Dick Esser = Integrity and Knowledge

To all Creekers,

Cave Creek Residents need to vote to support our longtime 30-year resident of Cave Creek. I have personally known Dick since 1998 and am proud that he remains a good neighbor and friend.

I met Dick several years ago as he extended his hand in help as needed on many prior occasions. He brings unselfishness to a new high standard and his knowledge of municipal affairs is enormous. Dick has worked in public service a good portion of his life as an employee and a volunteer to the community at large.

His experience is endless … Dick was a management employee for the Arizona Department of Transportation. It is almost impossible to count the various areas that Dick has offered (or sacrificed) himself as a volunteer: from Cave Creek Planning Commission to former town council, MAG (Maricopa County Associated Government for Arizona), town special events neighborhood meetings, chauffer to friends in need. It is impossible to count or remember the multitude of help he has brought to this community.

When Dick served on the former town council there was a $6,000,000 surplus in the Cave Creek coffers. He is directly responsible for over $600,000 in appropriated funds for the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway to widen and improve the intersection. He has assisted in attaining many grants for the community as well.

His agenda is simple: Unselfish, civil and meaningful – making Cave Creek a better functioning government for all Creekers.

Dick is not a mud slinger nor is he confrontational. He is a uniter, not a divider. Relentless are his efforts to improve other lives at his own expense, sanity, etc.

What more needs to be said?

No B.S., knowledge, commitment and honesty worthy of everyone’s vote if they want a better Cave Creek.

Clear choice: Vote for Dick Esser.

Todd Gilson
Cave Creek


Cave Creek Hate Blog tied to Trenk, Spitzer

The local anonymous Hate Blog operating from Cave Creek for the past several years is now tied to two sitting councilmen. First of all, this type of blog is run by nameless, faceless cowards who hide behind their anonymity to spew filth and hate throughout the community and current law makes it very difficult and time consuming to expose them. However, a recent communication was interesting because in an email to Trenk dated January 13, 2015 the Hate Blog typically praised Trenk and said, among other vituperative things,”You challenge Charlie (Spitzer). You challenge us. You want to know who we are? https://www.youtube.com/

The purpose of this particular email seemed to be to disparage Steve LaMar who announced his candidacy in the March recall election against Mr. Spitzer and was copied to Trenk’s slate, their challengers in the recall election, and others. These really ugly emails from the Hate Blog are relatively new. They reportedly get relatively few ‘hits’ on their Blog so they have now evidently targeted their greatest ‘enemies’ by directed emails with copies to the world. The hate Blog’s main purpose seems to be to promote Trenk. Trenk’s most dishonest and divisive tomes are always quickly published on the Blog. Anyone who dares to disagree with these cowards is denigrated in published materials in the ugliest manner and /or threatened with legal action.
The Hate Blog has, of course, carefully protected Trenk’s slate (Spitzer, Durkin and Monachino) in order to keep him around while spewing its filth and hate on practically everyone who has or continues to contribute to Cave Creek and praises those loud voices that have contributed nothing and express their hate about everyone and everything else in the town. I could not begin to list here the dozens of honorable residents that this Hate Blog has denigrated in the past couple of years in the worst, most dishonest and crude manner, using the vilest terms and most slanderous allegations. A recent example was their dishonest and disgusting attack on Ms. Sue Mueller, President of the Cave Creek Museum Board of Directors and, by inference, the entire Museum Board. Another recent email started “F**K you, (name withheld)” and actually went downhill from there. Real cute. I will admit that I do not know the gutless, lying sewer dwellers behind this Blog, but there is a clear link to Trenk and Spitzer who are thoroughly folded in and covered with the same slime. Mr. LaMar, of course, has been forewarned that he is about to be publically dragged through the Hate Blog sewer again because his crime was to have the audacity to challenge Mr. Spitzer in the recall election. And, just when I thought Cave Creek politics could go no lower, I see Monachino out soliciting (or extorting if you’re a business) money in town in order to finance an election that used to be(pre-Trenk) financed by the candidate’s pocket change. Trenk and other slate members may be soliciting money, as well. Incredible! Trenk ushered in an astonishing new low in politics, certainly unheard of in Cave Creek, and if Cave Creek wants to reelect these people to represent us, so be it. I will silently move on. Perhaps before I do, I will publish the Hate Blog’s gutless response to this letter – which you can bet will be anonymous.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Re-elect Esser

Wisdom through experience and compelling passion in his field of work has gained Dick Esser an understanding of the needs of the Town of Cave Creek and it’s residents.

History proves electing experienced individuals, like Dick Esser, who has understanding, expertise and knowledge by years of a career based on public improvement, significantly increases positive development. Dick has over 40 years of experience in the public service sector and he owned his own consulting firm for many years. He worked for Maricopa County Department of Transportation and then 33 years with the Arizona Department of Transportation. He has quite a list of activities and contributions made to the Town of Cave Creek that are instrumental and helped accelerate positive outcomes for improving communications and resources.

