Land of the Pinocchios

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steele coddingtonAnyone who hasn't already heard way too much about NBC's news anchor Brian Williams and his concocted lies to bolster his impression of himself, is living in Botswana – or enjoying a prolonged high in Colorado or Washington State, hoping marijuana will soon be issued along with food stamps and govern-ment counseling on the merits of seeking a virgin over getting up on a high horse.
But there is a positive side of the Williams affair. It is the beginning of public awakening to the realization that most of the major media and the government engage in a deception called political correctness which promotes lies to justify the false accomplishments of leftist ideology. It is a new culture that is comfortable using "non-liar" words to alter or diminish any derogatory implications of agendas that might alienate TV viewers or voters.
In William's own mia culpa, he excuses his falsehoods because his memory was "accidently conflated." The White House prefers using "not a smidgen," or "misspoke, taken out of context, don't remember, inaccurate, biased source, mislead, no good bastard," or whatever it takes to manipulate the truth. Gone are the days of inculcating the image of George Washington and cutting down the cherry tree, or acting in accord with Christian ethics, or binding with a handshake that puts emphasis on truth. We've mentioned before the new book by Sharyl Attkisson, "Stonewalled." As a former CBS investigative reporter she provides a textbook picture of the Washington media and the warped ethics of today's journalism.
The news media has become sort of a new protection racket capable of providing cover by slant, ignoring or manipulating facts that might be derogatory or at odds with their politics or ideology. Media news is too invested in the seat of power and the privilege of accessibility. While the relationships below may not compromise the news, they create a conflict of interest that makes people uncomfortable:
ABC news producer Ian Cameron married to Susan Rice, National Security adviser to Obama (can't find where Cameron currently works)
ABC news correspondent Claire Shipman married to former Press Secretary Jay Carney
ABC news reporter Matthew Jaffe married to Kate Hogan, Obama's Campaign Deputy Press Secretary
ABC news president Ben Sherwood, brother of Obama's Energy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
CBS president David Rhodes brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's National Security Advisor
We're not suggesting any impropriety with these particular relationships, only that an administration known for its Pinocchio proclivities needs more exposure than the scant coverage of the lies that influence America. A recent blog satirically portrayed the extent of lying between several presidents with Obama leading the pack with 30 – too many to list. The others had one!
Nixon: "I'm not a crook"
GHW Bush: "Read my lips"
Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman"
But the scariest uncertainty for Americans I talk to is whether Obama is really a Grand Mufti, more interested in his legacy than making the tough decisions to fight terrorism at its source. What's really going on with Iran? Does a really bad deal on nukes build a legacy or help to reverse the path that will end civilization? The media can't let Obama "accidently conflate" what he is doing!