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Trenk, Spitzer and their hate blogger

The hate blogger who spewed his hate, filth, lies and false accusations over Cave Creek for the past couple of years while supporting Trenk, Monachino, Durkin and Spitzer was recently exposed (http://domain sigma.com/whois/sonorantruth.com) as Arek Frassadi, the Tucson whack job known for filing frivolous law suits against Cave Creek. The anonymity this coward hid behind for years is now gone. Not surprisingly, I suppose, is the fact that Trenk and Spitzer continue to feed this profane hate blog with their election misinformation and Frassadi, who is probably the only outlet for their election twaddle, is happy to publish it. Actually, Trenk and Frassadi think a lot alike when it comes to lawsuits – you just can’t have too many. The most recent example is the “$10 million election lawsuit” recently filed by Trenk’s firm against the town by Trenk’s buddy and former client, T.C. Thorstenson. Do we smell a rat here? I say “election lawsuit” because it likely won’t go anywhere and the timing seems to be to discredit Trenk’s enemies, e.g. anyone in office prior to his 2013 election and the candidates running to turn him and his associates out to pasture. Consider Trenk, Spitzer and Frassadi ‘birds of a feather who flock together’ when you cast your ballot to recall Trenk, Spitzer, Durkin and Monachino.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Cave Creek roads

If the present Town Council has accomplished so much and saved us so much money, then why do our streets and roads look like a third world country?

The striping has faded so much that it's very difficult to see your lane, especially at night. The crosswalk paint has degraded to the point that cars speed through without stopping, even when we are in the crosswalk. The smallest minimum size blinking red pavement lights at the Hideaway crosswalk are hardly visible at night and this connects two busy bars. There are no reflecting lane markers anywhere on busy Cave Creek Rd!

Then you pass all the bars and go uphill toward Carefree and all of a sudden you're back in the United States!

All lanes marked with crisp white paint and the lanes in the downtown area are marked with reflectors to show the way.

At their crosswalk over Tom Darlington there are large and visible blinking pavement reflectors. WOW!

It seems all we have gotten from the current Cave Creek Town Council is a bunch of legal bills, a lot of bragging, two shiny steel horses and plastic highway banners advertising restaurants ... as if we need more clutter!

Do your job and make our roads safe for us and the pedestrians who try to visit our town on foot.

J. Jurgens
Cave Creek


Misuse of Town Email Account

Dear Mr. Jankowski,
In an email thread that developed throughout this morning, I became aware that Vice Mayor Trenk has been consistently using his official Cave Creek email account to promote and advertise the services of the law firm that employees him. I don’t know whether this is a violation of any town, county or state codes, but such behavior is certainly unethical, unprofessional and exhibits a disturbing lack of integrity.

Worse yet, his use of the email address in question can and has been profane at times which reflects horribly both on the town and, I assume, Rose Law Group.

I’ve provided two of several examples I’m aware of (not published here due to space) where Mr. Trenk freely misused his official town email account as a vehicle to advertise Rose Law Group’s website, Twitter page and various Facebook pages. He’s even appended two of the firm’s marketing slogans. I imagine that there are many more examples as these advertisements appear to be a part of, or the entirety, of the signature associated with the account. (Ironic and unfortunate that emails sent on his official town account promote his law firm and not his town.)

Please understand that none of this would likely have come to light had Mr. Trenk not raised it as an issue himself. You’ll note that in the email thread immediately below, he went out of his way to emphasize that the conversation was not a private communication as I’d assumed, but public record. As such, I’ve copied local media who have shown an active interest in the ongoing recall election.

It’s my hope that you will immediately begin taking all appropriate measures to address what I hope and assume has been nothing more than an oversight on the town’s part.


Mark Lipsky
Cave Creek


No leadership in Cave Creek

The Trenk Slate (Trenk, Spitzer, Monachino, Durkin) was in full bloom during its pep rally at Town Hall Thursday night Feb. 12. Among their many patently dishonest and bizarre pronouncements, we learned:

1. the Town has no responsibility for the road closures they approve to support the big box bars at the detriment of all other town core businesses – that it is really a responsibility of the businesses, and

2. the residents of Whispering Hills affected by the APS power line routing are on their own – not a town issue.

Number 1 above is clearly a municipal responsibility. There is no other way to say it or to spin it. It is just that simple. The Town reported 30 Special Events in 2014 or about three every month or nearly one per week. How special is that? Road closures are sufficient reason alone to send the Trenk Slate packing as they have been a continual disaster and admittedly will continue to be in the future. There is no leadership in Cave Creek.

With regard to number 2 above, I wonder if the Trenk Slate, which has now thrown the residents of Whispering Hills under the bus, has thoroughly explored an Improvement District to accomplish the neighborhood’s goals in this matter. This is also the responsibility of the local municipality (as opposed to the County) and was, and is, the solution to the bank erosion protection problems along Cave Creek Wash, which the town has also turned its back on. Given the Trenk Slate’s appalling approach to public safety and its indifference to its responsibilities toward residents and neighborhoods, it would cost the Town nothing except leadership and, hopefully, a little legal support. But, there is no leadership in Cave Creek.

