JANUARY 7, 2015

Volunteers needed for fourth grade “Desert Reach” program

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The Desert Awareness committee is looking for volunteers to help with the fourth grade program “DESERT REACH” beginning in January.

Our team brings the exciting hands-on desert awareness program right into the classroom. Since 2004, we have shared our fast paced, two hour program with over 5,000 fourth graders in the Cave Creek Unified School District and surrounding schools.

Twice a week, from January through March, we meet at one of the five CCUSD elementary schools to present the hands-on, interactive experience. We use a team of trained volunteers to carry out the self-contained, portable program, usually presenting it in two classrooms on a given day. Our new program takes the students into the field for a follow up “live” experience at Desert Awareness Park.

We are planning a training session on January 8 for new volunteers. Choose to work in the classroom or out in the field. Please call one of our team today to volunteer or find out more:

Fran Wylie – 480-595-5501 few1@comcast.net
Diane A. Vaszily – 480-488-5477 davaszily@prodigy.net
Foothills Community Foundation (FCF) – 480-488-1090
Desert Awareness Committee is a program of the Foothills Community Foundation. www.azfcf.org