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Paying it Forward - Why I chose to run for Cave Creek Town Council

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susan clancyThirteen years ago I faced a life and death impasse. Now I want to pay it forward by serving the citizens of Cave Creek on the town council.

After years of battling congenital kidney disease my life-giving organs were failing. My dilemma was to deal with on-going kidney dialysis as long as possible, or hope that I could survive long enough to locate a donor and medical facility willing to assist someone of average means.

Once the community of Cave Creek and Carefree became aware of my declining health, volunteers stepped forward and helped in ways I could not have imagined. Flyers went up all over town and fund-raising for a transplant began. The local Kiwanis Club, during their weekly meeting at Harold’s, had a guest speaker from the Mayo Clinic. Kiwanians stepped forward with a request for help. With the assistance of Mayo doctors and local volunteers, I was able to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, with hopes of a transplant. Unfortunately, about that same time my liver began to fail requiring a more complex double-organ transplant.
I am so very thankful that I was able to receive the gift of an organ donor along with the help of our wonderful community. Without the volunteers in Cave Creek and Carefree I may not be here today with the hopes of paying back the community I love and paying it forward by serving on the Cave Creek Town Council.

While chairing the Cave Creek Caring Citizens recall committee over the last year, it became apparent to me our town was slowly losing its identity. So many of you signed your name to our petitions and with each signature came your opinions, wants and desires for a change. The second time we came to you for your support and signature your voices became more concerted on a greater need for the recall. The grassroots of signature collection expanded beyond our committee’s expectations. Time was short and it became apparent the many frustrations felt by citizens had turned to action. Thank you to each person who collected or signed their name to our petitions.

My family moved to Cave Creek in 1981. We helped fight the annexation war when Phoenix tried for a land grab and won. We slowly watched the desert around us disappear and the high density engulf our acreage. By 1990, we recognized to have the life style we desired, we needed move to the Town of Cave Creek. Since that time we have watched Cave Creek grow and expand. The towns’ citizens have always tried to balance open space and development with the beauty of the Upper Sonoran Desert and all the creatures that make the desert their home long before we came.

It is my belief serving 16 years on the CCUSD Governing Board will help me serve you better. After serving on the Cave Creek School Board from 1994 – 2002, so many people asked me to run for school board again after my transplant surgery, stating they needed someone to ask questions and represent them, I again ran and served from 2007 – 2014.

If elected to the Cave Creek Town Council, I personally would like to have a town hall meeting designed for the citizens of our town. A town hall meeting that is independently moderated, so everyone may have an opportunity to voice their concerns, as well as opinions on the future their town.

With that said, I would like to briefly outline my own concerns about the continuous needs of our town.

They are the Health, Safety and Welfare for all citizens of Cave Creek. To insure that we can accomplish this and secure the unique character of our town, I believe we should do the following to maintain a healthy town.

1. Secure open space
2. Protect our zoning
3. Secure and protect trails
4. Protect our wildlife

Safety is my second concern, because it has an effect on the welfare of all citizens that live and work in our community.

1. Improve our road maintenance. The lack of replacing lines on the roads has become increasingly hazardous to us all.
2. Improve and maintain the water and sewer systems. This includes insuring that the effluent generated from these sources continues to insure a return on our investments.
3. Support all sectors of businesses in our town. They generate the taxes needed to support the town.
4. Financial and Budget Expenditures. Insure monies expended are justified.

To accomplish this I will do my due diligence to help create a completely transparent council, with full disclosure through open discussion during council meetings. This task will also require complete documentation to support items on the agenda for consideration.

I believe work study meetings are a requirement prior to potential controversial agenda action that maybe taken by council. Public citizen participation is paramount to me; after all, we are elected to represent the citizens of Cave Creek and hear what they have to say prior to a complicated vote.

Leadership isn’t about being in charge. Servant leadership is about serving all citizens – being authentic as we work together to establish a shared vision for our town and our future.
Please, consider voting for me.