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By dick esser  |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Vote for Dick Esser

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dick esserI am running in this election because I feel the citizens of Cave Creek were cheated out of having me as a candidate in the last election.  Even though approved to be on the ballot by both the County Recorder and the Cave Creek Town Clerk, Reg Monichino (who I am running against) and his companions used legal trickery to remove me from the ballot.   Now, you and your fellow citizens will have the freedom to elect who you want with no more legal tricks keeping you from voting for the candidate of your choice.

Why you should vote for me

1.       I am well qualified.  I have served this town for fifteen years as a Planning Commissioner, Planning Commission Chairman, Town Councilman, Vice Mayor, Cave Creek MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments) representative and Co-chairman of the Small Communities Coalition which gave Cave Creek a major voice in MAG decisions.

2.       I have high personal integrity and strong commitments to others in public service and personal relationships.  I have a strong work ethic.  My wife Holly and I have lived in Cave Creek for 27 years and I have been involved in Cave Creek activities since I was a child.  My commitment to Cave Creek is and has been a lifelong obsession.

3.       I have always envisioned Cave Creek as a stand-alone community rather than a suburban extension of Phoenix and Scottsdale, a community characterized by strong individual rights, low density development, open spaces, limited government, and a western rural flavor.  I co-authored and spearheaded the MAG Framework Study that described a plan for multi-uses of roads and trails in our area and that was the impetus for major funding for the development of same.

4.       I am fiscally conservative and socially responsible. By fiscally conservative, I mean that on matters of public funding and expenditures, I always argue for the most cost effective option and oppose frivolous and untimely uses of public money.  By socially responsible, I mean that I see the primary role of local governments as being responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their citizens.

5.       I firmly believe that government should be run by well-qualified professionals who are allowed to fulfill their duties without unnecessary meddling by elected officials.  Guidance on town matters by elected officials should be through policy development and senior management supervision.  There are, of course other roles, including required approval of financial matters, ordinances, zoning regulations and codes.  However the personnel management roles of a council member are limited to the hiring, duty description and supervision of the senior manager.

In summation

I have a fire in my belly about being a Cave Creek leader.  I am committed to the Town to serve in the future as I have in the past.  My commitment to keeping Cave Creek whole while facing the challenges of the future is and will be unwavering. Thank you to the 288 Creekers who signed my nominating petitions.

Please vote for me.             

Questions???      Write me, call me or stop by: Dick Esser, 5423 E. New River Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331       Phone 480-285-9149