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my viewThe Trenkster

Since a publication in Northern Arizona unleashed a four page cover story special on Cave Creek Vice Mayor Adam Trenk, one has to wonder if the employees of that publication know a different side of the Trenkster?

Were they aware, for example, that all they had to do is look online to see his dark side? Printed on the front page of the last issue of Sonoran News was “MCSO (Maricopa County Attorney’s Office) to review criminal charges against Trenk.” Maybe the three-quarter page Rose Law Group ad muddled their vision?

And that isn’t all. He is responsible, along with his three supplicants, for the town’s $3 million lawsuit and the town’s defense, which is running into tens of thousands of dollars and still growing.

Futhermore, Trenk, using his best New Jersey tactics, used his cell phone to record the meeting he held with Abujbarah and Ray Fontaine without telling them, or at least Abujbarah wasn’t told. In that discussion Abujbarah was told by Trenk that he had to do two things to stay in office: The first was to eliminate his relationship with me and Sonoran News. The second was to stay out of politics and not to have anything to do with recalls.

On the basis of those facts Abujbarah has filed a second lawsuit in federal court against Trenk for violating his First Amendment rights. Trenk has to defend against that lawsuit, now underway, personally.

Trenk is laying the claim he is a horseman. He even claimed I poisoned his horse and cut the brake line on his truck. Then he claimed we were anti-Semitic because of a cartoon having nothing to do with Jews so he wouldn’t have to disclose where he lives. Even now he holds his abode a secret. I don’t believe he lives here but can’t prove it.

Anybody who knows my background as a senior executive and CEO of four different companies would find these assertions preposterous, and they are. But the New Jersey way is to tar your opponents with lies.

In his written braggadocio he neglects the lawsuits he has caused that are putting a strain on town finances. And he doesn’t discuss why he has spent $50,000 to be elected in two elections. Cave Creek Town Council members are, except for a brief period, unpaid. Why would anybody pay $50,000 for an unpaid seat on council? And that isn’t all he spent. The norm for Cave Creek council candidates is less than $500.

He has backed numerous lawsuits to benefit his causes and Attorney Tim LaSota has been kept very busy. We believe he is backing other lawsuits in addition to those we have already mentioned.

Trenk and his slate have been backed by a morally corrupt web page which has connections among the dark side of Cave Creek politics. The person who writes it uses all kinds of actionable tripe and disgusting vernacular. It was silent while the presumed writer recovered from a motorcycle accident. He is back now and nasty as ever. Many felt the accident was karma in action. The reason he doesn’t worry about being sued for defamation is he has no money so a lawsuit would yield an empty judgment, or so he thinks. Maybe he hasn’t heard of a criminal lawsuit where he could be looking through bars for the rest of his slimy life. But he is the kind of non-person who favors the slate.

I have a number of discs which contain email messages relating to the actions of the town politic. Some only have from-to but that tells a lot.

Here is one small sample among thousands:

CC:;; Thomas McGuire (; Mike Durkin (; Reggie Monachino
(;; Haldiman, Philip (

BCC:; Sara Vannucci (; Ray Fontaine (; Ralph Mozilo (; Michael Chutz;; "Steven L. Trenk" (; Scott Dahne;; Timothy A. La Sota (;;; Grace Meeth (;

Subject: Please forward this Email to ALL Town Staff (Fellow Council Members Please DO NOT RESPOND to avoid open meeting issues)

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 9:19:00 AM

This email was sent by Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek, who much like Abujbarah is competent and honest. She wouldn’t have sent such a message unless she was directed to. Note the date – Rodney Glassman was in office then and gave orders to employees like Dyrek. Note the BCC (blind carbon copies). They are all dark siders being brought into town business and leaving the general population wondering what is going on in Town Hall. Note that both Trenk’s father, Steve, and grandfather, Al, are sent town business.

There is a lot more coming so stay tuned!