A bizarre fashion trend


Most early forks used in eating had exactly two tines. Many were fashioned by splitting spoon tops.

In some regions of Asia, a bizarre fashion trend has developed. Fake braces on front teeth are currently the latest fad. Many beauty salons offer several phony brace options. Authorities in Thailand were so appalled at the “Western influence” that the retailing of fake orthodontic devices has been banned. In reaction, a flourishing black market for the bogus apparatuses has emerged.

Planetary physicists have calculated that the meteorite (or whatever) that wiped out the dinosaurs was about 7 or 8 miles wide. They also calculate that an object 60 miles in diameter would obliterate all life on earth should a pulverizing collision occur. Sleep well tonight.

Western Union delivered its last telegram in 2006.

Perhaps just a coincidence, but the word “listen” contains the exact same letters as the word “silent.”

The year was 1876 when someone imported from Japan to the United States a relative of the common pea vine, hoping that the exotic plant would survive to become a dependable ground stabilizer. The plant was kudzu and it did far more than survive – it thrived. Kudzu is now a major pest in 20 states. The vine has smothered thousands of square miles of streets, sitting cars, buildings, occupied homes and even forests.

More than 85 percent of our earth’s plant life exists in oceans and seas.

Most years, floods are the deadliest natural disaster people on earth experience. Populations in Asia and nearby islands suffer about 80 percent of the deaths wreaked by flooding.

An unfortunate man named Somjet Korkeaw was an office worker in Bangkok, Thailand logging some overtime one recent Saturday afternoon. He was on the ground floor and almost out of his building when he realized that he had left some important documents on his desk back on the 99th floor. The main elevators had shut down, so Somjet resourcefully decided to use the smaller cargo elevator which was still functioning. Bad idea. He had to bend over to fit into the smaller elevator and was about 50 floors up when power to the cargo elevator was automatically shut off by a timer. Poor Korkeaw was forced to stay bent and cramped in the undersized chamber (no water, no facilities, no light) for approximately 32 hours until power was restored Monday morning. I hope that he was given some time off. Well, do not wear fake orthodontics – and have a great week.

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