DECEMBER 3, 2014

The gluten craze exposed

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Consumer Reports says that about seven percent of Americans suffer from an autoimmune condition that causes gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, but that 63% of the population believe a gluten-free diet is beneficial.  They think that cutting or reducing gluten intake has all sorts of physical and mental benefits, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens.

But, says AMAC, it ain't necessarily so.  In fact, the Food and Drug Administration agrees with the Consumer Reports study. 

Rhonda Kane, a registered dietitian and consumer safety officer at FDA, says that "eating gluten-free is not meant to be a diet craze.  It's a medical necessity for those who have celiac disease."

"There are no nutritional advantages for a person not sensitive to gluten to be on a gluten-free diet," she adds.

"The Truth About Gluten," the Consumer Reports research document, is available on its website and in the January 2015 edition of its magazine, which is available on newsstands.

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