FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Teacher Vision Grant awarded for “An Evening of Shakespeare”

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foothills community foundationThe Foothills Community Foundation, Partners in Education has unanimously approved and awarded Bella Vista College Preparatory School a Teacher Vision Grant for the Bella Vista project: “An Evening of Shakespeare.”

Mr. Mark Warren, Chairman of the Partners in Education Committee, visited Bella Vista this past October to present the official award to Bella Vista College Preparatory School.

The Season of Shakespeare is a school-wide unit of Shakespearean history, literature, language and performances. BV students have been busy learning monologues, filming their interpretation of various plays, performing skits, and reciting Sonnet 18 in 6 languages!

Students are looking forward to presenting at the Bella Vista “An Evening of Shakespeare” Friday, Feb. 27, 7 p.m. at the Bella Vista campus, 33401 N. 56th St.

Family, friends and community members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to dress in Shakespearean period clothing.