The Lie Machine

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steele coddingtonIt wasn't a medical diagnosis, just a realistic observation by Dr. Ben Carson watching Obama during his State of the Union Address. A respected surgeon and possible presidential candidate, Dr. Carson has delighted the country with his love for America and its fundamental values. Reportedly, during the broadcast he quietly commented on the ease with which Obama lies to the American people. The importance of his judgment, coming from such a highly ethical intellect is that it confirms the universal conviction that when this President's lips are moving, he's usually shoveling us another whopper from the bully pulpit.

You know that impression is serious when 49 states and 2 prisons have endorsed a request to the Inspector General of FIB to change the words of the first line of the President's Anthem from "Hail to the Chief" to "Liar, liar. pants on fire."

But that's not the only distressing sign of a diminished moral presence in the country. Even our guiding social sayings are undergoing a "sea" change that substitutes a reliable truth for a corruption that recognizes a coarsening change in the culture. For example the positive truism, "A rising tide lifts all boats," has now deteriorated into a disturbing distortion that is the acceptable motto of the entire Obama administration, "A rising tide of slimy water lifts all the crud to the top!" Think – IRS scandal, Fast and Furious gun-running cover-up, Benghazi, Obamacare, Illegal Amnesty, Bowe Bergdall, VA ... enough?

Why should we care that the country seems to have become infected with the Pinocchio Syndrome virus, spread by the Pinocchio proclivities of our chief executive? Because societies built on lies end up as dictatorships like Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia or corrupted into the culture of bribery to name a few, like Greece and Mexico where the "fix" is in for everything. What follows is government agencies packed with like-minded bureaucrats who rule as the unelected "law of the land."

Any psychopath, especially with the compliant cowardice of today's major media, can manipulate the process and press with their spin and in effect succeed as the arbitrators of what "The Rule of Law" will be. That leads the way to secret agreements, deception, corruption and dictatorial Executive Orders lifted from their progressive bibles such as Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals."

Today is no longer just a make-believe "Dreams From My Father," world promoting left-wing ideology, but a nightmare involving Iranian nuclear negotiations featuring two cave-in Neville Chamberlins bargaining with thugs. The slippery unknowns of Obama's and Kerry's "deals", secret letters to Ayatollahs, siding with enemies, purposeful undermining of the Israelis and screwing with questionable support for our other allies, isn't building a hell of a lot of trust with the American people.

The absurd "Framework" of an Iranian nuclear deal arranged by Obama and his "Send in the Clown" Kerry is like the minutes of an international meeting of professional liars. An array of the most formidable experts on Iran couldn't be more emphatic about the disastrous realities of the Obama/Kerry Armageddon rain-dance. Clare Lopez, former CIA operative and specialist in the prestigious Center for Security Policy, describes the talks as a diplomatic kabuki dance intended only to cover up the awful truth that Iran already has what it wants, "It already has nuclear warheads."

So the "deal" is just another Pinocchio attempt to pretend they've accomplished something. If the Congress and the bamboozled public could get Obama and Kerry to bend over, we'd see the smoke coming out of their pants.