APRIL 1, 2015

Governor Doug Ducey signs legislation to protect Arizona taxpayers

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PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey released the following statement on his signing of HB 2001, a policy he called for in his January 12 State of the State address that permanently indexes Arizona's income tax to inflation.

"I'm proud to sign this common-sense but significant legislation to protect our taxpayers by eliminating a hidden tax increase on Arizonans. This is one more crucial measure to keep our tax rates reasonable and predictable while further promoting our open-for-business agenda. It's good government, it's good for Arizona, and it fulfills a key campaign promise on which I was elected. I want to thank the Legislature - especially the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Olson - and all the business leaders, organizations and individuals who helped champion this needed reform."
Governor Doug Ducey also signed Senate Bill 1318, legislation ensuring that taxpayer money is not used to subsidize abortions through Arizona's health care exchange.

"The American people overwhelmingly oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, and it's no different in Arizona, where we have long-standing policy against subsidizing them with public dollars," said Governor Ducey. "This legislation provides clarity to state law."

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