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November 12 – 18, 2014


For All Signs: The archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, versus Social Justice, vs. The sovereign rights of the individual. This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age. It is a quarrel that will last for much of this decade at multiple levels. If you pay attention, you will see it in the news, perhaps in your neighborhood or job, and also inside your own head. The incredible dramas going on world-over are all about these topics. This week we are due to see more of the same as both the Sun and Venus cross into the Uranus/Pluto vicinity.

Aries: You likely will feel edgy and irritable at this time. Perhaps you feel trapped by the “rules” and want to break free. You can probably do so, but consider the cost. The ruling body could be the IRS, your bank, or your employer. It may feel as though you are treated like a fly on the wall rather than a person. This ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto is the pits.

Taurus: It is possible you will feel a sense of fatigue this week. Maybe something has caused you to be disappointed with yourself. Don't take the blues seriously or worry about yourself. In a few days you will feel much better. It is a temporary mood swing. Get some extra rest. Stay in touch with good friends.

Gemini: You must work to manage your communications at this time. Your situation may require you to use an unaccustomed vehicle, such as writing, to make yourself understood. You could be required to learn a different “language” for business or personal purposes.

Cancer: This is not your best week unless you plan to get a lot of hard work accomplished. If you become aware that you are easily angered, use caution concerning tools or machinery. Your reflexes may not be on target. Avoid speeding because there may be police on every corner.

Leo: The Uranus/Pluto story is playing out in your area of home, hearth, family and your job or your relationships to those at a distance. Your position carries more power at this time, so your voice will be louder than the voices of others. Hopefully you will be speaking on behalf of family life.

Virgo: Your power of concentration can be deep. You might be prone to somber thinking or at worst, pessimism and fear. It is important that you use your focus for the good in your life rather than in self-criticism and destructive thinking.

Libra: This is not your best week for romance and social life. You may be in circumstances that cause you to feel as though you must be pretentious concerning your feelings. Possibly you are not even really clear yourself about just what your needs are in these relationships. It's a low period that will pass in a few days.

Scorpio the Phoenix: (Oct. 23 – Nov 20) Your partner or a significant other may upset the status quo of your life. Somehow this triggers your security fears. Old tensions may rise and threaten to overwhelm you. This time calls you to rise beyond your childhood and remember you have a spirit and maturity that you did not as a child.

Sagittarius: The sun returns "home" to your sign this week. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy. It is appropriate that your attention be directed toward yourself right now. But while you are doing this, be sensitive to the needs of those around you.

Capricorn: You may feel pressured by circumstances to take control of a situation. Perhaps you do. Or perhaps you mainly fear that others will not handle the situation as well as you can. You are dangerously close to letting your ego run the game. Please spend some time in contemplation of what is the “right” thing to do.

Aquarius: It is necessary that you function as efficiently as possible. Scattered thoughts or words will not make the grade. Some important bits of information could be hard to find. People sometimes learn “business” writing under this aspect. Or it may be important that you gather your thoughts together in a project now.

Pisces: Beware that you are in a sensitive frame of mind and may misinterpret that which is said to you. You may be the one who hears what you want to hear. So take your impressions with a grain of salt until you clarify what was originally intended.

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