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Happy New Year

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steve lamarAs the New Year arrives Spur Cross road, after months, is still in a dangerous condition. Our recalled council finally opened up the road, but left it with boulders near the travel lanes, and a dangerous drop off for a shoulder. Towns in Arizona have a legal duty to provide reasonably safe roads on which the residents travel. But not to worry, the recalled council claim they have it covered. They have called FEMA.

Here is a question you might consider. What is wrong with town leadership that was handed a multi-million dollar surplus by former council, but fails to budget enough money to provide for road repairs then grovels for a handout from the federal government to bail them out?

Some might say that it’s a sad day when recalled politicians who are now leading our town admit that FEMA is their only hope of providing safe roads in Cave Creek.

But the big news from Town Hall in this New Year is that our recalled council continues its assault on the residents of Cave Creek, and non-bar business with a frontal attack on the Rancho Manaña Resort and the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds it. Beginning this month the town will stop providing water from an arsenic contaminated well to Rancho Manaña Golf Course which has been using it for watering the course. The residents of Rancho Manaña and owners of the resort had no knowledge of this written directive; the town manager also claims to have no knowledge. Predictably, not a single member of the present town council admits to having a clue that one of the iconic destinations and one of most attractive neighborhoods in Cave Creek is the object of a blind side attack by town hall.

We are told this attack on Rancho Manaña is necessary because your town administration plans to mix the arsenic contaminated water in our drinking water before they sell it to us. Apparently we are expected to find this comforting.

Here are a few additional questions for you to ponder.

If you assume for sake of argument that the recalled council had no knowledge of this blindside attack on Rancho Manaña, shouldn’t they have known?

Wouldn’t you expect that even a self absorbed recalled councilman should know when well water with high levels of arsenic are going to be mixed into our drinking water and sold to us as potable water?

Wouldn’t you expect that even a self absorbed recalled councilman might think it would be a good idea let us know we will soon be serving arsenic water to our families?

The big question is, of course, just how far out of control is town hall?

During the last administration Cave Creek won state wide awards for its great quality of water ... oh well ... that was then and this is now.

Look folks, these are just the recent examples of why I am running for Cave Creek Town Council. And now I need to tell you something about my qualifications if I expect to gain your trust and support. My grandpa never bought a pig in a poke and I don’t expect you would.
I have deep roots in Cave Creek. In 1986 I was on the first planning commission that helped draft the General Plan for Cave Creek. Since incorporation I have served 15 years on the planning commission, two terms on town council, served on the Vestry and as Senior Warden of Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal church, founded Desert Foothills Habitat for Humanity, volunteered with Caring Core and Foothills Community Foundation, was voted Valley Big Brother of the Year, and founded and serve as Editor of the community Facebook page For the Love of Cave Creek,

ForLoveofCaveCreek, which celebrates the small businesses, people and great natural beauty of our Sonoran Desert home.

My vision for Cave Creek is set forth in our General Plan and the Town Core Historic study which acknowledges that the greatest assets this Town has are its open space, the natural beauty of the Great Sonoran Foothills and its rich authentic history as a mining and sheep station settlement.

Together we can secure the 4,000 acres of open space that will ensure the beauty and rural character of this town. Together we can return to balanced public policy that recaptures the rural nature of this town and honors its genuine history. We can address parking issues, noise issues, unregulated event road closures, rampant tent trade, expand our trail system and focus on fewer special events that are really special and support ALL the businesses and residents of Cave Creek.

Most importantly we can return integrity, service and leadership to Cave Creek Town Hall.
After all these years of work I cannot turn a blind eye to Cave Creek. She needs our commitment. I need your support. I am asking for your vote so that we can get back to building a better Cave Creek on March 10, 2015.