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Feb. 25 – March 3, 2015


For All Signs:  Cosmic energies favor new design of old or outmoded business or organizational systems.  Financial or business pressures may be the motivator.  It is time to update and modernize, especially if you are working with a method out of old habit.  Constructive and fresh ideas will flow freely and you may wonder why a particular solution hasn't occurred to you before now.  If you are working on a major project it is best to brainstorm this week but save the final decisions until after March. 3, when Mercury will be out of the shadows of its retrograde motion.

Aries:  See the lead paragraph.  This Jupiter/Uranus trine is particularly favorable for you in the romantic and creative activity department.  There might also be good news concerning your children (another type of creative activity).  Whatever you do that involves high tech or the Internet is given a “go” signal.

Taurus:  People of the past may resurface.  You will be glad to see these individuals, but more likely you will be reminded why they are no longer in your life.  Somehow they are associated with old wounds in your life and you would just as soon let those memories go back to the ethers.

Gemini:  You have been studying something while Mercury was retrograding through January and February.  Now it is time to apply what you have learned.  A prominent idea is emerging from the many thoughts and ideas with which you have toyed.  It may be well worth a greater investment of time or energy.

Cancer:  Conversations over the weekend will tend toward reminiscence and recollection of bygone events and eras of our lives.  Past experiences and relationships have contributed heavily to who you are today.  They offer a powerful psychological foundation from which to grow but leave them in memory.  Don’t try to recreate your past.

Leo:  See the lead paragraph as it pertains to you.  Jupiter is offering you “go” signals in the areas of legal activities, publishing, higher education, travel, and other pursuits that you find meaningful.  People who are established in these areas will be helpful as you follow your plans.

Virgo:  Your mind is flying with thoughts, details, questions and answers.  You want to discuss them, but you definitely do not want someone to solve your concerns.  You seek the balance of a counterpart, one who may debate things without becoming emotional about it.

Libra:  You may have a tendency during this period to slide into old and outmoded patterns of emotional behavior.  Maybe this will be brought on by the re-entry of someone in your life.  While it may be fun for a short time, very quickly you will become fatigued with it and shake loose of that outdated habit.

Scorpio:  It appears that a new work position or job is coming your way that will ease the pain in your wallet.  It requires effort but that doesn’t scare you away.  Those with rental property will find a new tenant this week.  Relationships with coworkers are favorable.  If you have been lonely, a stray cat or dog may come to you.

Sagittarius:  You have a lot of activity in your 5th house of children, romance, and creativity.  Whatever you want or need in these areas, the answer is “yes”.  Take a risk and pursue romance where you find it.  You’re unlikely to be turned away.  Activities involving the law, travel, publishing, and higher education are favored.

Capricorn:  Give attention to caring for “old” things or people in your life.  Clean out the basement or attic in your home.  Give away or sell whatever you know you will not use in the future.  It is a good time to tend to repairs of aging property.  It is also favorable for taking actions to secure your future.

Aquarius:  This week especially favors travel, communications, education, and giving attention to community concerns.  You may be serving as the center of a wheel of people with a common purpose.  Your activities are likely to be purposeful and productive.

Pisces:  Experiences may seem surreal on some level during this week.  You may be doing something you never thought you would do.  Listen to your intuition.  Do this by tending to unbidden thoughts or feelings that you know you did not invent.  Dream life may be strong this week.

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