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March 18 – 24, 2015


For All Signs: On Friday, March 20, we have a significant day. There will be a total Solar Eclipse centering on the time of 5:36 a.m., EST. This eclipse is way beyond the “norm” for eclipses, because it occurs on the last degree of the zodiac in Pisces. It may represent a “last chance” phenomenon, a time to clean up old debts and focus our minds in the direction of respect for our fellow human beings. It definitely suggests end points in our lives. The world may not look the same after this long series of challenges in March. It is said the most dramatic activity occurs in the areas that eclipses are visible. This one is visible in Europe and the Middle East (excluding Saudi), Iceland, northern Africa.

The Spring Equinox occurs at 6:45 p.m. EST on the same day. It represents a new beginning of the planting season for the next agricultural cycle in the northern hemisphere. I believe it is rightfully the New Year’s marker as opposed to Jan. 1. I find it interesting that Iran celebrates the New Year on the Vernal Equinox. Important news usually occurs near this date every year.

Aries: Please note the lead paragraphs because both the eclipse and the Spring Equinox pertain to you. They occur at the front cusp of your sign. Forward motion in the areas of travel, higher education, legal interests, and publication are blocked or stymied in some way. Clear your decks now and begin again later.

Taurus: Venus has entered your sign on the 17th and will be traveling "with you" through Apr. 29th. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look. You may become interested in your personal appearance and make improvements in how you are seen. Your interest increases in things of beauty.

Gemini: There is an old saying: "Don't believe everything you think." Take this one to heart this week. Your feelings and thoughts may be only projections of what you want to think. You might identify a piece of information as a truth, when indeed, it is merely your opinion.

Cancer: It is likely that you are making a shift in life direction. That could be career or it might have more to do with following your nose into a new adventure. On the whole, water people don’t make shifts easily, so it is likely you have been considering this for a long time. It is possible that one of your parents is ready for a new adventure, too.

Leo: Areas that must be brought to conclusion at this time are those involving money that you share with others. That could be alimony, debt, investments, insurance or inheritance. The new beginning has to do with travel, higher education, publishing, the Internet, or activities involving the law.

Virgo: Your attitude about you and your relationship is not altogether accurate right now. You may be involved in romantic bliss, which is wonderful. This may be a good week to work through some of the issues in the relationship so you can heal each other. Spiritual pursuits are given a "go" signal.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, enters the 8th sector and will remain there until Apr 2. This suggests favorable influences and opportunities concerning gifts or other financial resources that come through other people. It includes investments, debts owed to you, and insurance payoffs. Relationships take on a more important role.

Scorpio: Events of recent weeks have brought one relationship to a crisis point. You will have to make a serious commitment if you want to hold onto it. The truth is that your financial situation and your will just may not be strong enough to maintain things on your own. Maybe this situation is better left behind.

Sagittarius: You are working very hard to give birth to a child or a creative enterprise. The timing feels crucial. Only long term persistence will yield results, so it is best to assess whether you have the will and the support to accomplish your goal. (Gamblers beware: Pay off your debts or things will go poorly for you.)

Capricorn: You may be grieving a recent loss. Your desire is to go into your cave and sit in your stew until ready to emerge. Unfortunately the world of family and career keep moving forward and are dragging you along. Make room to curl up and nurse your soul every day, in spite of the routine of demands.

Aquarius: This may be a time in which you are forced to pay things off and clean up whatever you owe. Avoid using the credit card if you possibly can. Your nerves are on edge. Make it a point to drive and handle tools carefully. If you pay close attention you can prevent an accident before it happens.

Pisces: This time represents a change in your sense of identity or image. Perhaps you are setting aside an old title and replacing it with a new one. Maybe you suddenly realize you have let go of your self-care and need a massive makeover in diet and exercise. (The winters are hard on Pisces because of the cold weather.)

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