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Immigration • Ferguson, Missouri

DON SORCHYCHObama’s threats about immigration are patently illegal and, so far, the House of Representatives, where action should be taken, is silent. The Constitution is clear on this matter, but so far Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Attorney Larry Klayman are the only ones to take action.

Republicans and Democrats are jointly responsible for having been silent on the issue and leaving the borders open, which in itself is illegal. Both parties want Hispanic votes and cater to the likes of La Raza and others that are similar. La Raza argues that the Southwest belongs to them and America stole the land. La Raza has the ears of both parties even though they are clearly enemies of America.

The “president” knows his actions, including encouraging illegal aliens to storm the country, and essentially giving at least five million illegals citizenship will assure the future is owned by the Democrat party. Obama’s first two years have shown us what that means. When the Democrats had both houses of Congress we got Obamacare, which gives government control of one sixth of our economy. Obamacare will devastate health care in America. If the government were to follow immigration law by enforcing border protection and deporting illegals, we wouldn’t have a problem. When they continuously talk about “reform” ask them reform what? Enforcement is what we need and further limits on immigration.

Why should voters trust either party to enforce border protection since they haven’t in forty years?

We need immigrants like those who were recruited or supported by Silicon Valley. One good example is former Intel CEO Andy Grove, who left Hungary when things turned sour. He wrote a book about silicon process design that was the most popular handbook in universities. Grove was also a tough minded executive who made substantial contributions to Intel’s successes. Now he has a foundation that has given millions for various disease cures. These are the kind of people we should be allowing into our country. There are current examples at Google and many other companies in the Valley.

But back to border control. It isn’t a difficult problem to control the border. It must be managed by tough minded individuals who shoot those who invade our county. Drone technology along with fenced borders can be used. Those crossing our borders illegally need to fear the consequences of breaking our laws. Try it in Europe for example, where they shoot or incarcerate invaders. In fact look at what Mexico did to an unfortunate ex-marine who made a wrong turn; he was jailed for seven months and tortured while our borders remain open.

I remember President George Bush argued you had to be from Texas to understand immigration and now he, Karl Rove and John McCain appeared before La Raza to try to win the hearts of illegals. Mainstream media says they support immigration reform despite the fact border protection is the law. None of the RINOs tried to protect our borders or enforce existing immigration law. They use the evasive term “immigration reform.” Have you ever seen a plan illustrating the objectives of immigration reform? Obama should be impeached; does the Republican Party have the testicular fortitude to do it? If they don’t, we are being ruled by a dictator.

Ferguson, Missouri
After following the case in Florida about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, cases involving whites killing blacks shouldn’t surprise us. It seems black activists and families denied the facts in both cases. The push for diversity argues we should be color blind, except when one is white and the other isn’t.

Zimmerman won the court case against him. And the press has followed everything he has done since. Obama said Martin could have been his son.

Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have been openly supportive of the protests in Ferguson, even though a legally constituted grand jury found no probable cause to indict police officer Darren Wilson. The media, even Fox news, kept commenting on Michael Brown’s age, 18, and that he was unarmed. So what? The evidence was clear, but rarely mentioned, that Brown had just stolen cigars from a local store and strong-armed the owner. Brown was six feet, four inches, weighed 295 pounds and likely used his size to bully people. He was a walking stealing weapon without a gun.

Black activists are using lies about Brown’s death to further their cause – the so-called racial divide – as is the Obama administration.

Holder is threatening a civil rights investigation of a man cleared of any wrong doing.

Blacks are doing themselves a disservice by their illegal actions nationwide. Is their message that no black should be arrested or shot by law enforcement?

Keep your powder dry!