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Dangerous talk

Let's just get to the critical facts and avoid the small talk:
• Radical Islamic terrorists are openly attacking civilian targets
• Iran is building a nuclear weapons program ... and getting away with it
• American companies are being hacked by terrorists
• ISIS, despite a few airstrikes, is alive and well
• Russia continues to defy Obama because he is weak

While President Obama may think the state of our union is strong ... the truth is that with him as President we are weaker than ever ... and that makes me furious.

The biggest threat facing America is the self-induced weakness of the Obama Administration's policies.

I absolutely refuse to accept a weak America. Conservatives need to dig in hard and reject Obama's policies of defeatism, drift, and decline that embarrass America and expose us all to grave risk.

Will you join me in standing up for America?

Renew your commitment to demanding a strong America and an America First foreign policy.
Friend, President Obama's repeated failures are simply inexcusable.

Terrorist attacks are not random violence – they are acts of war and should be treated as such. If brazen terrorist attacks can succeed in Paris, they can also succeed in Washington, New York, or any other American city. Unless the President understands that Western civilization is under attack, we will simply see this tragedy repeated endlessly.

I'm committed to restoring America's strength, and I hope that you are with me. It's our shared commitment to protecting America that can stop Obama's march towards disaster.

Please, Friend, renew your commitment today and let's get to work!

For America,

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Am I wrong?

Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the country's Cabinet have resigned, officials tell The Associated Press, amid a standoff with Shiite rebels who control the capital of Sanaa.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Barack Obama recently point to Yemen as one of "his" successes in the  fight against terrorism?

It will not be long before Obama will be in need of some imaginary friends to go along with his imaginary successes.

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


Mandatory nationwide workplace verification

The president used his executive authority to keep millions of families together because Congress had not been willing to send him a comprehensive reform bill.

But both the President and Congress are guilty of being myopic on immigration, which is suppressing long-term solutions.

The magnet that tears families apart are the jobs made available to foreign nationals who are ineligible to accept them.

By addressing merely the symptoms of the illegal immigration and not the root cause of unlawful hiring, the President is granting amnesty to employers who are responsible for uncontrolled immigration.

Until Congress passes nationwide, mandatory workplace verification (E-Verify), misguided deferred deportation policies will only perpetuate the problem.

Rusty Childress 


Exciting news

A shot was heard around the world as state legislative sessions began nationwide with a bang! 

Last week Convention of States resolutions were filed in every region of the country; Massachusetts and New Hampshire (New England/Northeast), New Jersey (East), Virginia and South Carolina (South), Missouri (Midwest),  Arizona (Southwest), Wyoming and Montana (Northwest) and North Dakota (Upper Midwest), following suit from the three states that have already passed the Convention of States resolution; Georgia, Florida and Alaska.  

Many more states are lined up to file the Convention of States application in the coming weeks. That’s because We the People are united in our fight against the overreach of the federal government.

Do we have the support of the majority of Americans? Absolutely!  Our Facebook reach just surpassed 2 million!! Our petition has gathered signatures in over 95 percent of all state legislative house districts across the nation!!  We are delivering these petitions in real time, automatically to the legislators, AND we are personally hand delivering copies of this petition to legislators all across the nation.

Now it’s time to reach 100 percent of the legislative districts…will you help us by signing the petition now and/or supporting us with a donation to help us reach others in your state?
It’s time to rein in the federal government, and return the power to the People.  Convention of States is doing that today. It's not a dream. It's a reality. But it's up to you to make it happen. Get involved … stay involved.

History is unfolding, and you are needed in the fight to save your country and restore the power to We the People. The light of liberty is shining bright in every region of our nation, from sea to shining sea!! Paul Revere rides again, and this time he's calling you to the battle. Will you answer the call? 

For America,

Mark Meckler
President COSAction


MLK vs. scam-artists

Last Tuesday, the president gave a State of the Union address to Congress. Does anyone at this stage seriously think America's problems can be solved with another whopping tax increase? The American people resoundingly rejected the Obama agenda in November, so we should all feel free to ignore what Obama said this week.

I found myself laughing through the speech, not at Obama, but at his glassy-eyed devotees blindly following this ridiculous Pied Piper.

Ironically, the day before the president's speech, we celebrated the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. How I wish we had a Martin Luther King today instead of scam-artists like Obama—and Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder.

