Rudy. Modern day Minuteman!

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steele coddingtonThe truth sometimes hurts. We had a national rhubarb when former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani expressed his opinion that Obama couldn't love America and cited his reasons why. It was not an attack or an indictment. It was a personal expression of deep concern raising a red flag. Like an historical Minuteman instead of warning that the British are coming, Giuliani thinks the President's agenda, failures and lack of leadership give the impression that Obama's new "fundamental change" unreality seems to benefit and provide more unwarranted advantage to other countries, ideologies, economics and enemies. It does so to a degree that raises scary questions: "What's his real plan? Is he for us or against us?"

It's a reasonable, patriotic conclusion. So to clear the air, let's submit the charge to an impartial Grand Jury in the form of just ten questions. Be reassured however, that unlike the mobs in Ferguson, Missouri who think like the lunatic left that emotion and opinion should replace evidence and the rule of Law, we have empanelled an unimpeachable Grand Jury. Its members have no criminal record, don't know how to lie and love America - introducing my Border Collie Arbuckle, my old mare Queenie and my pet owl Hootie. They will hear the evidence "Does Obama love America?"

1. Has he ever said that he loves America?

Not that we've ever heard!

2. Has he ever criticized or blamed America?

Yes, many times!

3. Has he ever expressed pride in America's monumental contributions to the world; stopping evil; rebuilding; aid; rescue, etc?


4. Has he ever established economic and/or social plans that are politically divisive, favoring his leftist political allies, liberal groups, unions Acorn, etc?


5. Has he tried to fundamentally change the face, culture, economy and nature of the world's most successful country with failed economics, class warfare, redistribution of wealth, monumental debt, increased personal dependency, corrupt government agencies?


6. Has he utilized unlawful Executive Orders to grant amnesty for millions of unlawful aliens, providing multiple free benefits with taxpayers' dollars?

Yes! Like a foreign dictator!

7. Has he purposely promoted Open Borders that encourage vast influxes of more illegals, burdening America with the costs, and exposing the country to terrorist infiltration?


8. Have his policies diminished our Armed Forces and failed to confront the clear and present danger of Iran and its nuclear program, and the existential threat of Muslim terrorist Jihad?

A scary yes!

9. Has he exacerbated the difficulty of dealing with Muslims who refuse to assimilate into America by encouraging increasing efforts and programs to encourage more to immigrate here?

A more scary yes!

10. Does he gather as current advisors and past associates the likes of Valerie Jarrett, reportedly a Muslim Marxist; Jeremiah Wright, advocate of Marxist Liberation Theology; revolutionary Bill Ayers; Frank Marshall Davis, Communist; Saul Alinsky, revolutionary; etc, etc, etc. All people who hate America?

You are judged by your friends!

Grand Juries don't convict people, but our unique one points out that Obama went on trial back in November 2014 and Americans told him with great conviction that they are returning his apparent failure to demonstrate that he loves America by rejecting his entire "change" agenda and ideology and sent a message asking the essential question: "Why would you want to fundamentally transform America, if you love her?" Rudy Giuliani is a true Minuteman. "Beware! The radicals are here and more are coming!"