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Dear Colonel Sellin:

Your opinion, "Republican Amnesty: In Lies We Trust" was published in this week's edition of Sonoran News.

I am a former Republican who always voted the straight party ticket ... until Robert Dole ran for the presidency. At that time, I became an Independent. Since then, I managed to vote twice for Ronald Reagan, but no-one else in his party for subsequent presidential elections. Bush Secundus, McCain and Romney were tepid contenders, as demonstrated by their defeats or less-than-stellar campaigns. The GOP has been declawed, defanged, castrated, whipped and emasculated, and can be classified as a slightly less-liberal wing of the Democrat Party. As far as I can evaluate the situation, Republicans and Democrats are the two wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion-eater.

Congress will be dominated by Republicans after 2015, but will it really matter? A RINO John Boehner will lead the House, and a wimpy Mitch McConnell will lead the Senate, but what will that matter if they are unable to stop the Guacamolian invasion and the open borders UN plan to send 9,000 Muslims from the Middle East into the USA? We have witnessed how Guacamolians and Middle Eastern Muslims become Entitlementarians immediately upon arrival.

The solution is clear: Since the Pentagon has been purged of any nascent Generals Patton or LeMay, we cannot hope for a coup d'état. Therefore, our moribund republic needs to be saved by a third party, composed of former GOP members and disgruntled Democrats who have recognized the neo-Marxist cabal that rules us. Time is critical, as there are fewer than two years left for the presidential election. In the meantime, the GOP needs to grow a pair of cojones, purge its indwelling fifth-columnists from its ranks (Boehner, McCain, Graham, etc.), and stop the invasion of the USA by unfriendly elements. And, for crying out loud: deny the invaders the EBT cards, ObamaPhones, medical and dental care, transport, housing, interpreters, jobs, schooling, etc.! We have one shot at changing the USSA back into the USA.


J-P. A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado

P.S.: Thank you for your service, Colonel. A former Naval Flight Officer says so.

Mr. Maldonado,

Thank you for taking the time to write.

I agree with you. Our current political-media culture is hopelessly corrupt. I have received mail both from former GOPers and some disgruntled Democrats. I think a third party to challenge the status quo is a good idea. The next two years will be critical ones for the country.

Colonel (ret) Lawrence Sellin



On December 25, 1776, Christmas Night, General George Washington led his troops across the ice-swollen Delaware River about nine miles north of Trenton New Jersey -  The Battle of Trenton - the weather was horrendous and the river treacherous.  Many of the troops accompanying General Washington did not even have shoes!

These great patriots, as they marched, left bloody footprints in the snow as evidence of their passion, their determination and their fortitude, the decision to be free no matter the cost.

We are once again experiencing the crisis written about by Thomas Paine on December 23, 1776 because Washington DC has lost its way, these words echo in our very souls...

"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

Join the Convention of States Project and Mark Levin, as he just endorsed Convention of States, and said this to state legislators on December 4, 2014:

"You are the last line of defense of liberty. You're it! There's nowhere else to go."

Join Mark Levin, if you agree with the Convention of States resolution in calling for: "A Convention of States limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for it's officials and for members of Congress. Add your name to our petition, as we heed this calling together. We need you to stand for liberty, YOU, an America Citizen, can make a difference!

Citizens for Self-Governance,
The Convention of States Project


Communism remains a deadly threat

Bill Clinton, chastising concerned republicans at a democrat's 2012 campaign fundraiser, said, "Nobody's seen a communist in over a decade!" The assembled wealthy democrats thundered approval.

Now that president Obama has established diplomatic relations with communist Cuba, isn't it time for someone prominent to correct Mr. Clinton's disinformation, even admonish him?

Communism hasn't simply evaporated as a mortal threat. Nuclear-powered communist North Korea just hammered our First Amendment. Along with communist red China (not just "China" as the media whitewashes this dangerous Asian giant) they stage non-stop cyber attacks against our military and commercial enterprises. These are full-blown communists Clinton and those democrats cannot see.

Marxism was a well-documented element in Mr. Obama's upbringing, even woven through his own autobiography. Now that he has chosen, unilaterally, to abandon efforts at regime change ("commie removal") in welcoming the communist dictators who brutally rule Cuba, Clinton's stinging deception more than ever requires rebuke, don't you think?

Alive and kicking communism is. It remains tied for first place on America's enemies list, despite attempts by swaths of American leftists to pretend it isn't there, now making nice with people seeking to destroy us, attacking us daily. Hey Fourth Estate – sound an alarm.

Alan Korwin, Author


"Expert" reporter

Who was the brainiac on ABC News on Wednesday, 24 December, who referred to a handgun recovered at a crime scene as having "five bullets [sic] in the chamber and one in the clip [sic]?" I'm stunned at the expertise demonstrated in the LameStream EneMedia! If such a handgun exists, I want one, but it must accommodate five ROUNDS or CARTRIDGES in the chamber and more than one in the MAGAZINE.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado


Now it’s time to focus on growing the economy

Recent economic news has been broadly reassuring. Retail sales are strong, November saw the best job gains in three years, the federal deficit is shrinking, the stock market is robust, and the Fed is expressing enough faith in the economy that an interest rate bump next year is considered a certainty.