I spoke with Megyn Kelly on Monday and explained how we descended from Dr. King to the Sharpton-Holder-Obama crowd of today. Megyn and I disagreed about whether or not Obama's life represents the "African-America experience."

Watch below:

With the facts now known about what really happened in Ferguson, will this crowd of exploitation-artists apologize for their shameful conduct? The true lesson from Ferguson is NOT police brutality but the left's exploitation of race to cause mayhem and derive political advantage.

In more exciting news this week, America was nominated for a 2015 Golden Reel Award in the Featured Documentary category. Other nominees include Citizenfour, Deepsea Challenge 3D, Glen Campbell…I'll Be Me, Jodorowsky's Dune, Under the Electric Sky, and Warsaw Uprising.
The Motion Picture Sound Editors 62nd Golden Reel Awards will be held February 15, 2015.

The Florida bill to show America to students also kicked off a big debate recently, and the bill has a fair chance to become law. Senate Bill 96 and House Bill 77, filed by Republicans Sen. Alan Hays and Rep. Neil Combee, would require all eighth and 11th grade students to watch my film. The Washington Post reported on the bill's prospects on Wednesday.


Dinesh D'Souza


Paul Ryan's sleight of hand on fast track

"Trade promotion authority would empower Congress to set our negotiating objectives and hold the administration accountable."

That was new House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) description of a process known as fast track — wherein Congress cedes its right to amend a trade deal, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Meaning whatever deal President Barack Obama comes up with would be subject to up-or-down votes and limited debate. If it was a bad deal or contained any bad provisions, Congress would be left with a "take it or leave it" choice. Hardly ideal from a legislature's perspective.

As for negotiating objectives, trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership have been in negotiation for several years. Any objectives set forth by Congress at this stage would be non-binding, and pretty much window dressing for members of Congress to say they were holding the Obama administration accountable.

Except they will be doing nothing of the sort.

In reality, by passing fast track trade authority, members were ceding much of their legislative powers to Obama — something even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a supporter of fast track, has conceded is "an enormous grant of power."

Why would Congress do that?

According to Ryan, somehow, the agreements might reduce the trade deficit, which in 2014 was at $659.4 billion worldwide as of November, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

"U.S. manufacturers have more than a $50 billion surplus with trade agreement countries. In contrast, the U.S. trade deficit in manufacturing goods with the rest of the world is more than $500 billion," said Ryan.

What he leaves out is most of that is with China, where we have an overall $314.3 billion trade deficit. And China is not a party to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

What Ryan also leaves out is that about $225 billion of the deficit was simply because of oil. In the U.S. we consume far more oil than we produce.

Overall, China and oil account for 82 percent of the entire trade deficit. And neither fast track nor the Trans-Pacific Partnership will do a thing about it. So why pretend?

Ryan also doesn't mention the oil deficit also pulverizes any advantage the U.S. has with free trade agreement countries, of which there are 20 according to the U.S. Trade Representative: Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Peru, and Singapore.

Among them, thanks to oil, the U.S. was running a $50 billion total trade deficit as of November.

Ryan promises that fast track will help "expand markets for American exports." Yet, among the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries, in 2014 as of November, the U.S. exported $669 billion worth of goods and services, accounting for 45 percent of U.S. exports worldwide last year.

So what's the rush in enacting the trade deal? Ryan promises fast track will allow the U.S. to "get the best deal from our trading partners." Yet if Congress loses its power to amend and improve it, how is that possible?

It seems the American people, and even members of Congress, are not getting the full story on what fast track will actually mean — which is that Congress gives its legislative powers to Obama and hopes for the best.

Robert Romano
Senior editor of Americans for Limited Government


Governor’s bad budget cuts

After reading our new Governor’s details of his proposal to cut the state’s budget, I was quite surprised. When campaigning he spoke about budget cutting and economic growth for Arizona. The last place I imagined he would make such a drastic cut was to our state universities budgets.

Cutting $75 million from these budgets is about 10 percent. It will wipe out any gains they had in the past few years. Our state universities are fundamental to our economic growth. How can we possibly produce graduates who will be the trained workforce for all the new high-tech industries that are rapidly growing all over the US? These bioscience and biomedical industries are desperate for those ready to work in their laboratories right now.  This enormous budget cut shuts the door on economic growth.

We have only 3 state universities. They are presently only one-quarter funded by the state. This is abysmal for Arizona with so much to offer to businesses to locate here. We won’t see much in economic growth if we don’t attract new businesses and all of them need high-tech staff.