These issues make you wonder who is in charge in this town. Unfortunately, the Trenk Slate is now managing even the minutest issues in detail and they don’t understand municipal responsibilities. Where does the Town Manager fit in? Where does the Mayor fit in? With this Slate, they don’t fit in and the Slate moves ever closer to abdicating any meaningful responsibilities. There is simply no leadership in Cave Creek and that is sad because Town Council does not know what to do and Cave Creek is dangerously adrift. Cave Creek cannot vote the Trenk Slate out fast enough.

Melanie Williams
Cave Creek


Stupid Adam Trenk

Have you seen his new FB post about how his dog was poisoned and he is going to get whoever did it to him ... yet now the vets found a weeks old cob of corn that has blocked the abdomen? I mean how ridiculous. He asserts that someone purposefully poisoned his dog, especially during this recall election, yet that is not the case. What an idiot!

Kathryn Shearer, J.D.


Where kids are raised

“The Cave Creek Town Council voted against fulfilling the $10,000 request to help fund the development of children's programs at Desert Foothills Library.”

That’s the first line in an article in the Sonoran News April 24, 2014. I remember how that really caught my attention when I first read it. How can that be? Can the people who run this town really be that foolish? People live here. It’s not just a tourist destination; it’s also where kids are raised. Now if I intentionally want to raise up an alcoholic, Cave Creek would be the place I would pick to do so. But I don’t want to do that.

Cave Creek has not had to spend a dime on Desert Foothills Library as they are a non-profit library privately funded by donations and self-generating internal revenue. Have you been there? It has a great atmosphere of people and chatting and life. They have so many programs there now it’s incredible. Do you want to learn how to work the picture program Picasso?
Jesse’s there to do that the first Thursday of each month. Going to Mexico and need to brush up on your Spanish? How about getting into shape by going to yoga or a health and fitness class; financial planning; play some poker; hear a lecture from someone you admire; watch a foreign movie; be entertained by artists; get one on one help from the Veterans Administration; or learn how to write? Let alone taking out a book or a DVD you can get your passport and buy some used books in the same place. It’s all there in 20,000 square feet. The library is a community based building the town of Cave Creek didn’t even have to pay for. And the town council won’t help fund the development of children’s programs? If we don’t serve even the littlest ones of our community what good are we?

This place is on a silver platter. I don’t know if the old Cave Creek town council members would have voted differently than the new people. I don’t respect the decision of the new council members therefore I’m voting to take them out based on principle and community. Thank you for your time.

A Cave Creek Mom
Name withheld by request


Vote what’s best for Cave Creek

The end of 2013 and most of 2014 were very challenging to me personally both in my day to day activities and a few health related issues. I am extremely lucky to be healthy now and am getting involved and working on community medical boards, non profit agencies and other areas of importance to me throughout Maricopa County and Arizona. Cave Creek is still by far my most important love and all citizens need to be aware of everything happening in this town which has strayed from the road of advancement, support of its citizens and guidance toward our future.

I implore you all to study completely where our town has gone since 2009 – the picture is rather scary. We have leaders more worried about an agenda than what we citizens have asked for. We speak up in council meetings but many of our ideas and thoughts have gone unheard because certain members of this town don’t seem to believe the direction set by many before us who worked so hard to see it happen. It saddens me some of our leaders are thinking only about their political future or hidden personal agendas.

We have a major lawsuit against us by our former town manager because a council leader decided well before the election this manager should go; he had all the parts in place to make a decision on night one of his new term. I spoke at that meeting and publicly said I was not there to defend the town manager but to ask for diligence and direction before making a change that would completely throw our town on its ear. My request went unheard and the firing happened that night. We are now a financial mess with lawsuits that have a very good chance of binding us to major judgments against us – the cost of which we citizens must face, not this council.
We always believed in our Town Core and what is known as our Carefree Highway corridor as Commercial Property and other areas as residential or protected lands. We have had an agreement with the State of Arizona to preserve the state land on the western portion of Cave Creek and North to the Tonto border. It just sits there while this council does things that lead us in the wrong direction, lessening the likelihood of the amazing deal we had in place between Arizona and our town.

We now change zoning like its nothing, not even worth researching. Our water and sewer services cost more and more and leaks last for weeks before anyone even checks the issue even though many citizens report it directly as I know I have often done.

Changes in direction of natural water flow are allowed by businesses – they change what was normal drainage during storms to what best fits their business. Look at the landscape company on Cave Creek Road as they build their business – which I support – they just changed drainage so washes now flow in ways that cause major flooding and it's all because the changes were allowed by our town. The flooding this year was outrageous and all because of this unacceptable change of natural flow.

We should expect our government to hear our voice, but no, they are too busy with worthless changes that only meet the agendas of a powerful few. We have a mayor who I really like but others are making all the decisions and the mayor just sits mostly silent and allows it to happen.

It's time citizens of Cave Creek take our town back!

I ask all of you to study closely and think seriously about changes that need to happen if we hope to achieve what all of us expect. We need planned and correct zoning and protection of our rights as citizens over and above anything else. We need our protected areas protected and our commercial area developed.