Yet the public remains unconvinced. This is partly because perceptions haven’t caught up to reality. For many middle- and lower-class families, economic circumstances have not changed very much.

Strong numbers do, however, offer one unambiguous piece of good news: The pressure on policy makers to focus on near-term or immediate problems has eased, which means they can now focus on the fundamental question of economic growth. As Princeton economist Alan Blinder, political strategist Al From and others have pointed out, now is the time for policy-makers to concentrate on creating the environment in the country for sustained, non-inflationary economic growth.

To begin with, we have a chance to get our fiscal house in order and pursue long-term deficit reduction. This means modernizing entitlement spending and shaping a tax-reform package that focuses on investments to boost productivity and help the economy to grow for everyone. It also means eliminating public subsidies to individual enterprises — that money can better be spent on boosting the economic skills of ordinary Americans through education and training.

There are other steps government policy-makers can take to improve broad economic growth. We need to expand trade through open markets and simplify the regulatory structure so that it protects Americans without burdening companies beyond reason. And we must address our nation’s deferred infrastructure needs, which hinder the smooth functioning of every business that relies on transporting its goods.

The same applies to reforming government itself. A government that does not work well — that wastes money, fails its regulatory responsibilities, and cannot make timely decisions — undermines economic growth. Finally, policy-makers need to remember that economic growth means providing a ladder out of poverty for the truly needy.

Free, competitive markets are the best way to deliver goods and services to Americans. Government must not get in the way of that system. Nor should it stand idle. The right response by government to our economic challenges is not to focus on the immediate economic problems of the day, but to invest in economic growth for all.

Lee Hamilton
Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University


Howl for the New Year

Another year is over. The New Year holiday is a natural time of reflection. When the ball drops and fireworks pop in the early January sky 2014 will be gone. A whole new year of human history will begin. A whole new year to continue our beautiful struggle.

If there is one fact our collective history clearly reveals it is that large, centralized nation-states are the world’s most terrifying institutions. The 20th century alone is testament to this. The rise of fascism brought a premature end to nearly 100 million lives. The rise of the Bolsheviks tells a tale of an increasingly oppressive regime addicted to power. State capitalism and the rise of neo-liberal economics in the west are equally disastrous, responsible for a century of perpetual warfare.

Public intellectual Randolph Bourne once wrote, “war is the health of the state.” In the last century the machines of war reached frightening heights of power. The production of nuclear weapons can end all life as we know it. States may cause the greatest extinction in all of Earth’s history. This — the end of our species and countless others — is a real and looming threat.

The state is a system of power and domination. Such a monopoly serves to institutionalize the creeds of racism, sexism, class division, protectionism, biocentrism and more. This is true even in the most “democratic” of nations, including the United States. Such archism deserves abolition. The state is damned.

Yet, here in the fog, there too exists our beautiful struggle.

There is a great tradition in human history: Liberation. We long to be free. Human action continues to prove that with agency we can do great things for one another. We continue to labor, create, preserve and exercise goodwill.

Our inclined labor will produce a world where the children of humanity will live unbound by chains, where no fire or whip will meet their flesh. There will be no need to pledge allegiance to a nation, but all the reason to imagine a world of real and lasting peace. Not a world of dreamers, but a world of contracts, liberated economics and the splendor of the human condition. The peace of common interest, wildness and mutualism.

We must remember this. We must always remember those who risked and sometimes lost their lives and freedom for such an order. We must remember to love those who raised liberty’s hammer. Those who broke down the walls that caged us. We must remember so light will ever conquer darkness — so liberty will no longer be a simple flame, but a piercing, radiant torch.

We will be free. We will face the world without fear. We will stand together and howl into the face of those who wish to reign over us. We will ever challenge their rule. We will continue our embrace of liberty. Global movements have ignited. Join hands, unite the riot — coordinate and cultivate the free society. As we enter the New Year, breathe deep and let the winter air fill your lungs. Know that you are an animal, that you are alive and demand your freedom. Damn those who wish to deny you. Stare into the dark night and howl. Howl!

Grant Mincy
Fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society (


Next election coming up

Could you give the email addresses of the four candidates?

Phone numbers are great but I want to tell how great they are and that I support their effort and not discuss it further as a phone call would do. It would also be a huge benefit to the candidate not having to reiterate so much.


The difference Christ made

As you spend time with friends and family this week, take a moment to stop and remember what a difference the man for whom we celebrate has made. Before Christ, the world of classical antiquity was defined by slavery, bloodthirsty entertainment, and pederasty. Now through Christ, we can all find forgiveness and salvation. History would be unimaginably different if this one person named Jesus had never lived.

Wishing God’s many blessings upon you this Christmas season and beyond.


Dinesh D'Souza