Dick Esser is a giver who has served Cave Creek and enhanced its structure and appearance positively for a time enduring longer than the attention span of most individuals. Dick is committed; he has experience, knowledge and wisdom that come from a generation of the hard working.

Dick Esser has a compelling passion for the Town of Cave Creek, has lived here in Cave Creek for over 26 years and has given 24 years of stable leadership to Cave Creek. He is part of five generations of Arizonans. “I love Cave Creek and Arizona.” Dick Esser is the choice for re-election to the Town Council of Cave Creek this coming March 2015.

Elyn Redman
Cave Creek


Radical Muslims and gun control

There is some talk regarding more gun control laws nearly everyday somewhere here in the United States of America. Everyday here in the same United States of America we also hear, on TV, a report or multiple reports of somewhere in the world where some fanatical Muslim(s) have murdered people sometimes in the hundreds. And yet what is requested by both media and government is tolerance of those very Muslims who murder and/or support those who do. So we should be tolerant of people who kill but not a weapon who has no ability to move or act on its own? Who does not see something wrong with that? Anyone?

A intolerant ideology, Islam, posing as a religion in order to gain governmental acceptance and privilege not otherwise possible is out to dominate (rule) the world and no action is taken whatsoever to curtail its actions by governments world wide. Instead we are requested (perhaps soon to be required) to be tolerant. Regardless of how many people are murdered in cold blood to reach such a goal we are asked to be tolerant. Could the reason be because guns are not the primary weapon used by these radicals who are murdering innocent people whose only crime is not believing in the Islamic deity or profit? Could it be because they use knives to behead and bombs to blow up their victims and the guns are mainly used against them? Could there possibly somehow be a connection there? After all there is no movement at all to register or license bombs even though it is possible to make them at home with just a few common everyday ingredients. Are some of these gun control advocates doing so in ignorance or do they see how they are assisting the terrorists. Perhaps to their own demise.

What if bombs were used at New Town to blow up the school instead of a single insane shooter. How many more children would have been killed? A hundred or more? Who thinks taking the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is the way to convince the terrorists we are all good people and mean them no harm regardless of how many Americans they behead or blowup? Who thinks making ourselves more vulnerable will cause them to kill less and not more? Just how does anyone reach such a decision? That is exactly the approach presently being used by the current administration in an effort to appease the terrorists. No one including the president can appease the terrorists, no one. Most of government (charged with the duty of protecting citizens) is so politically correct they will not even refer to them as what they actually are radical Islamic terrorists!

The United States of America is based on individual freedom. No where in the world is there another nation that guarantees such to its citizens. Our constitution describes and guarantees the individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And yet government preaches tolerance for those preventing such liberty and murdering those very same citizens who are guaranteed that liberty. How can this be? Are we all blinded by political correctness? Have we lost all judgment of right and wrong. Can Americans or anyone for that matter be really free without liberty and the right to self protection. I suggest not!

In the final analysis we, citizens of this nation, must determine if we actually desire this fundamental transformation into an Islamic nation or do we desire to remain a free Constitutional Republic? We cannot however, make that determination without knowing what we are being transformed into. Every human being has to know no one is absolutely free without the ability to be secure and safe and in possession of the right to self protection. In other words provide for their own self protection. That always requires a weapon to be available. In the absence of such ability, governments eventually murder. History proves this to be absolutely true dozens of times during the 20th century. Are we setting ourselves up for it to happen again in the 21st century right here in the USA?

D Bitler


We will all be better off

The Jan. 7, 2015 issue had an interesting and informative letter from Lawrence Sellin, PhD.
The Obama administration and many leaders call Islam “a religion of peace.” Obama has been quoted as saying “Islam is one of the five great religions of the world.”

I’ve read the English translation of The Quran, “The Glorious Qur'an,” by Dr. Syed Vickar Ahamed which is approved by the Islamic Research Academy, Cairo, Egypt. Following are some quotes:

Chapter 5, Verse 33: The punishment for those who wage a war against Allah and his messenger (Muhammed) and work hard with strength and taste for mischief through the land is: Execution, of crucifixion, or cutting off of hands and feet from both opposite sides....etc.

Chapter 98, Verse 6: Those who reject (truth) among the (Jewish and Christian) people of the Book (Bible) and among the polytheists, will be in the Fire of Hell to live in there (forever) – they are the worst of creatures.

Chapter 4, Verse 56: Surely those who reject our signs (Islam), we will soon throw (them) into the fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, we shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: truly Allah is almighty, all wise.

The Quran (Koran) is full of verses which say the same thing – convert to Islam or die!
Many political figures say that billions of “moderate” Muslims don’t condone the violence by Muslim extremists. Then, what does a moderate” feel about all the hate-filled rhetoric in the Quran? Are American Muslims more loyal to the United States or to their religion?

Please, moderate Muslims, stand up and loudly proclaim whether you agree with your Quran, which has provoked horrendous violence throughout the world, or you disagree. We will all be better off when that occurs.

