Special Carefree Town Council Meeting, March 17, 2015

All 5 current Council members were present.  Other than Adjournment, there were only two items on the Agenda for this meeting.

Item 1 – Appoint applicants to fill two vacant council seats.  A total of 7 individuals submitted applications for a position on the council.  They included Daniel Davee, Robert Gearheart, Tony Geiger, Arthur Gimson, Michael Krahe, Eugene Orrico, and Tom Rawls.  Existing council members had reviewed resumes and interviewed applicants prior to the meeting.

Les Peterson, who assumed the duties of mayor two weeks ago, explained the process that would be employed to select individuals to fill the vacant council seats.  Each applicant was given the opportunity to address the council.

Former town clerk Betsy Wise spoke in support of Tony Geiger.

In the interest of brevity, Eugene Orrico was selected in the first round and Robert Gearheart was selected in the second.  They were sworn in by the town clerk and were seated on the council.

Item 2 – Select a Vice Mayor.  Mayor Peterson addressed those present stating the original council members were all qualified to be vice mayor.  Newly seated members could, if they wished, abstain from the vote.  He then nominated John Crane and that motion was seconded.  No other names were submitted for the position.  All council members voted in favor.
John Crane was sworn in as the new vice mayor and then the meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:40 p.m.

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Respectfully submitted,

Jim Van Allen and John Traynor


AZ AG Mark Brnovich letter on in-state tuition for undocumented students

To Raul Grijalva, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Ruben Gallego, members of congress:

Thank you for your letter dated March 3rd, 2015, concerning in-state tuition for those without lawful status in the United States. In November of 2006, Proposition 300 was approved with more than 70 percent of the vote, reserving certain taxpayer funded benefits to citizens, legal residents, and persons who otherwise have lawful immigration status. The voters were clear on this subject:

"A person who is not a citizen of the United States, who is without lawful immigration status and who is enrolled as a student at any university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents or at any community college under the jurisdiction of a community college district in this state is not entitled to tuition waivers, fee waivers, grants, scholarship assistance, financial aid, tuition assistance or any other type of financial assistance that is subsidized or paid in whole or in part with state monies." (A.R.S. § 15-1825(A)).

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, which you cite with authority, makes clear that "[D]eferred Action does not confer lawful status upon an individual." In Arizona Dream Act Coalition v. Brewer the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that "DACA recipients enjoy no formal immigration status." Indeed, the Constitution reserves this power for Congress. ("The Congress shall have the power to ... establish a uniform rule of naturalization." Article I, Section 8, Clause 4).

As the Attorney General I have taken an oath to uphold and enforce the law and to defend the Constitutions of Arizona and of the United States. Here, the people of Arizona have spoken unambiguously and their elected and appointed representatives, including the community colleges and my office, are bound to follow.

Mark Brnovich
Attorney General of Arizona


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I am a supporter of Sheriff Joe. This Judge Murray Snow has a hard on for our sheriff.
He needs to be exposed. Where he came from? Who appointed him? Where is his residence? What his phone number, etc.?

The New Times exposed Sheriff Joe's home. Why can't we do the same?

Our sheriff needs help now but I do not think money can help him now.

Name withheld by request


Stop unfunded Obamacare mandates in Arizona

NOW is the time to take action to STOP unfunded ObamaCare mandates in Arizona! We need your help!

HB 2643, sponsored by Rep. Justin Olson (Mesa) would prohibit Arizona's government from using our taxpayer dollars or government employees to enforce, administer or cooperate with Obamacare!  The bill was heard in a Senate Committee on Tuesday morning (March 17), and will advance to the Senate floor this week.

Bills that protect taxpayers and health care freedom are difficult to get through the Senate, so CONTACT YOUR SENATOR TODAY to make sure he or she is on board!

Thanks to YOU as an activist, for standing up against ObamaCare and defending free-market policies in Arizona!

For Liberty & Prosperity,

Krystal Slivinski
Arizona Policy Director
Americans for Prosperity

Bill to Stop Obamacare Enforcement Moves Forward in Arizona
PHOENIX (Feb. 19, 2015) – Yesterday, an Arizona House Committee approved a bill that would create significant roadblocks for implementation of the Affordable Care Act, leaving the federal program without an enforcement mechanism in the state should it pass.

Introduced State Reps. Justin Olson and Rep. Vince Leach, House Bill 2643 (HB2643) would prohibit the state in various ways from “from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with the Affordable Care Act.” The House Federalism and States’ Right Committee passed it yesterday by a vote of 5-3.

Most prominent in this list of prohibitions is a ban on “funding or aiding in the prosecution of any entity for a violation of the act.” This would prevent the Arizona Department of Insurance (DOI) from investigating or enforcing any violations of federally mandated health insurance requirements, something that will prove particularly problematic for the feds.

State insurance commissioners  and departments serve as the enforcement arm for insurance regulation in the states. So, when people have issues with their mandated coverage, they will have to call the feds.

HB2643 now moves to the House Rules Committee, where it will need to pass by a majority vote before the full House can consider it.


To read the article in its entirety visit


Firearm Freedoms: Preserve, Restore, Advance

This is the season folks. The state legislature is meeting now. Good bills and bad bills are coming – watch the duel. There are people out there who want to diminish rights you already have. A push to disarm you. Don't let them.

