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NO on HB 2570

A bill is being presented in the legislature to prohibit cities from requiring plants be salvaged when homes are built, something Scottsdale requires in the Environmentally Sensitive Lands. This bill would also have a dramatic impact on some other requirements of the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance (ESLO) including possibly the requirement for each land owner to set aside a percentage of their property as Natural Area Open Space (NAOS), which is what preserves the desert and animal habitat in North Scottsdale. For all of you who have come to love the desert and the life style we enjoy here because of it and the city’s foresight to make sure it is preserved, this bill would be a disaster. It was initiated by Darin Mitchell for homebuilders who just want to be able to level the vegetation on a lot and not be required to preserve any of it, which is hardly a valid reason to kill all the desert preservation efforts the city had the foresight to enact.

If this bothers you as much as it does me, please contact the sponsor of this bill, those representatives we have in the legislature, as well as all other legislators, and ask them to vote this bill down. It is just another example of the legislature trying to prevent cities from doing what is necessary to preserve their beauty and character.

The city sent out a great summary and sample letter which are below. Feel free to use some or all of it.

Howard Meyers

Letter from the City:

Dear Scottsdale Citizens,
We wanted to make sure you were aware of new legislation under consideration at the State Legislature. House Bill 2570 (attached), would forever change Scottsdale’s ability to preserve and salvage native desert plants when new development occurs. It would also prohibit requirements for specific plants to be used in development projects – opening the door to the introduction of non-native invasive species to sensitive lands. This special interest bill is being pushed by the home building industry as a way to cut costs when clearing land for development in sensitive and environmentally significant areas.

As you know, preserving natural area open space in the City’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands District (ESL) has been a significant factor in making Scottsdale the unique and beautiful place it is today.

Please consider contacting your State Representatives to voice your opinion regarding this dramatic change that will negatively impact our community. This bill is moving rapidly, so please reach out and exercise your rights as an Arizona Citizen.

A draft letter/email is attached, as well as email addresses for the members of the House of Representatives. Simply cut and paste the draft letter into a new email to send to your Representatives. This bill can be stopped if your voice is heard!


City of Scottsdale

Draft letter/email to legislators:

(Subject) Vote No on HB 2570; Save Scottsdale’s Character

Dear Representative,

I am contacting you today to respectfully ask that you vote NO on HB 2570 (municipalities; vegetation requirements; prohibition). 

HB 2570 would eliminate important and well-established municipal plant and vegetation ordinances that have shaped Scottsdale’s look, character, and quality of life.  Thousands of people have chosen Scottsdale as their home because of the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the careful balance that Scottsdale has placed on development and the protection of the natural desert. HB 2570 threatens to disrupt decades of methodical planning and development efforts that have help to create this world-class community.

Passage of HB 2570 would allow developers to blade the sensitive and unique Sonoran desert without any regard to the native plants that exist there today. In essence, HB 2570 will encourage cookie-cutter development that is inconsistent with the look and feel of surrounding neighborhoods and may potentially impact the value of existing homes.

Please vote NO on HB 2570 and allow Scottsdale to continue to be the truly wonderful place it is today.

Your name

Scottsdale Representatives:
Congressional District: 6 Legislative District: 23
Initiator:             Darin Mitchell              926-5894

Darin Mitchell




602- 926-5894

602- 417-3012

Legislative District 23           

Jay Lawrence




602- 926-3095

602 - 417-3280

Michelle R. Ugenti




602- 926-4480

602- 417-3155

Legislative District 24

Lela Alston






Ken Clark






Legislative District 26           

Juan Jose Mendez






Andrew C. Sherwood






Senate District 6

Sylvia Allen
President Pro Tempore




602- 926-5409

602- 417-3105

Senate District 9

Steve Farley






Email addresses for All HOUSE legislators;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Convention of States

Controversy and general disgust with Common Core, mandated by our Federal government, is in the news again.  On top of that, how do you like the Feds’ plan to take over the Internet?  Why is it that a non-elected, unaccountable, do-gooder, bureaucrat in Washington has the power and audacity to dictate with a one-size-fits-all regulation the way every citizen in every State must live their life and run their business?

The Federal government and its agencies are out of control, but WE, the people of the States, can impose restraints on them with an Article V Convention of States which authorizes the people—through their state legislatures—to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Now is the time to tell our State legislators to take this action.  Get involved by visiting the website,  Email your State Senator today and ask for his support.

Alan Wheeler


So Scott Walker did not complete college. Oh the inhumanity of it all!

When they allowed FCC licensed radio and TV stations to purchase newspapers the First Amendment became compromised. Although many newspapers are extremely brave in reporting the real news, most of them follow the lead of the main stream media which echoes talking points of the White House. They have to or they could compromise their license renewal.