Harry H. Elletson
Cave Creek


Islamic Jihad

You can’t avoid the outrage on the tube over the Obama Administration skipping the “Walk Against Terror” in Paris. Those on the “Right” scream it shows the world that America really doesn’t care. Those on the “Left” defend the no show stating the president’s participation would be a distraction. Whatever…Common sense tells us that we should have been standing shoulder to shoulder with the other world leaders, and we didn’t. For some reason, this administration can’t seem to utter the words Islamic Jihad.

Islamic Jihad. Why has that label created such a fuss? I watch Fox, and they do seem obsessed with getting someone in the White House to say Islamic Jihad, like that admission will somehow create a new level of awareness or piss the American public off so much that we will call for someone’s head (sorry, bad illustration). Fact is, these are radical human beings that can act alone, in packs, or armies, and they are brutal. The common thread appears to be Islam.
I personally have been bombarded with emails telling me that terror is the problem, not Islam. I’m sent articles on the “10 Worst terror attacks by Extreme Christians” and “the Christian Terrorist Movement that No One wants to Talk about.” I urge you to look them up online. To give you the Readers Digest version, these articles point out various hate groups, radical militias, the KKK, skinheads, and individuals obsessed with specific issues like abortion and race. The people writing these articles are simply looking for a way to be editorially different, appear enlightened, or point out the obvious that the rest of the world is simply too blind to see. Reality is quite different. I don’t see tens of thousands of priests and laymen taking to the streets to behead women and children in the name of Jesus Christ.

The fact remains that these people committing these atrocities in the Mideast, Paris, Europe, Africa, and yes, the United States, hate us. If you were in the same room with them, and they were armed, they would kill you, regardless of what you call them or their movement.
So what to do? Just what do you do?

This worldwide terror fest is similar to a cancer: very bad cells in your body that want to kill you. There are more good cells than bad, but it’s the bad cells that are the terrorist. If you ignore those bad cells they will continue to divide and multiply. They attack different parts of your body until you die. And like the terrorist, those cells don’t care if they die in the process. Just like cancer, to win, to live, you need to hit that cancer with everything you have in the doctor’s bag. Surgical strikes to kill every one of the cancerous cells. Track them down, identify them and eliminate them. Just like a cancer treatment the rest of the body may complain, be in pain, scream, even fight the treatment, but it has to be done. The nations of the world need to come to the conclusion that this cancer must be stopped and it could be stopped quickly with the cooperation of these nations. Imagine the world without these lunatics. I know this sounds like I'm back in the 60s but, imagine a world where all nations came together to eradicate this cancer. For once, forget the politics. For once, understand that the innocents being killed have rights too. For once understand that our planet isn't that large and our petty posturing is a human frailty, not an attribute. To the leaders of the world … the cure is available. Do we live or die?

Scott Haberman
Cave Creek


No-show for halftime

All of these years, I have watched the halftime show during the Super Bowl ... until this year. Organizing brainiacs have chosen bump and grind teen-throb Katy Perry, whose voice is shrill and grating enough to curdle milk while it's still in the cow. Too bad, as I will miss some of the clever, million-dollar-per-half-minute commercials. That young woman may be a teen-age boy's secret midnight pleasure idol, but her voice gives me a toothache – and I have excellent dentition! Maybe next year there will be a talented show-person.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado


Communism remains a deadly threat

Bill Clinton, chastising concerned republicans at a democrat's 2012 campaign fundraiser, said, "Nobody's seen a communist in over a decade!" The assembled wealthy democrats thundered approval.

Now that president Obama has established diplomatic relations with communist Cuba, isn't it time for someone prominent to correct Mr. Clinton's disinformation, even admonish him?
Communism hasn't simply evaporated as a mortal threat. Nuclear-powered communist North Korea just hammered our First Amendment. Along with communist red China (not just "China" as the media whitewashes this dangerous Asian giant) they stage non-stop cyber attacks against our military and commercial enterprises. These are full-blown communists Clinton and those democrats cannot see.

Marxism was a well-documented element in Mr. Obama's upbringing, even woven through his own autobiography. Now that he has chosen, unilaterally, to abandon efforts at regime change ("commie removal") in welcoming the communist dictators who brutally rule Cuba, Clinton's stinging deception more than ever requires rebuke, don't you think?

Alive and kicking communism is. It remains tied for first place on America's enemies list, despite attempts by swaths of American leftists to pretend it isn't there, now making nice with people seeking to destroy us, attacking us daily. Hey Fourth Estate – sound an alarm.

Alan Korwin, Author


President Obama went AWOL

On January 11, 2015 40 leaders from various countries and 1.3 million people participated in anti-terrorism events in Paris. President Obama was AWOL, and he was only represented by our ambassador to France.

It is difficult to believe our President overlooked the need to be in Paris for the anti-terrorism rally. Based on his previous comments it is quite possible he decided he did not want to offend Islam by appearing at the anti-terrorism unity march.

In the past he has refused to label the multitude of attacks conducted by Muslims as Islamic terrorist attacks. He said "we are not at war with Islam", but it sure appears Islam is at war with us. After all, what is the religion of almost every terrorist who has attacked Western civilization in the past 50 years?

President Obama, you just offended every freedom loving person in the world.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire