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I am a talk radio enthusiast. I have listened to KFYI for years. I always enjoyed the wit and intelligence of recently retired Barry Young and he is missed. I always tune in to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity; they are real conservatives.

Barry Young’s replacement is Mike Broomhead and, for many reasons, I am withholding judgment on whether a conservative is fairly treated on his program. Even Young strayed over to RINO territory sometimes; witness his adoration of John McCain.

I listened to Broomhead’s replacement, Chris Merrill, yesterday on my way home from the office. Merrill is on from 4 to 7 p.m. He was ranting about the use of the word “thug,” claiming someone using the term would be accused of being racist. That is BS.

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The dark side of politics, the so called progressives or Democrats, overuse the racial issue. I remember when Daniel Gonzalez, the darling of illegal aliens, came to interview me. Gonzalez is a so-called reporter for the left wing Arizona Republic. He immediately asked me if I was racist. I told him if that was where he was going he could leave. He told me he wasn’t Mexican, claimed his parents were from the Caribbean and went on to explain that most illegal immigrants are Indian, as he described their color and physique. I told him that was race talk and bordering on racism, according to his articles.

I don’t know if he coined the phrase “undocumented migrant” instead of the phrase “illegal aliens,” the correct legal term imbedded in federal law. Some writers use even the phrase “migrants.” Open borders activists want to ban the term “illegal aliens” or make it a hate phrase.

I, for one, am tired of having word or language changes for any reason. If a word offends anyone, tough. From childhood, dictionaries were for aiding expression. We are supposed to be free citizens with First Amendment protection.

Think about the progression of how we came to refer to those called African Americans today. When I was a kid, “colored” or “Negro” was the accepted term. Then they proudly insisted “black” described their race and later adopted “African American,” even though black people are from many different places. Sources suggest Obama’s ancestors were Arab slave traders and he may not be African American at all. Maybe all the karma there is responsible for his obvious racism toward white people.

The Hispanic activists and the federal government are harassing Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as they have for years. The federal government has restricted the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in many different ways.

The Hispanic terrorists claim he is profiling them by entering their barrios. Where else would they be likely to find illegal aliens?

I went on two sweeps with Sheriff’s deputies and found zero examples of profiling although numerous arrests were made. Some were citizens or legal residents and some were illegal. Most vehicles were stopped for violations of law, which gave deputies the legal right to ask for their driver license. Is that wrong? If so, since when?

It is clear Obama’s administration has gone all out to rid Maricopa County of Arpaio’s presence as sheriff. This is unbelievable federal overreach. Arpaio has been reelected sheriff since he was originally elected to office in 1993.

The federal judge harassing Arpaio is G. Murray Snow, a 2011 George Bush nominee. He appears vicious and way out of bounds in his findings and threats. I went to the website On that site, Snow had an average 3.3 rating of the 10 who rated him on temperment, industriousness, ability to handle complex litigation, punctuality and evenness in civil litigation.

A ranking of 1 is awful and 10 excellent. Six of the responses were from attorneys and all were very negative.

Snow has assigned a federal monitor to look over MCSO’s shoulder and she appears to be as negative as the judge. Surprisingly, Snow was educated in Utah where citizens are mostly conservative and fair minded. That is probably what Bush thought when he nominated him.

Can you imagine Arpaio being slammed for arresting illegal aliens? Isn’t that his job? The fact that the government is harassing him is absolutely scary.

Arpaio has a posse investigating Obama, his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service documents. We are satisfied his so-called long form birth certificate was created in Photoshop. We know too he has been using a Social Security number assigned to a Connecticut resident who was born in 1890.

Also, Arpaio recently had the guts to file a lawsuit, represented by Attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, to halt Obama’s executive amnesty.

Tell me he isn’t being hammered for doing his job.