Now the big talking point is Gov. Scott Walker did not graduate from college! Oh the humanity! News flash, neither did Bill Gates! Obama graduated from college and we can't see his records nor find people who actually want to talk about going to college with him. Obviously, as far as the bankers are concerned, anyone who doesn't go into massive debt to earn a degree they can't get a job from is the enemy of society. So I guess by Gov. Scott Walker being successful without groveling to the money lenders he is going to be a big target. And remember, there is no way to get out of your student loan unless you work for the government and do their bidding for their agendas. Otherwise they will seize your old age Social Security payments if you default!


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Slicing and dicing in the halls of Congress

Due to great deal of slick and slimy pouting, posturing and child-like behavior by Barack Obama, the way was paved, if not practically strewn with rose petals, for the arrival of Bibi Netanyahu as he entered Obama’s "own house" to address the Congress and people of the United States.

Bibi, ever the supreme politician and master strategist, proceeded to, slice, dice and regurgitate Obama’s policies for the garbage they are and totally humiliated Obama for the entire world to see. He showed that Barack Obama is but an amateur in a world of strong men – an amateur who is in need of the radical operation that all wimps need … an Addadictome.

Sadly, Bibi will return to Israel while we are stuck with this dithering, lisping, anti-American in the Oval Office for another 23 months. But who's counting?

God Save us.

Tom Carbone


I stand with Israel

President Obama has the worst relationship with Israel since its creation in 1948. 

I'll keep this short because I want you to read every word of it:
President Obama has the worst relationship with Israel since its creation in 1948.

Israel faces an existential threat from Iranian nuclear weapons and lives with the real danger of a nuclear holocaust led by Islamic extremists. The Iranian "peace agreement" is a trap that will inevitably lead to a nuclear Iran. The deal with Iran is a sell out that abandons one of our closest allies. Every day that goes by puts Israel in greater danger.

That's why I'm asking you to take immediate action by signing my petition to Stand with Israel.
Obama's behavior towards Israel is reprehensible. America should welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington, and stand by him.

I stand with Israel. Will you join me?

For America,

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Ben Carson explores run for president

I filed with the Federal Election Commission the necessary paperwork to formally consider a run for President of the United States in 2016.

Let me tell you why I’m taking this step.

For many years, I have traveled the country closely studying our politics. I believe we are on the verge of robbing our children of the American Dream.

We are racking up a virtually insurmountable debt, stifling our economic potential and placing our children’s future at risk.

At home and abroad, we are silencing honest debate about our challenges, our differences and our culture, all in the name of political correctness.

We are ceding more and more power to Washington bureaucrats at the expense of our personal liberty, ignoring the wisdom of our founders who risked their lives to form “a more perfect union.”

Too many of our children are trapped in failing schools and find themselves thrust into a deadly cycle of crime, dependence and despair.

Over the course of thousands of operations as the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, I have spent most of my adult life caring for very ill children. As co-founder of the non-profit Carson Scholars Fund, my wife Candy and I have spent years helping children find their own inspiration to reach their full, God-given potential.

In many ways, that is the duty of my generation – to do everything in our power to give the next generation the opportunity to achieve greatness.

I believe that with hard work and determined leadership, greatness is within our grasp. America was founded on the self-evident truth that we as a nation have the right to think big and pursue happiness.

It is this core principle that allowed me, a young boy, raised in Detroit by a single, illiterate but determined mother, to overcome poverty, bad grades, and low self-esteem to become one of the world’s leading physicians.

I’ve decided to explore a potential run for the office of President because I believe my values, life experience, and willingness to speak the truth and seek solutions, prepares me well to lead our nation toward more prosperity, security, and freedom for every American.

As I travel around the country to listen, learn and determine whether or not this is a race I can win, your financial support during the next two months will be extremely helpful. Visit to make a secure contribution to my exploratory committee.

I look forward to working with you, and the rest of our fellow citizens to restore the promise of America.

Thank you, and God Bless America.


Ben Carson


The full Hillary

The deluge of news reports on Hillary Clinton's, dubious at best, email and other activities, reminds those old enough to recall the Clinton Administration of the stench of corruption that surrounds the former First Family.

Foreign governments funding the family foundation while the Secretary of State oversees deals with them, lost or hidden records and correspondence, and even the shady enrichment of a ne'er-do-well brother are back in focus.

In the latest hit to the family that would be a dynasty, Breitbart reports that Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham, sits on the board of directors of a gold mining company that received an extremely rare gold mining exploitation permit issued by the country of Haiti.  How rare you might ask? It was one of the first two permits issued in the past fifty years. One might even say it was the golden ticket.

The lucky Tony's company, VCS Mining, was incorporated in 2010, and its website only lists projects in Haiti, which a reasonable person can infer means they have no other mining interests anywhere else in the world.

