MARCH 4, 2015

Gov. Ducey reiterates need to prioritize classrooms following Auditor General Report

Governor's proposal adds $134 million to the classroom

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PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey responded to the Auditor General Report highlighting Arizona school district spending for fiscal year 2014. Among its findings, Arizona school districts spent 53.8 percent of its total available dollars on classroom instruction – lower than the national average of 60.9 percent and the lowest percentage in Arizona since 2001.

Governor Ducey's budget proposal adds $134 million to the classroom, which equals more than $100 in additional support for every Arizona student.

"This report points to Arizona's urgent need to start putting classrooms first and direct more dollars where the learning happens," said Governor Ducey. "We cannot be content with the status quo when we continue to spend significantly less than the national average in the classroom. We owe it to Arizona students and teachers to ensure more money gets to our classrooms so we can be successful in the mission at-hand - improving education results for all Arizona students."

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