Money doesn’t come easy; Dane Holdings Taxes works hard to help you keep it!

dane holdingsSCOTTSDALE – It may only be December, but the professionals at Dane Holdings Taxes say this is the time for tax planning. The family-run business has more than 20 years of experience, so they understand doing taxes isn’t always the most fun endeavor, but they are here to help.

Dane Holdings was founded by Danny A. Meyer in Arizona in 1989. His focus remains on financial management for seniors and retirees. His wife, Melissa M. Meyer, works with Danny as an investment advisor, broker and insurance agent. You’ll even find their daughters, Justine and Taylor, working alongside the couple as well.

Melissa shared a cute story about now-office manager, Justine, from when she was in grade school and Dane Holdings was a fledgling company. “We got a call from Justine’s teacher asking what we did for a living.” Melissa thought it an odd question, so of course, followed up. (At the time, Melissa was not working solely with DH Taxes.) “The teacher told us Justine said her mom worked with computers and her dad went to old people’s houses and took their money!” she laughed. “Well, she had it somewhat right!”

While the young girl’s choice of words may have raised the teacher’s concern all those years ago, know that it would be challenging to find more integrity, compassion and experience than from the principals of DH Taxes. If that doesn’t set them apart, they offer fee-based financial advice (more cost-effective for clients) and on the tax side, Melissa offers a complimentary review of past taxes. (See more at They offer full tax services with year around tax help, even stepping up in the event of the dreaded IRS audit!

Dane Holdings Taxes is conveniently located at 23415 N. Scottsdale Rd. Phone 480-473-4650 to schedule an appointment.