Keeping it in the family, business that is

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The doors were wide open just after sundown the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. The sound of country music blared on the store’s radio and the smell of fresh leather invited glances at the wall of cowboy and cowgirl boots. 

perrymanPerryman’s Western Wear is a family owned business run by a mother, stepfather and their daughter.  The business has been open for over 10 years. They currently have one store located off the 101 and Cave Creek that has been open for six years.  A 27-year-old daughter, country music singer and songwriter who goes by Tommy Ash would agree the western atmosphere is a lot of fun.

“We are not like a big franchise store, more of like a smaller boutique,” Tommy Ash explained.

Around the area, there are many vacant buildings waiting to be filled. Culvers just recently opened a restaurant nearby.

“It’s picking up; the whole area is fairly new,” Tommy Ash said.

One of the biggest days of the year for businesses just passed, but Perryman’s wasn’t as busy as retailers like Sears and Walmart.

“Black Friday was okay, I’d say. I think a lot of people were mostly at the mall,” she said.

As Tommy Ash began to explain her favorite part of her work, she was interrupted by the store’s mascot, a great bird named Roberto.

“Hello,” Roberto said.

“I like helping people and meeting friends. It’s kind of like a friendship you build with people,” Tommy Ash said as she described what she likes about running a western store.

“My favorite thing is working with the people and the clothes,” owner Brenda Perryman added.

Although the recession complicated businesses all around the state, Perryman’s was hit harder because it happened right after they moved to their present location.

“We just really had to rely on weekends,” Tommy Ash said.

The Perrymans enjoy keeping the western spirit alive with their stock of shiny belt buckles, boot-cut jeans, beautifully stitched boots and button-up shirts. They plan on having only one location and keeping it a close-knitted family owned business.