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steele coddingtonForget the latest headlines regarding the continuing Obama train wreck for America. The "Illegal Amnesty" headlines are recordings of presidential acts that enable the dismantling of the Rule of Law. Sure, all presidents have the privilege to pardon one, or two or sixty here and there, but not an entire illegal population! The country is in trouble if a presidential whim can supersede constitutional authority.
But put that episode aside for a minute. It's the usual media manipulation to make the public forget that the American people just disapproved that kind of presidential subversion by massively rejecting the perpetrator in the 2014 ELECTION! That overwhelming vote handed Obama a disapproval of his "Fundamental Change" for America. It was a clear rejection of the liar mentality infecting the administration.

The election expressed a new standard of judgment called "RePHEWdiation," meaning Obama and his agenda didn't pass the "smell-test." When TRUTH is missing in a person's dealings, it means they fail the "content-of-your-character" test. Remember that? So in November 2014 Obama traded in his phony Noble Peace Prize for the Pinocchio of the Century Award. And as the evidence of deception, lies and corruption multiplied, the quiet angst of voters began to generate distrust and suspicion of motives. Is he really just another Chicago politician who you know is lying because his lips are moving?

Questions are generated by the underlying FEARS of citizens. "What is he really trying to do to America?" As his abuse of power becomes more pronounced with edicts and executive orders that generate discord, chaos, racial unrest and unhappiness, Americans begin to wonder? When he speaks, whose voice are we really hearing? Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, David Axelrod, or Jeremiah Wright? Any one of them would scare the hell out of people unfamiliar with their extreme backgrounds and associations.

Just briefly review a scintilla of Obama's reliably reported relationship with his pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright whose hatred of the United States has been seen on TV by millions. One of Wright's close associates, Professor of Divinity James Cone conceived the Black Liberation Theology movement - a concoction involving Marxist, racial and all the Christian components that fit the narrative along with anti-American rant. Those and other Obama radical associations remain in the political closet buried by a fawning press.

But add to them as they emerge, the architect of Obamacare, professor Jonathan Gruber, featured by Obama as the exemplar of authenticity for the health care for America scam. He lied, and Obama perpetuated the lies. The American people, Gruber claims, are too stupid to understand. He's wrong. They are not stupid, but they are uninformed, misinformed and misled by a complicit media that is no longer a free press. They have become little Joseph Goebbels disseminating the government's false propaganda.

What the 2014 elections proved is that Americans can be manipulated by smooth talking sociopathic liars, but the country's sense of right and wrong ultimately prevails. The Judeo Christian ethics of truth, fairness, tolerance and love for your neighbor are all ingredients that helped inspire the creation of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights that institutionalized the "Rule of Law." When men, especially presidents, take the law into their own hands, you have Cuba's Castro, Venezuela's Chavez and the Soviet's Stalin. 2014 should be the code number and rallying cry for the historical truth - "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."