Thanks Netanyahu, a real leader

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steele coddingtonIsraeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent presentation to the U.S. House of Representatives was comparable to Winston Churchill's speech warning the world about the Nazis prior to World War II. The address was refreshingly free of the blather characteristic of self-serving proclamations and delays unloaded by Obama and Kerry on negotiations with Iran. The Prime Minster’s speech was a welcome contrast of straight shooting revelations on the world's greatest terror organization, versus the as yet unknown "fix" proposed by America's out-foxed foreign policy amateurs.

In response, in a sophomoric pique, Obama said there was nothing new in the speech. But there was! First, it was given by a man of character. A refreshing display of courage, an expression of truth instead of phony rhetoric, and a resolve that rejects any "deal" unless Iran abandons its terrorism agenda. It was uplifting to witness a leader with convictions, who knows how to lead and exist when surrounded by evil regimes bent on the annihilation of his country.

And it's not just me and my highly intelligent animals, friends, horse owners, conservatives and true patriots who are afraid Obama will make a disastrous foreign policy blunder in a "deal" with Iran. Forty-seven Republican Senators in the world's most deliberative body, just sent an open letter to the "Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran" informing them that any treaty must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. Anything else is a mere executive agreement and not binding beyond Mr. Obama's term. The purpose of the letter is to prevent America being held hostage to Iran's nuclear jihad.

Thank you Senators for reminding Obama that the legislative body can influence foreign policy constitutionally and can respond to his "pen and telephone" attempts to usurp authority by illegal Executive Order. Now . . . Mitch McConnell needs to stop caving in by letting the Senate Democrat Minority out-maneuver him. Do a Harry Reid nuclear option to prevent Democrats from obstructing Senate legislation just to protect Obama. Then go over to the House and tell the Speaker to start leading - innovate, get creative, but for God's sake LEAD! Here's a way to start:

Take Obama's attempt to give free tuition to junior college students for two years, paid for with our taxes, and tell him to stuff it. Instead, create a program to enlist young adults into the Armed Forces. If they serve for two years, give them an Education GI Bill to pay for two years of college. If they elect to complete their military training with the Israeli armed services by a special agreement, give them a four year Education GI Bill. Work out the details Speaker Boehner, it's a win-win "earn-your-education" with no loan indebtedness to replace another Obama "give-away-the-store" program.

Then hire yourself a "professional press secretary" to articulate the real efforts you are making to save America from the corruption of radicals infiltrating every aspect of government. Such a professional could start with daily briefings by asking why Obama is trying to deal with Iran, the enemy, and why he gives phony lip service and excuses about why no aid and assistance is showing up for our allies Jordan, Egypt, the Kurds, Israel, etc. It's time for the legislative branch to move onto the foreign policy turf that our chief Pinocchio and his echo Kerry are screwing up like a couple of Mae Wests whose famous response when faced with choosing between two evils was, "I always pick the one I've never tried before." She must still be working for the State Department.