Maintain the best gun laws in the U.S. or give up that honor? Visit Arizona Citizens Defense League:

Set and example for America, and proudly be part of that. AzCDL does the legwork for you (and you can always volunteer).

Don't let the gun-grabbing misfits infringe you.

Are you really for America or is that just something you say?

Alan Korwin
The Univited Ombudsman
Bloomburg Press


To win or not to win is NOT the question

Winning has commandeered the high calling of sports and coaching.     

I walked into a Nike store with my kids and noticed the youth T-shirt table. I was shocked by what I saw: "Crushing You Will Be A Pleasure." "Thank You for Being Such a Gracious Loser." "I Promise to Help You Up After I Knock You Down." And "Good Game: Maybe Next Time You Will Actually Score." Do you find a consistent message amongst these T-shirts from one of the biggest sports retailers in the world? The slogans on the shirts give a sense of our nation's obsession with winning, even for children in size youth-small T-shirts.  
To win is an honorable and desirable goal. But winning at any price and at the expense of the student athlete is unacceptable. Striving to win, with the well-being of the individual athlete as the priority, defines the role of a coach.  

Today, we have allowed the idol of winning to overtake the calling of coaching. I have had the privilege of being a student athlete, a coach on the high school and collegiate levels, a basketball official, a professor who teaches an Ethics in Sports course, and a father to four kids who all are talented, hard-working athletes. Based upon personal experience and exposure to the coaching profession, I have witnessed some unfortunate philosophies and approaches. The calling of being a coach, for some, has devolved into a self-centered, winning-at-all-costs profession. The question must be asked: Is athletics about the coach and winning or is it about the privilege of investing in and building up young men and women, making a positive difference in their lives?  

Being a coach provides a privileged opportunity to be the most important and influential person in the athlete's life, other than his or her parents. Coaches have the ability to be a role model, building self-esteem and character in their players and teaching them to believe that the process is more important than the win-loss record. Winning has become so overwhelmingly enveloping that it has stolen the primary roles of the coach: to invest in the individual players, to love those young men or women based on who they are rather than how many points they score, and to positively influence them for life. Winning cannot and should not be more important than the desire to educate, protect, and influence each life. Coaches also should teach and display a respect for the rules, officials and opponents.  
Billy Graham has stated "a coach will impact more lives in a year than most will affect in a lifetime." The true and lofty calling of a coach cannot be over-estimated.  A varsity basketball coach whom I highly respect always says that "a good coach will make you a better player, but a great coach will make you a better person." 

In today’s society, the coach must re-take the fundamental goal of coaching out of the win/loss column and put it back where it belongs: to be the architect and definer of an athlete's sports experience.

Dr. James Thrasher
Director of Grove City College’s career services office
Coordinator of the Center for Vision & Values working group on calling.


Unprecedented surrender

Maybe you've seen my comments in the news ... at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit, I offered a blunt assessment of the Iranian nuclear talks. 

Maybe you've seen my comments in the news ... at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit, I offered a blunt assessment of the Iranian nuclear talks.

The deal President Obama is negotiating with Iran is an unprecedented surrender by the United States.

Now, liberals are slandering me in the news for speaking the truth. What do you think?

I'm not going to give the liberal left – especially Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton – the last word at this critical point in our nation's history. I'm asking for you to take a stand with me against their embarrassment of a foreign policy.

I've never been one for mincing words when it comes to protecting the security of America.
I will do absolutely anything to ensure that America is safe and strong, even if it means speaking the truth no matter how badly the liberals wished I remained silent.

I will not apologize for this.

I promise you: I will continue to speak out as boldly as I can against Obama's rotten foreign policy, especially this bogus deal with Iran.

Are you with me? Or do you agree with the liberal media that thinks that if we give Iran a nuclear program they will be a happy friend to the United States and Israel?

I refuse to be silent on this, and I urge you to do the same.

For America,

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Voting against our family dog

I was shocked to learn that the Arizona senate is actually voting on a bill (HB 2150) to further degrade the status of farm animals and to reduce penalties for their mistreatment.  Ideally, we shouldn’t raise animals for food altogether, but as long as we do, the very least we owe them is decent treatment.  These animals are no less sentient and lovable than our family dog.


Clark Duncan
Cave Creek


A witch hunt at ASU?

Academic freedom is under attack at ASU, and the charge is being led by none other than Democrat Raul Grijalva. In a recent editorial, The Arizona Republic called Grijalva’s intimidation of a local climate professor a “witch hunt,” joining ASU President Michael Crow and The American Meteorological Society in pushing back against the inquisition.

So far, Grijalva ally Ann Kirkpatrick has been silent on the matter, despite the sinister implications of Grijalva’s tactics.

Does Ann Kirkpatrick support Grijalva’s actions? Kirkpatrick has long aligned herself with environmental activists, most recently opposing the widely popular Keystone XL pipeline. She also received $5,500 from environmental groups in 2014, leading one to wonder if such donations might be a factor in her current silence on the ASU matter.

NRCC Comment: “Ann Kirkpatrick should denounce Raul Grijalva’s witch hunt along with those who want to silence academic research that doesn’t match their world view. It’s time for Kirkpatrick to put politics aside and stand with ASU professor Robert Balling and his right to academic freedom.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter.

Zach Hunter
National Republican Congressional Committee