Art Petersen
Cave Creek


Sales taxes?

This week we heard our new Governor give more detail of his proposal to cut the state's budget.  For the entire campaign he spoke about budget cutting and economic growth for Arizona.  The last place I imagined he would make such a drastic cut was to our state universities budgets.

To cut $75 million from these budgets equates to 10 percent and that wipes out any gains they had in the past few years.  Our state universities are fundamental to our economic growth.  How can we possibly produce graduates who will be the trained workforce for all the new high-tech industries that are rapidly growing all over the US?  These bioscience and biomedical industries are desperate for those ready to work in their laboratories right now.  This enormous budget cut shuts the door on economic growth.


Kurt Ryan
Cave Creek

On Friday, June 6, 2014 11:42 AM, Kurt Ryan wrote:

In the article regarding the City Council tentatively approving a $16.7 million budget, we are once again reminded again how and where our tax dollars are spent and how much it costs to enjoy services.

I was surprised to learn that Cave Creek takes in from $700,000 to $500,000 per year in the half percent sales taxes.

Many people would be surprised to learn that when they buy from on-line-only retailers, no sales taxes are collected.  What you are supposed to do is keep a running total of what you purchase and report and pay those taxes due when you file your income tax.  Almost no one does that and it is estimated that more than $23 billion is lost per year over this.

No one likes taxes, but if we were collecting the sale tax on all those sales made at online-only retailers we wouldn't have to ask for new taxes when special spending comes up.  Additionally, think how much those lost sales means to the local economy.


Kurt Ryan
Cave Creek


President Obama showed no interest in seeking common ground

The President obviously watched a different set of mid-term elections than the rest of the country did. He said that every single one of his policies was on the ballot; the American people rejected them – and him – overwhelmingly.

It’s amazing that after such a repudiation of his policies and programs, his first instinct was to pick a fight in last night’s State of the Union Address. Three hundred billion dollars in new taxes? He knows there’s no chance of such a bill passing either house of Congress; he’s simply being confrontational. It began the day after his historic drubbing in November. He was quick to recognize the “two-thirds of voters who stayed home.”  The people who repudiated him at the ballot box are irrelevant to him.

Here at Tea Party Patriots, we’re fighting to give a voice to those people. We’re fighting to MAKE Barack Obama listen to average Americans like you and me who are trying desperately to hold onto the American dream.

But we need your help to continue fighting back.

Ultimately, Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address was chock-full of the same old tired, redistributionist policies. He wants to tax the so-called “rich” to make free community college available to everyone? We saw how “free healthcare” worked out. The President is relying on turns of phrase to dupe low-information voters. The inheritance tax has become the trust fund loophole. Translation: let’s make it harder for families to pass on businesses or farms to their children, to conform to the President’s idea of what’s “fair.”

With each left-wing policy proposal, this president is waging war on our Constitutional values and the very foundation of our Republic.

That’s why, day after day, Tea Party Patriots is flooding the Capitol with grassroots phone calls demanding that Congress stand firm and reject his left-wing social engineering.

But to keep these critical efforts going, we’re relying on your continued support.

President Obama’s also calling for an increase in capital gains taxes. Economic studies have consistently shown that increasing capital gains taxes results in less revenue to the Treasury. It doesn’t matter to him; he said in 2008 he’d favor raising them – in the name of fairness – even if it increased the deficit.

In fact, President Obama has demanded higher taxes in every SOTU message. Raising taxes and punishing achievement is the last thing we need in a stagnant economy. Worse, expecting Republicans to pass tax-hike legislation is delusional.

By putting forward these policy proposals, President Obama has shown he has no interest in seeking common ground for the good of the country. True to form for his first six years, he still seeks to divide the country in his final two.

After hearing this speech, our resolve to stand against the Obama agenda and promote true reform of our nation’s broken government has never been stronger.

But to continue the fight, we need to know that you’re still with us.

Please, join the grassroots fight against Barack Obama’s left-wing vision for our country. Download one of our toolkits on defunding executive amnesty or pushing back against IRS targeting of Americans!

Thank you so much for joining us in this fight.

In Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots


Well done

Linda, your two front page articles in this week’s Sonoran News (“Eclectic group of candidates take on recalled slate” and “Trenk giving ‘Carmen San Diego’ stiff competition”) are two of the best you have done. Both were interesting, low key but powerful and well written. You started and just wanted to keep reading. Terrific work!

Bob Williams
Cave Creek