"Stonewalled," a shocking must-read book

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steele coddingtonThis incredible book will shake-up every American who reads it. Its political revelations read like an exciting novel. You won't listen to CBS News or believe anything from the White House after you read it. The book's complete title serves as a prologue: "Stonewalled: My fight for the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama's Washington." It is a gripping, scary exposé of the Obama administration's efforts to control, spin and manage big media in the U.S.

The author is a courageous, incredibly talented former investigative reporter for CBS, Sharyl Attkisson. Her credentials earned over a 30 year career include numerous awards and Emmys for her hard hitting investigative stories. The book is a journalism masterpiece that carefully delineates the slimy efforts of the Obama propaganda machine's attempts to engineer how, or whether, media reports are aired. Any investigative revelations that turn up factual information that is detrimental, unfavorable, critical or scandalous is subject to what has become "Obama's War on Leaks." It involves unprecedented White House PR forces designed to alter spin, or bully networks so that any unfavorable reports are nullified, diminished or marginalized by a host of government control-freak techniques.

She describes the process many times - here are just a couple:

Undermining: the facts that are reported as partisan, slanted, erroneous, out of context or misquoted

Controversialize: the reporter or critic by attacking them personally as biased or incompetent to divert from the damage of the facts. The idea is to take the spotlight off the truth, often by attributing the person's reporting as "crazies, partisans or conspiracy." It all amounts to government manipulations.

The fundamental ethical purpose of the book is to expose how the media is also often complicit in aiding and abetting the agenda of the administration by delaying exposure of the facts, or expressing wrong-doing or scandals in exculpatory ways that provide excuses for the government's versions. Attkisson was deeply committed to true revelations about the government's versions involving scandals like the Fast and Furious gun-walking fiasco and the Obamacare roll-out disaster. But she is especially authoritative on the government's lies about Bengazi – which is a story she still pursues for its obvious cover-ups.

The scariest portions in the book relate to the mysterious hacking of her computer and phones and the harassment by unrevealed sources so sophisticated her technicians say it could only come from one source. One description in her story is cited on the book flap, "Stonewalled" is the story of the Obama administration's efforts to monitor journalists, intimidate and harass opposition groups and spy on private citizens ... Also a searing indictment of the timidity of the press and the dangerous decline of investigative journalism and unbiased truth-telling in America today." Investors’ Business Daily's recent editorial sums it up: "We can't remember a more damning insider account of how Big Media cover the Democrats and manipulate public opinion to advance liberal causes." But the truth about Attkisson and her reporting is that she really has no bias toward liberal or conservative – she calls herself "politically agnostic" and the book demonstrates her pursuit of truth fearlessly. It should be a journalism text book – a book every American should read. You will not be able to put it down because it reads like a spy novel!