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JANUARY 28, 2015

18 months at the Shelter: Angelina exemplifies no-kill shelter's commitment to pets

Sat., Jan. 24, is "Change A Pet's Life Day," and AAWL has cut adoption fees in half for pets like Angelina who prefer people or have been in the shelter longer than 90 days Bookmark and Share

aawlPHOENIX – For shy and particular pets like Angelina the cat, the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (AAWL & SPCA) is truly a life saver, caring for her for 18 months while she waits for just the right adopter.

Her stay at AAWL & SPCA is extraordinary, but shows to what lengths the state's oldest and largest no-kill shelter will go in order to match dogs and cats with just the right homes.

Looking for the Purr-fect Home: Angelina's Story
Angelina came to AAWL & SPCA in May 2013. She and her babies had been pulled out of a feral cat colony and the shelter had previously taken in her kittens.

From the very start, she was extremely shy, but obviously not a feral cat.  She quickly became a volunteer favorite with her different colored eyes and raspy "smoker's meow." As an office cat, she was charming and funny and, even though it took her a while to trust people, she turned out to be quite playful. She prefers to be an only cat; when she is with other cats she can be a bit bossy.

Angelina is currently on a "slumber party" with a potential adopter. AAWL & SPCA allows potential adopters of certain dogs and cats to take the animals home for a few days or, in the case of cats that are slower to adjust, a week or more to see how they will fit into their homes. Her current slumber party hostess is giving Angelina plenty of time to get comfortable before making the adoption decision, and is even considering continuing to foster her even if adoption isn't in the cards.

Adoption Special for Dogs and Cats who Prefer People over Other Pets
In connection with "Change A Pet's Life Day" on Jan. 24, AAWL & SPCA is offering people the chance to take home a special dog or cat at 50% off the normal adoption price. Animals eligible for the reduced fee are those that, like Angelina, prefer to be the only dog or cat in the household. Pets that have been at the shelter longer than 90 days also are eligible for the 50% off adoption fee, and people who adopt one of these dogs can also receive half off the price of any training class.

The special runs through Sun., Jan. 25.

For more information about available dogs and cats, visit or call 602-273-6852, ext. 103 for cats and ext. 116 for dogs.