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my viewValentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was an interesting political day. First the town closed some of Cave Creek Road for motorcycles. Why? Why would the town offend and disrupt town citizens for the Hideaway?

I have said numerous times the Hideaway was approved after Ron Krasson lied to the council. The council said at the time the proposed business lacked parking.

After saying they would only park motorcycles, they were told they still didn’t have enough parking. Krasson said his neighbor, Horny Toad owner Jeff Price, had offered to let Hideaway customers park in his spacious parking lot. Based on that lie, the Hideaway business was approved. Price immediately put up a fence between them and even now pays for security to keep non-customer bikers out.
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Perhaps because of this a prevailing rumor may be true. I have been told by a couple of sources that at the end of their lease Hideaway will close that location and operate solely out of the Tap House.

That doesn’t solve the problems though. When the town closes the road on which to allow parking, the businesses on the west side of town simply devote their parking lots to white tents. Town citizens are delayed. Furthermore the out of town tents steal business from established Cave Creek businesses.

I believe the challenging candidates for council, not the slate, will solve those problems.

Then the flyers:

The first was from Cave Creek Caring Citizens Political Action Committee. In a well designed mailer, “Fraud” boldly stands out. Then, “Cave Creek Vice Mayor admits to committing fraud. Adam Trenk admitted to committing fraud by signing a fake name on a recall petition.” Then there are four blocks of comments, two from Trenk’s Facebook page. “Trenk signed James Gandolfini the name of a famous dead actor who was never registered to vote in Cave Creek. Trenk did sign a recall petition with the name James Gandolfini.” Sources: “Trenk calls recall a joke, signs own petition with dead actors name.” Source:

“Under oath, Trenk admitted to [Judge] Gerlach he signed Gandolfini’s name, which according to A.R.S. §19-115, is a class 1 misdemeanor.” Source:

The next flyer is nicely designed with red, white and blue colors. Also from Cave Creek Caring Citizens (, it promotes voting for Susan Clancy, Dick Esser, Steve LaMar and Mark Lipsky. Excellent advice.

And last, and the least, we have a very poorly designed flyer the so-called conservative (couldn’t be) Sara Vannucci, Ponzi scheme enabler, which credits former Councilwoman Grace Meeth for the lies on the flyer.

1. Cut the town budget by more than $1,000,000. Lie, they simply didn’t spend a planned expenditure.

2. Combined the Cave Creek-Carefree court saving $200,000. Blatant lie. There is no financial data to support this. The matter was discussed by several previous councils and no value was seen. Furthermore, there have been decades of unfriendly actions by Carefree. Ask the town historian, Beverly Brooks. As a Cave Creek citizen would you prefer to stand before a Carefree chosen judge or one chosen by our administration?

3. Meeth brags about live streaming council meetings although it was planned before the slate was on board. There is no proof that anyone tunes in, so it could be a waste of money, again.

4. She claims maintenance of water and sewer systems has improved. The opposite is true. The leader of these utilities was chosen by Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman, is not valued by employees and seems to rely on the political Water Advisory Committee (WAC). However, lack of good maintenance is blamed on true leaders that have been tossed. We have attempted to check the background of Glassman’s choice but were blocked by Town Attorney Fredda Bisman.

Grace Meeth used to be a good member of the planning commission and council but has lost her ability to think on her own. She followed the dictates of her friend Anna Marsolo who wasn’t even a Creeker until recently. If Meeth had her way, private property rights would go out the window. I think Meeth is afraid she will be removed from the planning commission where the slate recently reinstated her. Although I have never discussed this with the good folks that are running I hope they repopulate the advisory committees with people with real credentials – and preferably not from the dark side of town.

Meeth populated her flyer with blue quail images as she did for years in other mailers. Black vultures or buzzards would be more appropriate. Meeth is another ex-council member that can’t get over losing her council seat, much like her friend Kim Brennan.

Very frankly, the slate’s attempt to blame us for the recall is fable only believed by morons. Don’t I wish I were running the town as they claim. This newspaper has always been about truth for news, one page of opinions, one page of letters to the editor and a newspaper full of knowledge when read. To have the slate and their accolades call us a tabloid merely shows they are stupid, uneducated and prevaricators.

You may notice they blame Sonoran News for the recall even though over 600 voters signed petitions twice. They claim they didn’t do anything that rises to a recall. Read the law you pompous slate people. Everything we have done and voters have done is lawful, unlike the way they fired Usama Abujbarah and the signing of Gandolofini’s name on a recall petition.

Their actions prove they are not fit for office.