Trenk slate out, new council members in, Vice Mayor LaMar

Francia announces, ‘This is your mayor’s last term’

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official election results
CAVE CREEK – During the special meeting of the town council at 6 p.m. on Monday, Mayor Vincent Francia announced on Thursday, March 19 the first in a series of public meetings will be held to begin the process of updating the town’s general plan.

He also reminded everyone Fiesta Days begins this weekend.

Town Manager Peter Jankowski announced Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek has been with the town for 17 years and thanked her.

Council, including Vice Mayor Adam Trenk, councilmen Mike Durkin, Reg Monachino and Charles Spitzer, who were all successfully recalled, voted unanimously to approve a resolution setting forth the official returns and approving the official canvass of the special recall election held on March 10.

During public comment, David Phelps thanked the four members who were stepping down and said they paved the path for the new council.

Trenk said his departure was bittersweet as he thanked the mayor, town manager, town staff and his supporters.

Eileen Wright addressed the ousted council members during Call to the Public and said, “I will hang my head in sorrow when you leave here tonight.”

She said they set the bar high and the town was alive and well because of what they’ve done.

Kerry Smith expressed gratitude on behalf of himself and his wife to all members of council, especially the four members who were leaving.

Katya Kincel thanked all, but especially the four ousted members, for transparency, working with David Prinzhorn, working on the road pavement program, reinstating the Water Advisory Committee, listening to the Area 25 residents and Office Hours.

She said, “I hope your work is not undone by the next council.”

Suzanne Deffenbaugh said she didn’t think she ever missed voting in an election but a recall was something new to her.

She said the 54.4 percent voter turnout, although better than 50 percent, wasn’t enough.

She also learned the 51 rejected ballots included 32 that arrived too late, five had bad signatures, while 14 failed to sign at all.

Deffenbaugh said voter outreach and education can help increase voter turnout and fewer rejected ballots.

Anna Marsolo walked up to the dais and shook each of the outgoing councilmen’s hands, read from a prepared speech to thank them for their contributions.

Marsolo said, “Everyone’s a critic, myself included,” as she noted “Citizens are at the head of the organizational chart, not the other way around.”

She said even though the four councilmen got “bucked off,” she hopes they will run again in 2016.

Art Robertson said he had never been around the political side of this before and hoped the four councilmen appreciated what his wife Cheryl Carmitchel did.

Carmitchel said the election was emotional for her and told the four, “I hope you don’t go away.”

She said she felt the same sadness as when the FDIC came in and took over her bank.

The meeting adjourned until the regular council meeting at 7 p.m., when the four new council members, Susan Clancy, Dick Esser, Steve LaMar and Mark Lipsky were sworn in.

During Call to the Public, Everett Bell congratulated the new council members and encouraged the mayor to continue the Office Hours program.

He then read a letter he submitted to Sonoran News.

Councilman Thomas McGuire also spoke to say, “We can’t give up hope,” which he said was something they needed to move forward.

He also thanked staff for their work “during these difficult times.”

McGuire concluded by saying, “Trust is not to be given. Trust is to be earned.”

Francia reminded everyone about the March 19 meeting to review the general plan and Fiesta Days this weekend.

Responding to Bell’s comment about Office Hours, Francia said he would continue it as his schedule permits.

Jankowski announced the town will open its public parking lot with approximately 65 parking spaces at the old Neary Water Tank site on Wednesday, March 17.

Council voted unanimously to approve an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Arizona Department of Transportation for the construction of a bike lane on Cave Creek road from Carefree highway to Pima Road.

Planning Director Ian Cordwell explained the grant and said they will be following up with another (IGA) with Carefree before work begins.

Cordwell said the project will begin this summer and will take approximately six months to complete.

Francia chided Cordwell and said he should make a “note to self” so if work begins in July to make it post July 4.

steve lamarFrancia nominated LaMar (l) to be vice mayor, which was seconded by Clancy and, with no other nominations, passed unanimously.

Each of the four new council members spoke briefly about why they ran for council and expressed their love for the town.

Before adjourning Francia announced, “This is your mayor’s last term.”

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