DECEMBER 31, 2014

Pregnant teacher needs help

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Ann Sues is on bed rest, able to walk/stand for only 10 minutes each hour. She is not allowed to push, pull, lift, squat, or basically do anything useful.

Ann has been a teacher for students with special needs for 10 years and loves it. She and her husband Robert have been together for 9.5 of those years during which time they have lost three babies. They found out about two months ago Ann is pregnant.

Their insurance has a $1,600 deductible and they're expected to pay 20 percent of all expenses. Ann was recently in the hospital for five days, had surgery and bed rest is in her future until March 1.

They need help with the medical bills (already coming due) and upcoming. They also anticipate the need to pay for some outside help while Ann is restricted to bed rest.

If you can help, please visit their gofundme page:

Ann said, “I've always wanted to be a mom, but I don't want to lose my house and everything else in the process.”

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