Please vote what's best for Cave Creek. Our community needs to be a community again, not a place run by and for a few rather than for the majority. Vote your hearts for our future!

John G. Ford
A real Cave Creeker and Proud of it!!!!


Net neutrality - Bunk!

?Today the FCC voted to allow this government overreach to go forward. If the ruling stands it will strip the last free information marketplace on earth of it's independence, replacing that independence with regulation, government meddling, spying and manipulation. Net neutrality is yet another administration shot at the First Amendment; while Obama himself wields his cruel pen in Executive Action banning this countries most popular rifle ammunition. These moves come quickly on the heels of the President's, illegal, amnesty order. Another overreach.

There is nothing neutral in either of these calculated power-grabs, but a continuation of Obama's reelection campaign slogan "Forward (to socialism)". We face a terrifying 22 more months of actions such as these under the Obama administration, and we have wimps managing our defense.

Net result, loss of more freedoms for the American people.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Vaccinations are family and doctor decisions

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet (M.D.) said that the U.S. declared it had eradicated measles in 2,000. She stated that the current re-introduction of measles was caused by the lawlessness of our government allowing illegal immigrants to cross our southern border bringing viruses, bacteria, and fungal diseases with them.

Dr. Vliet said, "Now the government ... is saying it will mandate that all parents vaccinate their children to protect against the disease it allowed to enter the U.S."

Dr. Vliet recommends medical decisions be made by families and their physicians.

Dr. Lee Hieb (M.D.) states, "Medical ethics are clear: No one should be forced to undergo a medical treatment without informed consent and without agreement to the treatment.

"Vaccination is a medical treatment with risks including death. It is totally antithetical to all ethics in medicine to mandate that risk to others.

"If you think the government has the right to forcibly vaccinate people...what is to prevent them from forcibly sterilizing people, or forcibly euthanizing people ...?

"Since 2005 (and even before that) there have been no deaths in the U.S. from measles, but there have been 86 deaths from MMR vaccine--68 of them in children under 3 years old. And there were nearly 2,000 disabled. "... the issue here is one of freedom.”

The argument that I must vaccinate my children for the good of the community ... is the argument all dictators and totalitarians have used." Comrade...you must give up your money and property for the good of the collective, and now ... you must allow us to inject your children with what we deem is good for the collective.

"If Americans don't stand up against this, then we are lost. Because we have lost ownership of ourselves. Our bodies are no longer ours..."

Arden Druce
Camp Verde


McCain and Flake, please stand up for US

Our senator is up to it again.

“It’s not a good idea to shut down the Department of Homeland Security,” he said. “We should be working together despite the obstruction of our Democratic colleagues to resolve this issue so that we don’t shut it down. Now we have the perfect reason to not shut it down because the courts have decided, at least initially, in our favor.” ~ John McCain

Let the courts give the rule of law a vote of confidence by placing a stay on Obama’s amnesty plans, and now it’s OK to fund DHS. In the mean time our gracious President is filing for an emergency order that would allow his amnesty plans to go forward. If I were a betting man I’d put $5 on Obama getting a judge to kiss his ass and grant the order. Not sure why it is such an emergency, I guess it’s because he (Obama) says so.

If this is printed, the decision will have been made. McCain and Flake will say that with the world situation we can not afford to have DHS off the job. To that I say BS. We’ll hear more about how Fashion Square will be blown up if we don’t have DHS and our borders defended.
The buffoons in Washington should have thought about that every single day since 1986, when Reagan granted amnesty to illegals with the promise of a secure border. If Americans are killed in a terrorist attack because DHS may shut down next week, it won’t be because DHS got a budget cut. It will be because hundreds of thousands of “God knows who” have been streaming over our borders for the last 30 years. Guys, “Hello McFly, I mean McCain,” the bad guys are already here! John … Jeff … your policies in Congress, your lack of commitment, and your political whining have been getting Americans killed every day since you took up a seat in Congress. Stop it already, stand up for your constituents. Stand up for the rule of law. Have a spine for God's sake! In today’s world you must be aggressive, you can’t lay on your back and wait for Obama to scratch your belly. He won’t do one thing you request, haven’t you learned that in six years!

Scott Haberman
Cave Creek


House bills

A big thanks to all of you who called or e-mailed our Arizona House representatives asking them to vote NO on house bill HB 2570 regarding plant salvage requirements. Because of the flood of concern, the bill is in a holding pattern, which is a good thing. We will continue to monitor it and alert you all if it should resurface. There was also another bill, HB 2008, that would have relaxed the prohibition on fireworks close to the Preserve, changing the minimum distance from 1 mile to 100 feet. Thanks to our representative, Michelle Ugenti, this bill was amended to put the 1 mile minimum distance back into the language. If it gets to the senate, they could try to remove this amendment so we will have to watch it carefully and again let you know if action is needed. For now, please e-mail Michelle Ugenti at mugenti@azleg.gov and thank her for proposing and getting this amendment passed. We really owe her a big debt of gratitude.

Again, thank all of you who took action on one or both of these bills. It is a shame we have to look out for such ridiculous bills that will impact our life style and quality of life, but we do.

Howard Meyers