MARCH 25, 2015

Soroptimist International of Saguaro Foothills gives out annual awards

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soroptimist award Pictured (l-r) are Carol Zelaya (SISF President), Barbara Hatch (Ruby Award Winner), Jessica Middaugh (Cheryl Weber Award Winner), Jamie Behymer (Mary Margaret Laibe Award Winner), and Lindsay Bayans (Violet Richardson Award Winner).   Not pictured:   Robin Kilbane (Ruby Award Winner) and Dawn Taylor (Live Your Dream Award Winner).

The Soroptimist Int'l Saguaro Foothills local club recently gave out $5,500 at their annual Awards Ceremony on Tuesday evening, February 24 at the Holland Community Center. SISF members, awards winners, and guests were there to witness the following award presentations:

Live Your Dream Award ($2,500) – Dawn Taylor of Scottsdale was previously given her award on Tuesday, February 17. Dawn is a single mother who is head of household and going to school full time. She is completing her AA degree this May and has plans to attend ASU to achieve her BA degree in Business. Congrats, Dawn!

Cheryl Weber Award ($1,500) – Jessica Middaugh in a single mother of 4. She is working on completing her career goal of 40 CEU's required to get her Respiratory Therapy medical license reinstated. Another goal is to work as a Childbirth Educator – to empower women to have a non-medicated natural childbirth experience. Congrats, Jessica!

Violet Richardson Award ($500 + $500 to Desert Foothills YMCA) – Lindsay Bayans is a junior at Cactus Shadows High School and volunteers at the Desert Foothills YMCA. Lindsey volunteers in the childcare after-school program and has been volunteering from a very young age at different organizations. She realizes the importance of giving back and says she will always be volunteering in some form. Lindsey quotes Maya Angelou who said “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Lindsey doesn't receive pay for her work but the smiles and appreciation from the kids are worth so much more than money. SISF is delighted to give Lindsey and the YMCA this award.

Mary Margaret Laibe Award ($250 + $250 to Girl Scouts of America) – Jamie Behymer is a senior at Cactus Shadows High School and volunteers at The Girl Scouts of America. She has earned a coveted Girl Scouts GOLD Award, which only 5% of Girl Scouts receive. Jamie has addressed a solution to a community problem and introduced it to Cactus Shadows High School where it is now in place, called Falcon Awesome. She has started a club at the school entitled “The Breakaway Team”. Jamie is definitely making a difference in the lives of many people with her positive actions and attitude!! SISF is proud to give Jamie and The Girl Scouts of America this award.

Ruby Award Winners: Barbara Hatch and Robin Kilbane – These two women both received the Ruby Award, given to women in our community who make extraordinary differences in the lives of women and members of her community. Barbara Hatch is the Director of Veteran's Heritage Project in conjunction with the Cave Creek Museum. Robin Kilbane has been involved in numerous local community organizations including the Foothills Food Bank, the Desert Foothills Land Trust, the Desert Foothills YMCA, Resource & Education chair and board member, the Foothills Community Foundation, the Foothills Caring Corps and the Domestic Violence Education Awareness committee. SISF is proud to have both of these women volunteering in the community and making a difference!!! Congrats to both Barbara and Robin!!!

Judges for all of the SISF awards were done this year by Binka Schwan, Evelyn Johnson and Patty Villanueva. Many thanks to them for their time and efforts to select all of these outstanding women for this year's awards.