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my viewRECALL!!!

All Adam Trenk has to throw at the upcoming election is that it is Sonoran News’ recall. He sure doesn’t have anything else except suing everybody in sight, a throwback to his home state, New Jersey, where politics is down and dirty. He is emulating his home state here.

Trenk claims all kinds of accomplishments while on council and not only are his accomplishments diminutive, but he is one of seven, or one of four, depending on how you view the results of the two seats he bought. Trenk spent a record $25,000 for each election in which he ran, while Creekers typically spend less than $500. How much he actually spent is unknown because he helped Attorney Tim La Sota pay his mortgage. But nothing is his fault, just ask him. He didn’t ask to be born in Joisy, where he learned all his underhanded tricks. He had his lawyer file a lawsuit against Susan Clancy causing her to be three votes short of the number necessary to qualify for reelection to the CCUSD school board, where she has served with distinction for 15 years.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
And, for some reason, while he lists his many non- accomplishments he never mentions he fired the best town manager we were fortunate to have for fourteen years. He never mentions the lawsuit resulting from his vindictive action has cost Cave Creek over $200,000 so far. He never mentions that if the town loses it can cost up to $3,000,000. On his own shoulders is a federal lawsuit for violating Usama Abujbarah’s First Amendment rights. How did he do that? He held and recorded (without Abujbarah’s knowledge) a meeting with Abujbarah in which he demanded that to keep his job Abujbarah would have to break all connections with Sonoran News and me.

We are the official community newspaper but when Trenk had his buddy Rodney Glassman hired, Glassman immediately saw to it we didn’t get town information or any advertisements. Although still faced with an advertising dearth at least we now get requested information. They paid the price of non-advertisements with sorry results in last year’s Wild West Days. Ask CCMEA!

Glassman, by the way, was a disaster. If anyone should have been in touch with Glassman it would normally have been the mayor. But the record shows he was in constant touch with Trenk, so Trenk as Vice Mayor ran the town through Glassman. And, Trenk wants credit for the miniscule things with which he was involved, but never talks about the cost and eventual risk of the lawsuits he caused.

In all his blabber on Facebook and his first flyer he doesn’t mention he is under criminal investigation by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for signing the name of actor James Gandolfini on his own recall petition rather than his own. He claims it is a joke, but a simple reading of the statute says it is a crime. Interesting that Gandolfini played the part of a criminal in the TV show “Sopranos” and Trenk said Gandolfini was his favorite.

You can read in Linda Bentley’s news article from the last council meeting about one David Smith who claimed we are the equivalent of “dark money” because of the prevalence of articles by and about the honest, experienced and committed candidates for council. He said those candidates would be very, very bad for Cave Creek. No, rather his stupid comments are what are bad for Cave Creek. He wouldn’t know a bad candidate (any slate member) if they bit him in the ankle. He is like Obama supporters who claim the Koch Brothers are responsible for dark money but never mention George Soros who is the dark money backer for Obama and Democrats. Then there is Durkin who claims we are a tabloid when even a cretin would recognize a broadsheet newspaper if they can read.

Bentley has been complimented countless times for writing accurate portrayals of council meetings in spite of the arrows from the likes of Smith, Trenk, Durkin and other town dark siders.

Yes, we support Susan Clancy, Dick Esser, Steve LaMar and Mark Lipsky for our new councilmen. And they are all independent thinkers, and Creekers, not a slate like Trenk and his sycophants. The point is we will be 20 years old in the first week of February and we know talent when we see it. The four challengers of the slate are loaded with the talent the town needs to wipe out the slate.