JANUARY 28, 2015

Napoli is a triumph for Phoenix!

February 12-15 with the Phoenix Symphony at Symphony Hall

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napoliThe U.S. premiere of Napoli isn't happening in New York, San Francisco, Boston, or any of the cities typically considered the leading American performing arts centers. Ballet Arizona is the first American ballet company to present a full-length production of Napoli, a masterpiece from celebrated Danish choreographer August Bournonville.

Ballet Arizona's Artistic Director, Ib Andersen, is one of just two in the U.S. with the background to present this celebrated work in its most authentic form. As a dancer, Andersen became a master of the Bournonville style choreography known for its very quick, precise movements in the lower body while maintaining a calm and expressive upper body – a combination that is visually stunning, yet considerably more difficult than it appears.

Napoli is a love story set in Naples - the tale of Gennaro and his beloved Teresina, and the quest to rescue her from the evil sea spirit, Golfo. As The New York Times notes, "Of all the ballets of the 19th century, "Napoli" is the one that best celebrates this world, real life, vitality and joy."

As a choreographer, Andersen is known for his ability to create works that connect with the audience on the most human level. He has taken that ability, along with his intimate knowledge of the Bournonville style, to update aspects of the ballet with new choreography. The result is a presentation of a masterpiece that engages both today's audiences and the most serious balletomane.

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