Kickstart opportunity

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Chess has evolved. A Phoenix man hopes to rise above the government check he has lived off of for five years and fund one of his many "crazy ideas" with Rodney Lightfoot has begun a campaign to fund the chess based game he developed 18 years ago as a teen. Funny thing is, if the campaign takes root taxpayers may actually save thousands.

A little over five years ago, Rodney was found to have a mental disorder. He suffers from Bipolar and psychosis. After the diagnosis, he began receiving SSI and SSDI checks. This totals about $700+ a month. Being a man, and never satisfied, Rodney has constantly tried to overcome his limiting illness by earning an income via the fruit of his own labors.

In a folder tucked far away for years he reinvigorated an old idea to do just that. Rodney says, "In 2002 my mentor and beloved brother, Ricky Lightfoot who owns A-1 Lightfoot Construction LLC in Irving, Texas believed enough in me to pay a downtown attorney to copyright my chess game and forever protect my idea."

Years have passed and nothing since the copyright. Now there's a chance. Once posted, backers came quickly and only one thing is missing from the new chess game, you as a recognized game founder to help this man break the trap of mental disease and provide for himself, saving everyone.

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