APRIL 15, 2015

Come and watch the Cactus Shadows Lady Falcon Softball Team

Senior Night, April 27

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cshs softball
The 2015 Lady Falcon Softball Team has a Homerun Derby on Saturday, April 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dust off those mitts! Homerun Derby, base running contest, and BBQ! Donations to the program accepted. Location: Cactus Shadows High School Varsity Softball Field off 56th Street and Dove Valley Road.

Front row (l-r): Sophomore Rachel Rodriguez, Sophomore Hannah Pusateri, Sophomore Taylor Kufner, Junior Emmerson Allen, Senior Katie Paoli, Freshman Elisabeth Raby, Senior Hanna Caban, Junior Catherine Pierce, Sophomore Skyler Cardoza, Sophomore Kaili Orcutt.

Back row (l-r): Asst. Coach Monica Milinovich, Head Coach Danica Gianni, Asst. Coach Carey Cadwell and not pictured Coach Adam Hillier.

katie paoli and hanna cabanSenior Night, April 27

Pictured (left) are Cactus Shadows seniors, Katie Paoli and Hanna Caban. Coach Danica Gianni has coached outstanding students and athletes throughout their high school career.

They will be missed very much. We wish them luck in their college endeavors.

Senior Night is April 27 at 4 p.m. at the varsity softball field. Thank you!

Courtesy Photo by lifetouch