Have you ever been to Peanut City?


Now it seems that the Internet can affect the way that church services are prepared. Ministers are sometimes so overwhelmed for time that it is almost impossible to create pulpit orations from scratch. There is at least one online source of congregation-tested orations available at $13 each. Most are intended to be a friendly, thought provoking 10-12 minutes in length.

There are approximately 19 million people in the Mexico City area. In 1970 there was one motor vehicle for every 12,423 people. In 2003 the tabulation was one vehicle for every 6 people. In 2010 data indicated one vehicle for each 5 citizens. The increase in traffic has become a super major problem. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of commuters spend at least six hours each day in transit. The air pollution from engine exhaust causes severe health problems. Local leadership welcomes all helpful, affordable suggestions.

A recent government-sponsored study has discovered that friendly people are more popular. I wonder how much that study cost tax payers. Next, I bet researchers may discover that friendly people have more friends.

Easter Island of big-headed statue fame is so named because it was discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722 by the Dutch Admiral Roggeveen. The admiral and a few men rowed ashore to find a barren island with about 2,700 inhabitants. Every occupant seemed to be involved in a bitter civil war. Cannibalism was commonplace. Evidence indicated that there had once been a large forest on the 46 square mile island. Apparently the natives had used all the trees for structures and firewood and weapons. Not even one living tree remained. Practically all indigenous game had been eaten and the island had become a rather unpleasant place to live.

If you have type “O” blood, you are classified as a universal donor. In an unrelated matter, Donald Duck has a twin sister duck named Della.

For a portion of 1932, Great Britain ruled Iraq. That was the year Iraq was given independence.

Have you ever been to Peanut City? That’s what Suffolk, Virginia calls itself. Boston, Massachusetts modestly calls itself The Hub of the Universe.

Noah of Bible fame had at least three sons. Can you name them? I could not. They were Ham, Shem, and Japheth. If Japheth had seen a “1” followed by 42 zeroes, he would have observed a number named tredecillion.

A policeman named Ambrose Dolney of Detroit was shot at ten times. Every time he was unscratched, but all ten times a new bullet hole was found in Ambrose’s coat. Ambrose quit his job.

If someone says you are peccable, that does not mean that chickens target you. Peccable is the positive form of impeccable and is a legitimate word.

People who claim to know say that the earth is traveling through space at 66,700 miles per hour. I thought it felt windy today. Well, if you go to a location discovered by Admiral Roggeveen, take food. Have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at