Guest Editorial

BY Steve lamar  |  JANUARY 21, 2015

Actions speak louder than words

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steve lamarI was first elected to town council in 2009 and again in 2011 in the primary without having to run in the general election. Most of us will never forget those years as they were some of the worst economic times in the country. The great recession was most devastating to Arizona and in particular it’s municipalities. Cave Creek was not an exception. The town staff and the Council with the help and expertise of many citizens expanded our economic base along Cave Creek Rd. and Carefree Highway and invested in infrastructure to support commercial development in that area to diversify our revenue base. Employees were laid off unfortunately, we reduced work weeks, adopted very lean budgets, paid our bills, and by 2013 the town emerged from the recession with a multimillion dollar surplus. The mayor, the staff, the council had one policy mandated by a national financial disaster ... save our town. The annual independent audit confirmed that all financial policies and practices conducted by the town council and staff were proper in all respects. As a result of our collective good stewardship, Cave Creek’s credit rating was upgraded to A+.

The citizens of Cave Creek have demanded this recall election because they have concluded my opponent has not served the best interest of Cave Creek and gained office through gross misrepresentation.

Community service as defined by most people is to perform duties or work for a community, government, or some entity. Let’s compare my service record with that of my opponent (Charles Spitzer):

Highlights of my service to the community:
1. Founded and directed Desert Foothills Habitat for Humanity having built 30 homes for working families in the Foothills.
2. Served seven years as member and then President of Big Brothers Big Sisters serving central Arizona. Named Big Brother of the Year.
3. Served as a member of the Vestry of Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church and am presently it’s Senior Warden. Here is a plug for another service entity: Good Shepherd runs the Gold Mine Thrift Shop with volunteers from Cave Creek and the Foothills communities. Every penny of profit goes to support the charitable organizations of this community such as Caring Corps and the Foothills Food Bank.
4. Volunteer for the Foothills Caring Core and Foothills Community Foundation.
5. Recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from Attorney General Bob Corbin for developing and leading the Arizona Prison Gang Task Force successful investigating and prosecution organized violent crime throughout Arizona.
6. Recipient of the White Hat Award from Attorney General Terry Goddard for work as lead council in State v. Johnson. Represented the State Land Department, Arizona Game and Fish, ADEQ, and the University of Arizona Museum and won the largest Environmental recovery in the history of Arizona. This historic case was named as one of the Accomplishments of the Decade by the Arizona Republic.
7. Founder and Editor of
ForLoveofCaveCreek, a community service Facebook page that celebrates the people, businesses and natural beauty of Cave Creek. It has gained over 2,300 likes in just two years. (Read my notes, see our pictures and get involved in our great community exchange.)
8. Member of the Verde Vaqueros since 1989. The Verde Vaqueros is a horseman’s organization that promotes the ideals of our western heritage, and is a major long time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club.
9. Served 15 years on the Cave Creek Planning Commission and help draft the original General Plan in 1986.
Let’s examine my recalled opponent’s community service record as a citizen of Cave Creek:
1. My recalled opponent claims to have sat through town hall meetings and occasionally complain or make other comment. His major agenda was opposing needed improvements to our water system near his home.
Analysis of my recalled opponent’s voting record for the first year of his three-and-one-half-year term reveals that he voted with Adam Trenk 94 percent of the time.
One can fairly conclude that my recalled opponent has served this town as a citizen by complaining, and as a councilman by serving Adam Trenk.
While my opponent uses profane hate bloggers and empty accusations as his political tools, I invite you to simply compare what we have done for our community over the years.
If actions speak louder than words to you the choice is clear. Make your choice heard with your vote. The ballots will be in the mail in mid February.

Together we can get back to work building a better Cave Creek for all of us.

Steve LaMar is a Cave Creek Citizen and Horseman