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• Election post mortem

In a sad turn around of events, our national icon, Blaine Keith, has been terminated from the Dream Street Residence in Carefree. He moved on March 23 to Grace Hill Ranch, 37509 N. 16th Street, Phoenix AZ, 85086, which is about 10 miles from here, north of Carefree Highway on 16th Street.

In view of the fact that the termination is unprecedented, especially for an honored veteran, we have canceled their advertising and would not recommend them. All the gory details will be in the next printed edition.

Election post mortem 
The recall election was completely necessary. In spite of all of Adam Trenk and his bobbleheads’ screw-ups, they thought they would win. I never doubted they would lose. I mentioned in the last edition that the slate was at the Buffalo Chip to celebrate their victory. A woman who was there said she was invited by one of the women in the “victory” group to celebrate with them but she deferred. If the group of forty or so that joined the slate also believed they would win they don’t handicap very well. Mayor Vincent Francia who forecasted a dead heat didn’t do any better. As manager of a race track you would think Francia would be a better handicapper. Maybe he thought his endorsement of Trenk would carry the day. Actually, his endorsement probably cost Trenk votes.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
But when you consider Francia told Kiwanians he was serving with the best council he ever worked with, you can see how far he strayed from truth. You have to watch politicians all the time. I guess once they start deviating from reality the game is over. I would imagine the antics by Adam Trenk, followed by his widest margin of loss in the election, would throw a giant monkey wrench into his and his family’s plans for him to be a congressman someday.

Don’t forget Trenk still has to stand for several court actions. He is sued on a number of counts for firing Town Manager Usama Abujbarah. He is being sued in Federal Court for violating Abujbarah’s First Amendment rights. He is also being investigated for signing a phony name on a recall petition. Trenk actually expected to win and stay on council with all that dirt. I was surprised he got 844 votes against Susan Clancy’s 1,125. The 844 votes must have come from “low information voters” since there aren’t that many darksiders in town. They usually represent about 25 percent of the vote in Cave Creek. Campaign finance reports are available on the town’s web site,, and there are several interesting contributions on Trenk’s behalf.

First of all, local activist Anna Marsolo contributed $900. The Ponzi Queen’s (Sara Vannucci) “Conservative Creekers for Fiscal Responsibility” political action committee contributed $2,291.82. If that is a conservative organization I am a liberal. Next is Diane Bell $100, Sidhwa Ardeshir $200, George Ross $100, Michael Beckham $500.

These are from Highland Road, where Trenk spends his weekends: Nedra Stuckey $20, Dom and Judi Davidio (who lease Trenk’s house) $200. Commission zealot (he belongs to three in town) David Smith, $50.

Total Cave Creek contributions are $4,161.82. Contributions from New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana and New York are $3,450. Compared to the last two elections it looks like his out of state family and friends are tiring of Trenk’s political ambitions. Reginald Monachino put $1,500 in his own campaign. The list of dark side contributors follow:

Pauline and Kerry Smith, $200, Gary Chase, $50, Elizabeth Ballman, $50, Gabe Royer $100, Robert and Carolyn Voris $150, Martha and Tom Klare $100, Wes and Sharon Cooper $100, Diane and David Smith $50, Paul Diefenderfer $50, Michael Beckham $200, George and Nan Ross $100. Total contributions: $2,700.

Mike Durkin had no contributions but spent $755 for signs and for Vannucci’s PAC. Charles Spitzer raised $300. George Ross gave $100, Pauline Smith gave $200.
Remarks: It appears the slate was depending on their boss, Trenk, to bring them to victory as they expected in their “celebration party” at the Buffalo Chip on election night. It also could be the slate gets their dentistry done at Michael Beckham’s due to his generous contributions. Exactly what Marsolo expected of Trenk for her rare contribution of $900 is unknown, but there is a lot of speculation.