter and render a legal opinion.

After providing clarifications and explanations of relevant Arizona Revised Statutes, 3 examples of case law, and guidelines from the Attorney General, Mr. Sims reported that Councilmember Farrar does not have a conflict requiring disclosure and recusal. He went on to say the Councilman Farrar did nothing wrong and had properly discharged his responsibilities under the relevant statutes. He did expand his comments to include recommendations for enhancing town administrative procedures which would help to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Councilman Farrar asked to speak. He proceeded to express his feeling that since he was publically accused by Councilman Miller, and later joined in allegations of impropriety by Councilwoman Price, that he should expect a public apology. Councilman Miller stood, walked over to Councilman Farrar extended his hand and apologized. A moment later Councilman Farrar stood and again shook hands with Councilman Miller; they even hugged. Attorney Bill Sims commented that the best way to avoid these sorts of issues is to communicate.

Item 11, Resolution 2014-07: After a brief slide presentation and short discussion the abandonment of a segment of the right-of-way of Spanish Boot Road was approved 7 – 0.

Item 12, Liquor Licenses: A new class 4 Liquor License for John LaGuardia, III and Bomb Spirits, LLC was approved 7 – 0.

This council meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:40 p.m.

2015/2016 Marketing Plan/Budget Presentation, April 7, 2015 – 4 p.m.
Just prior to the regular council meeting Gina Kaegi, Town Marketing & Communications Director, provided a well prepared overview of the Marketing strategy and budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It is obvious Gina has substantial experience in this field and is a welcome asset to the town. Although new to this job, she is a 12 year Carefree resident and brings us tremendous experience and insight in her new role.

The proposed $200,000 marketing budget will not move mountains, or change lead to gold, but Gina seems to have a very good grasp on how to get the most benefit from the investment.

Don’t forget to visit

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Van Allen and John Traynor


Dear Mr. Carbone

You said it well – you said it all. You expressed my feelings and the feelings of all my relatives and friends whose good, hard working parents became great Americans and taught their families not to demand from our country but to contribute.

I only wish that second generation Americans speak up for our fantastic country and keep it American.

God Bless America! I sing that beautiful song and tribute every day!

A. deClaire

P.S. I have traveled the world and there is no country as great as the U.S. Please let us not allow foreigners to change a country God has Blessed!

Editor note: The letter to the editor entitled “Then and Now, A comparison” by Tom Carbone, published April 1, was enclosed with the deClaire letter and can be read HERE.


Income Tax or Fair Tax

In 2009, $800,000,000.00 in tax dollars was spent on stimulus for the economy hoping for recovery from the recession. What if a greater amount of money was available for this stimulus without spending tax dollars? If the IRS and the Income tax system were replaced with the Fair Tax, the 2.5 trillion dollars collected by the IRS during fiscal year 2013 would be left in the hands of the taxpayers of this country to stimulate the economy by spending and investing it. This is true stimulus and would not involve the graft and mismanagement that came with the 2009 waste of taxes.

The first year the Fair Tax is enacted is projected bring a 10 percent (or more) growth in the economy. No more IRS, income or payroll taxes or April 15th deadline. All that money the IRS would have collected will be left in the hands of the people and businesses to pump up the economy without government help. Companies that have left this country will return to do business in the most prosperous nation in the world. For more info see:

Roy T. Newsom
Granbury, Texas


As if it weren’t bad enough

Why does the Obama administration continue to ignore the American public when it comes to illegal immigration policy? Rasmussen released a survey yesterday showing that 83 percent of Americans believe that everyone should be required to prove that they are "legally allowed" to be in the country before receiving local, state or federal government services, and that 62 percent said that the U.S. is "not aggressive enough" in deporting those illegally in the United States.

To add insult to injury, it was just recently discovered that this year, the U.S. government is paying for (that means you are paying for) unaccompanied alien children to be flown into the U.S., even if they were convicted of a felony or previously deported, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot through a program launched in November 2014 by the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors. You can read more about this HERE .

Two thirds of the American public disagrees with the Administrations immigration policy and forty six percent blamed Obama’s immigration policies for the surge of “unaccompanied” Central American children coming across our border last year. Guess what? The surge is picking back up again in 2015 with more than 3,000 of them coming across our border last month. Authorities report having captured 15,647 children traveling without parents who tried to jump the border in the first six months of this fiscal year. Also, the Border Patrol has captured 13,911 “family units. You can read more about this HERE .

Is this what President Obama meant by “transforming America?” When will the American public get angry enough to do something about it? When will the states do something about it? When will Congress do something about it?

Arthur Bedford
San Augustine, Texas


Middle East equilibrium

Due to indecision by the Obama White House to support moderate Sunni rebels in Syria, Islamic terrorists in Syria (ISIS) were able to reposition forces and attack the Iraqi Army, which folded and abandoned its U.S. equipment, including many Humvees and 155mm guns. The Iraqi government requested air strikes against ISIS, but President Obama ignored the request, referring to ISIS as the "J V Team." The result was ISIS captured our military equipment, and established territory from which they can launch terrorist attacks. We belatedly decided to send advisers to assist the Iraqi Army, and we launched air strikes against ISIS.

We appear to be fostering equilibrium in the Middle East with Shiites of Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq counter weighted by Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. We should continue to conduct air strikes, training, and covert operations in Iraq and Syria to counter ISIS. The Kurds, who are reliable Arab allies, should be well armed. Other Arabs, including so called moderates, should be sold used equipment without spare parts.

With the decrease in our dependence on Middle East oil, containment of turmoil and fighting by Arabs in the Middle East could translate to increased security for the U.S. and other countries.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire