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Law and order

The squeaky wheel is getting the grease in America today as ethnocentric special interest groups continue to ride the coattails of the civil rights movement.

However, what these groups are ignoring is the rule of law which is based on our Constitution, and in that document there is no special civil right that entitles them to break the law based on ethnicity. 

Weather you are an unlawful migrant or a protester in Ferguson, remember that to maintain freedom and liberty we must first have law and order.

Rusty Childress 


Scottsdale City Council Hearing results

For those of you who have not heard, all the major General Plan amendments and their rezoning applications were approved Monday night and the Cavalliere Ranch rezoning was approved Tuesday night. As usual with this council, nothing is denied regardless of its impact on the city and its residents. A list of all these projects is below.





Reserve at Pinnacle Peak Patio



E. Jomax Road &

E. Pinnacle Peak Parkway.


Littlefield, Phillips

Cavalliere Flat



SE corner of N. Alma School Parkway and E. Pinnacle Vista Drive



Cavalliere Ranch


Between E. Ranchgate Road and E. Pinnacle Peak Road and between N. 128th Street and N. 134th Street


Littlefield, Phillips

El Regalo



NE corner of E. Westland Drive and N. Scottsdale Road


Bahia Work Live Play



16576 N. 92nd Street



The first 3 are located in or near Troon and will have a major impact on traffic in and through Troon, especially Cavalliere Ranch that will add about 3,000 vehicle trips per day, above what the property originally would have generated, through Troon on Ranch Gate Road and Happy Valley. It also triples the density in a very sensitive area of the land adjacent to the Preserve. A parade of supporters (about 17) spoke in favor of the project, most of whom are builders or business owners who think they will get something out of it. Only 3 people spoke against it, me, Jim Heitel (chairman of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission), and one resident from Troon. While lack of significant opposition from Troon didn’t help, in reality the council had already decided to approve it, so it was unlikely any additional speakers against it would have had any impact.

Hopefully when David Smith and Kathy Littlefield join the council in January, things will change. At least it will be harder to pass major General Plan amendments and the council will start looking at the cost of development to the city and its impact on our tourists and residents.

With all this out of the way, hope you all have a great holiday.

Howard Meyers


What's wrong with these people?

We have hundreds of thousands of people discreetly carrying firearms throughout the state, with government permits, for the sole purpose of self defense and stopping crime. Countless others safely carry sidearms for the same reason, without any red-tape government paperwork, under the freedom of Constitutional Carry, for four years now.

Yet the front page today says, as usual, "police and criminologists don't have an explanation for the dip" in homicides that statistics keep showing. What's wrong with these people? If they can't see the most obvious evidence in their faces, after decades of effort and success, what else are these so-called experts missing?

Innocent people are armed against crime, shooting ranges and trainers are busy educating the public, crime drops, and "officials" don't recognize any results. Why do you think every state in the Union finally has some form of discreet carry? National statistics on the subject are overwhelmingly positive – society is safer when criminals don't know who's armed.

Guns save lives, guns stop crime, and criminologists don't have clues, the great trinity of news truths that somehow don't make the "news." It would be hysterical if it wasn't so serious.


Alan Korwin, Author
The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide


It is time to give your readers these facts

As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Barack Hussein Obama is following the plan of Cloward and Piven, two professors at Columbia University ... They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands to destroy capitalism.

Anyone with a properly functioning mind can easily see that is what Obama is working toward.

He is getting close to accomplishing his goal.

I didn’t serve my nation in the U.S. Air Force to wind up in a socialist nation with a dictator but it is to late to stop him and your readers need to know so they can start getting prepared for it.

Edwin Slaten


December matching challenge

In 2014, we realized our President thinks he’s an emperor, fought the most epic healthcare failure in American government history, and persevered in the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative groups. As the deficit grew larger each day, voters sent a message to DC: no more!

Our Convention of States Project is the only way to permanently reverse the behavior of a government bankrupting this nation, embezzling the legitimate authority of the states, and destroying our liberty. 

We need your help. 

A generous donor has agreed to match every tax-deductible gift, dollar for dollar. That means if you give $10, our donors have pledged to give another $10 to make the impact of your gift $20. Your $50 gift will effectively become $100.

Will you help us raise $100,000 to confront the overreach of the federal government by donating now?

We can only do this together.  Visit

Mark Meckler, President
Citizens for Self-Governance


Time to lead, not follow

Nero fiddled while Rome burned; President Obama golfs while America burns.

But maybe that’s a good thing. When he’s in Washington he fuels the burning with division and hatred; casting Christians, Jews and Conservatives as villains. We see how he has total disrespect for the Constitution and our Judeo/Christian values. Our Pledge of Allegiance says we are One Nation Under God. So, shouldn't we have a president who respects the Judeo/Christian values upon which our nation was founded?

Call to prayer in American
FDR was also a progressive, big government president, BUT, he respected our Judeo/Christian heritage which makes us One Nation Under God. This is from a speech given by FDR to the nation, D-Day, June 6, 1944:

“Almighty God: Our sons struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization…I ask that our people devote themselves in a continuance of prayer… invoking Thy help…Almighty God.”

FDR asked our nation to join him praying to God to save our religion and our civilization. Obama says we aren’t even a Christian nation, and we must be tolerant of those trying to destroy our religion and our civilization. 

Call to prayer in the British Empire
In May of 1940, four years prior to D-Day, some 30,000 English soldiers were backed up to the English Channel as the German army overran France. King George VI called the entire empire to a National Day of Prayer, seeking God’s help for the soldiers and the nation. What followed shows the power of prayer; three distinct miracles:

First Miracle: 
Hitler inexplicably disregarded his generals, ordering a halt to their armored tank columns when they were only 10 miles away from annihilating the British. 

Second Miracle: 
As the German tanks came to a halt a violent storm grounded the Luftwaffe, protecting the British while help could be arranged. Obviously, Hitler had not taken into account the One who controls the weather! 

Third Miracle: 
While the storm raged over France, a weather phenomenon occurred. The English Channel became eerily calm, allowing a ragtag armada of ships, large and small, to go back and forth until the soldiers were rescued.

Today it is militant Muslims that threaten ‘our religion and our civilization.’ But there is no FDR in America today. Instead we have a president who coddles Muslim terrorists, and threatens Christian protesters. 

Don’t expect change to come from either Democrats or Republicans. If we truly want change, it must come from us, the people of faith, bringing God back into our society. 

What if we didn’t make secular shopping and parties the center of our Christmas this year? What if we joined together in communal prayer, calling on our one true God to intervene? If we come together as a nation, praying with the same fervor the British did, God will hear, and He will not forsake us.

God bless all of you this Advent and Christmas.

Mr. Richard Matriciano
PATH Contributor


America's cops and Eric Garner, tragic, but don't fight the police

Most Americans hope we never have to call the police. A call to the police usually means something bad is happening. However, we want the police if we need them. We hope that if we are in danger a policeman will be just a few moments away.

Charles Barkley is right. "Without cops, "Our neighborhoods would be like the wild, wild, west."   Few if any Americans really want to live in towns where there is no police presence.

I've only had one irritating episode with a policeman. I was driving through a small town and crossed the yellow line. A young sheriff's deputy who obviously had nothing to do detained me for about fifteen minutes checking my registration and shining his flashlight in my truck. Finally, he was satisfied that I was not on drugs or alcohol.  Most likely I had been dialing the knob on my radio when I committed the unthinkable of crossing the yellow line.

I've also been pulled over for speeding. I've had a ticket or two and deserved them. Looking back those cops may have saved my life. Sometimes a brief pullover or interruption may save us from a catastrophe further down the road.

The recent New York City cop who choked Eric Garner to death was wrong.  What happened to tasers? There were plenty of cops on top of Garner they didn't need to choke him to death. I realize there are violent criminals that warrant aggressive measures. If they had been dealing with someone posing a threat or with the Taliban or ISIS I could understand.

Does anybody remember Rodney King? Never has such a brutal beating by so many police been captured on video for all to see.

Our country is extremely troubled. We don't need psycho police proving they are big macho policeman. On the other hand the citizens of this country have to be respectful of each other and the law. We can't walk down the streets threatening the police and talking trash to them.  Nor, are we in the position to resist arrest when breaking the law. The person wearing the badge and carrying the gun has the authority and is likely to react. 

Dr. Glenn Mollette
American columnist and author


Why the jackalope?

jackalopePeople often ask us why we present mounted taxidermy jackalopes to the highest-scoring state and local government officials every year.

Here's why... There are some people who believe that jackalopes don't exist (which is silly, of course). But there are also people who believe that pro-taxpayer legislators and local officials don't exist. And we want to show those folks that there really are a few elected officials who are looking out for taxpayers, producers and consumers and making a strong effort to advance free-market policies.

Please join the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation as we celebrate the achievements of our pro-taxpayer officials and – more importantly – as we celebrate the hard-working volunteer activists in the free-market grassroots. This coming Wednesday evening, December 10, from 6 to 8 p.m., AFPF-Arizona is holding a special cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort at 7200 N. Scottsdale Road (just north of Indian Bend). And there will be jackalopes!

(We will also award a new prize – the Richard M. Nixon Award – to the Republican in Arizona who has done the most to expand the size and scope of Big Government.)

Spaces are limited for this event, which is what the liberals call "free" and what we call "unpriced." Please register now.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney, Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity Foundation