Guest Editorial

By Cave Creek Caring Citizens PAC  |  MARCH 18, 2015

Our sincere thank you

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On behalf of Cave Creek Caring Citizens, thank you Cave Creek for the magnificent result from the Recall Election on March 10th. From start to finish, from the dedication and professionalism of our local paper the Sonoran News, especially, Don Sorchych, Shari Jo Sorchych, and Linda Bentley who kept the best interest of our community and the facts as their guidance. Many volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the campaign; through the Candidates who devoted so much time and effort to their campaigns; to the citizens of Cave Creek who, in the end, voted decisively to put Cave Creek on a positive path and elect leaders who have the best interest of Cave Creek at heart. The result could not have been better.

This was a long campaign and it was not always easy. We had some hiccups, the most significant being the fact that we had to collect signatures twice for the recall petitions because of legal action by the incumbents. They spent heavily on lawyers to throw enough legal dust in the air to obfuscate the issues and win by technicality in court. Nonetheless, the volunteers and the citizens of Cave Creek remained firm in their resolve to correct the mistake made in the election of March of 2013. Also, we had to overcome the ever present problem of funding the campaign and how to most effectively spend the relatively small amount of money we had. Then there were myriad day to day decisions, coordination and actions required to maintain the momentum and direction of the campaign.

We had some 25 full time volunteers and a host of part timers and could never have been successful without them. They were dedicated, focused and totally committed to a successful campaign. They overcame barrier after barrier without complaint and worked tirelessly to achieve whatever the objective of the day was – so many signatures, so many flyers distributed, so many phone calls, preparing materials, etc. and they did it continuously for months on end. For their invaluable help, we thank each and every one of them.

Our volunteer advisers were right on the money with every call. Their help was priceless from the advice on the broad direction of the campaign to help with the finest details on the mailers, signs, email broadcast, and phone calls. Their guidance was indispensable.

The candidates were a supreme pleasure to support – all independent and independent minded, yet focused like laser beams by the common goal of defeating the Trenk slate and making Cave Creek the community we had. Communication was always a challenge as these candidates never met together and, to my surprise, had never met each other in some cases.
Nonetheless, they found ways to work together on direction, the message, issues, publications and many other subjects. We thank each of them for their willingness to step forward, their ideas and suggestions, their commitment and dedication and their professionalism in conducting their campaigns.

We are forever indebted to the volunteer who was the public face and public voice of the campaign. Mayor Jacky Davis was perfect because of her sterling reputation, her innumerable contributions to Cave Creek over the years, and her credibility. Always cheerful and professional, she seemingly effortlessly carried a huge load for this campaign and we offer our special thanks.

Thanks to our local businesses, especially, Rancho Mañana Golf Course. Your sponsorship of our campaign provided us with the resources to combat out of town money and win.

Finally, we offer a special thanks to the people who really made it happen – the voters of Cave Creek. It is difficult to impossible to fool the astute voters of Cave Creek, but we believe it happened in 2013 and it did not take long for voter’s remorse to set in. Even so, we were very concerned with setting the tone with the right message to advocate our direction, our points of view and our advantages. Perhaps in the end, we worried needlessly because the Trenk slate was totally inept and out of step, pretty much their own worst enemy most of the time.
However, the bottom line is the outcome of this election has a clear mandate to change path. We are confident that the new council will meet the community’s expectations.

Cave Creek Caring Citizens offers its sincere THANK YOU to Cave Creek voters. And thank you to the volunteers. The Candidates could not have been successful without each and every one of you, and for that we are very grateful.