Scottsdale City Council to hear Major General Plan and rezoning cases Monday and Tuesday

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The big development cases are going to be heard by the Scottsdale City Council next week, Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, December 1, the following Major General Plan cases, with their associated zoning case, will be heard:
1. The Reserve at Pinnacle Peak Patio (2-GP-2014 and 9-ZN-2014) {Development of the old Pinnacle Peak Patio site}
2. El Regalo (3-GP-2014 and 10-ZN-2014) {North of the northeast corner of E. Westland Drive and N. Scottsdale Road}
3. Cavalliere Flat (4-GP-2014 and 12-ZN-2014) {Development of the old Greasewood Flats site}
On Tuesday, December 2, the Cavalliere Ranch rezoning case (13-ZN-2014) will be heard.
{Rezone 462 acres adjacent to the Preserve from 154 lots to 443 lots, approximately a 3 times increase} This case should be the most contentious one as it dramatically increases the traffic through Troon as that is the only feasible route from this remote area.

If you have any concerns about any of these projects, this is the last time you will be able to do anything about them so attend the meeting if you can, or if you can’t write the city council with your feelings or opinions. Council E-mail addresses, and issues with the Cavalliere Ranch rezoning, are below.

E-Mail addresses:

Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane

Councilwoman Virginia Korte

Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp

Councilman Robert Littlefield

Councilman Guy Phillips

Councilwoman Linda Milhaven

Councilman Dennis Robbins

 One e-mail for all:

For the Cavalliere Ranch case, the major issues are:
They are asking for 3 times more houses on a very large piece of land in a very remote area of the city that has very limited access and NO amenities. {443 units vs. 154 units}

This is the maximum number of units they could ask for without requiring a Major General Plan Amendment.

However, the zoning they are asking for would allow for 4.5 times more houses (zoning entitlements) {688 units}.

The increase in number of units, if approved, will create a lot more traffic going through Troon as the ONLY route they will take is Ranch Gate to 118th St. to Happy Valley, to Pima Road.
Combined with the traffic from already approved Sereno Canyon, the expected vehicle trips/day will exceed 7,000 MORE vehicle trips/day on this route.

These increases would exceed the capacity of the existing roads. 118th St., Ranch Gate, and Happy Valley would all have to be expanded and the Happy Valley/Alma School intersection will have to get a traffic light.

Staff recognizes there are problems here that will have to be mitigated.

The planned number of lots, combined with the rough terrain, means that some development will have to occur on steeper slopes, not at all environmentally sensitive.

Surrounded on 3 sides by the Preserve.

Violates the Dynamite Character Area Plan which says “existing density, as defined by the existing zoning, is appropriate for the area.

There are multiple property owners, none of them developers, so there is no guarantee this “master plan” will ever be implemented.

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