But the kicker can be found in their mission statement which proclaims, "Our strength, expertise, and strategic relationships in North America and the Caribbean create a unique ability to have access to and acquire highly attractive properties. These permits contain very attractive return on investment characteristics due to their low initial capital investment, and, in many cases, early time to production."

Note that this mining company's expertise is not actual mining, but it is in using their political relationships to get mining permits, and no one has quite the connections that Tony Rodham brings to the table.

VCS Mining is the poster child for the new venture socialist.  They make their money by leveraging government contacts to obtain lucrative properties.

Did Hillary use her influence to help Tony?  We don't know.  What is known is that this exact type of stench has followed the Clintons throughout their long history.

This story follows closely on the acknowledgment that foreign governments made millions of dollars of contributions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was the Secretary of State overseeing decisions worth billions to their countries.

And then there is the continuing-to-break story that Hillary created her own private email server as Secretary of State rather than using the government's email system as required by federal statute. A convenient way for her to be able to purge emails that might shed light on her brother's Haitian gold strike, the foreign government contributions, or even what she was doing in the late afternoon of September 11, 2012 when the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was attacked and overwhelmed, resulting in the deaths of four Americans.

As these murky questions unwind, America is getting a back-to-the-nineties look at life with the Clintons, and it will create a great framework for deciding if our nation wants to go back to a TMZ presidency.

Rick Manning
President of Americans for Limited Government


We have a problem

The Founders designed our republic as a small central government, governed by the states through the will of the people. They didn’t see a party distinction. They saw Americans. Today, we see a unity of Republicans and Democrats as part of this American solution to our problem. And…

“Phoenix, we have a problem.”

Today, the AZ COS Project must change direction because our state senate leader has decided to change the rules in midstream and for the following two reasons: they were receiving too many emails each day, hundreds, and second, our laundry list was getting too close to succeeding (short one vote).

You, Arizona, have been heard loud and clear by your Senate leaders and those who don’t want the COS are stacking the deck against you. The very people our Founders believed we could trust over the central government are working against the Constitution they vowed to protect. 
Out of fear of the COS succeeding, the Senate President has decided to revise the laundry list rules from a majority of the majority (9 votes) to a majority of the entire senate (18 votes). In addition, they have modified the computer system to weed out and trash any emails with words in the subject line that include “convention of states”, “COS”, HCR2003, or “Article V”. 

Our impact on Senator Biggs is real and he’s feeling your pressure through his fellow Senators as well as the constituents in his district and all over Arizona.

New plan. In reality, the Convention of States Project is not about party affiliation; Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. Rather it’s about America and Americans. We all pray to the same God and we all believe the Constitution is the law of the land. We also understand that it’s not a particular political party at fault here, but rather the entire political class, moneyed lobbyist, and bureaucrats in the shining city on the hill. So with that, we’ll take our message to the entire Senate; both Republicans and Democrats.

Below is the Senate contact list. In a brief and polite way, let each know that you’re not happy with the lack of representation on the Senate floor. You expect more. You expect an uninhibited vote on the COS application on the Senate floor. The Founders gave us this process and we expect Arizona’s Senator’s to not fade under political pressure, but to stand up straight and use it. 

They’re all welcome and encouraged to sign onto the laundry list. For the near future, focus on all Democrats, but don't forget to keep pressure on Senators Burges, Driggs, Farnsworth, Griffin, Shooter, Worsley, and Yee.

Two things to help you. Use the phone more. Second, become creative with the emails subject line.  

Convention of States Action
100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000
Austin, TX 78701, United States


Dear patriot

A sketchy “Establishment” GOP group recently launched a massive, week-long $400,000 ad blitz attacking conservatives!

This all-out assault was designed to punish Tea Party–allied House members who obeyed the will of the American people and voted to defund Executive Amnesty.

We need to take a massive and public stand NOW against this insanity.  We must stand up to these Ruling Class bullies.

The Ruling Class Republicans are out of control. Instead of fighting Barack Obama, they are pounding conservative House members with TV attack ads.

Instead of representing “We the People,” they are attacking the Tea Party!

Every single one of us must understand that the Republican Establishment has declared all-out war on our Tea Party Congressmen.

These cronies just wasted an incredible $400,000 on TV ads against members of their own political party!

They aren’t fighting Obama.  They refuse to fight for freedom and limited government.

But they sure are bound and determined to punish pro-liberty lawmakers and destroy our Tea Party movement.

These Ruling Class Republicans believe they can crush elected officials who choose to put the people first using their massive political war chests.

They don’t believe that a bunch of ordinary grassroots Americans can or should raise big money through small donations and stand up to them.

This is our chance to prove them wrong. And we MUST do it!

Please help us shock the political establishment.

Thank you for all your help!

For Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team