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Letter to the Maricopa County Attorney

William G. Montgomery Esq.
Maricopa County Attorney
301 W. Jefferson, Suite 800
Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2143

Re: Adam Trenk violation of election laws

Mr. Montgomery,
We hereby request, on behalf of a group of concerned citizens, that your office prosecute Cave Creek Vice Mayor Adam Trenk (Trenk) for violating ARS: 19-101A and other applicable laws in his attempt to subvert our democratic process and avoid a recall election. ARS: 19-101A in pertinent part provides that it is a class one misdemeanor for any person to knowingly sign a name to an initiative or referendum other than his own. We understand that there may be other laws violated by Trenk based on the conduct outlined herein, and request prosecution for any and all violations of law you deem appropriate.

Summary of material facts:

1. Trenk is the Vice Mayor of Cave Creek, and an attorney licensed in the state of Arizona to practice law.

2. Based on allegations of open meeting violations, unlawful firing of town staff, gross misrepresentation to the public during the election and in his first term as a member of the Cave Creek Town Council a recall petition was initiated against Mr. Trenk by Cave Creek Caring Citizens, a PAC.

3. On March 6, 2014 Adam Trenk approached Mr. Franco Marzella who was gathering recall signatures for a recall petition against him in the Town of Cave Creek near the Cave Creek Post Office. After confronting and questioning Mr. Marzella, Trenk placed the name of James Gandolfini [on] one of the petitions against him, provided a false address, and signed the petition. See the petition with the forged signature and false information attached as exhibit A.

4. On March 6 Trenk posted an admission on his Facebook page stating that he had placed false information on a recall petition and forged a signature on that petition. His stated motivation was that in his estimation the recall was a joke. See Trenk Facebook March 6 posting attached as exhibit B.

5. On April 21, 2014, Trenk wrote to Carrie Dyrek, the Cave Creek Town Clerk, demanding that she strike as invalid certain recall petition sheets against him because they contained invalid signatures. One of his requests was that the sheet containing his forgery be struck in its entirety (exhibit C).

6. The Town of Cave Creek and the Maricopa County elections board certified that there were sufficient signatures to require that Trenk and others stand for a recall election with three others.

7. Trenk filed a lawsuit against the town and the Maricopa County Election Board appealing the determination that there were sufficient signatures to require a recall election together with a request for a preliminary injunction forestalling the election process. A hearing was held on Monday, June 2 before the Honorable Douglas Gerlach, Judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court. During that hearing Trenk testified under oath. He was asked whether he forged the signature on the petition sheet which had been marked as exhibit D to the hearing. Trenk initially stated for the record he was “taking the fifth,” then admitted the forgery on the record when he was directed to answer the question by Judge Gerlach.

We respectfully suggest that there can be no higher calling for you as the highest law enforcement officer in Maricopa County than to defend our democratic process from those like Trenk who insist that they, because of their elected position, believe they are above the law.
This case is simple, straight forward, can be efficiently brought, and has the greatest likelihood of success based on the written evidence, Trenk’s written admission, his in court admission, and an assortment of eyewitnesses who are willing to testify on behalf of the prosecution. All of the criminal conduct took place in Maricopa County. In short you have an attorney/elected official who sabotaged an election by forging a name and knowingly provided false information on a recall petition, then used his forged signature as a basis for invalidating other citizen signatures on that sheet.

We therefore respectfully request that you prosecute Adam Trenk for any and all election laws you determine he violated, including, but certainly not limited to, ARS: 19-101A. We will assist the assigned investigator and/or Deputy County Attorney as needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Clancy
Hani Saba

PDF document for the exhibits


Thank you, Cave Creek

Thank you Cave Creek for your enthusiastic support of the petition phase of recall election process. Because of your commitment to unite the community behind four new council members next March, we were able to submit signatures far in excess of those required to place Trenk, Monachino, Durkin and Spitzer on the recall election ballot next March.

Thank each and every one of you who signed the recall petitions. Thank all of you who supported the effort but were properly afraid of reprisals if you signed. And, a special thanks to the dedicated volunteers – far too many to name here - who spent countless hours collecting the signatures.

As a community, we were deceived into electing this dishonest, irresponsible and vindictive slate that has wasted hundreds of thousands of valuable taxpayer dollars. Now, thanks to your magnificent response to the recall process, we have the opportunity to come together behind honest candidates to lead Cave Creek forward in a very positive way.

On behalf of Cave Creek Caring Citizens, we sincerely appreciate your support of this critically important issue and look forward to your continued support as we approach next March.

Susan Clancy, Chairman
Hani Saba, Treasurer
Cave Creek Caring Citizens


A distant "thank you"

A simple “thank you” would not be good enough. What follows is 90 miles of “thank you” all the way from Prescott for your ongoing commitment to do and say what you believe to be the right thing on all matters pertaining to Cave Creek and Carefree. I watched and listened for almost 20 years to those who, much like today’s Progressive Liberal, talk about how wrong you always were because you often disagreed with them. On every subject ... every time.

Although we have not always agreed on every topic, speaking for myself, and many in Carefree that sit silently by, I have always respected your opinion regarding how you viewed an issue. Much of the time your prophesies came to pass and not a sound could be heard from those that did all they could to destroy your credibility and reputation. Never an apology or “Sorchych was right on that one” to be heard. You are right in opposing Propositions 488 & 489 before the Carefree voters, as you have been in the past, and I believe the voters will agree with you ... again.

Providing as much valuable space in your publication to those trying to defeat the Propositions is an act of kindness and, for those paying attention, one that should produce new followers of Sonoran News as a publication that looks out for the people, and never shies away from controversial issues.

You have my deepest respect for doing what you do, and the way you choose to do it.
Best regards to you and your staff for doing your part to provide the voice of reason to the voters of Carefree.

Stay in good health. The community needs the original Don Sorchych!


Peter Koteas



Sonoran News Online Edition for Oct. 29, 2014

A note of thanks and gratitude for your support of our town, as well as for conservative principals throughout our nation.

When the dust settles after this election, hopefully a conservative win all around, I plan to begin some follow-up (local) work on how small-minded leadership attempted to affect the outcome of our local election. Other topics will follow with more of an eye on the economic viability of development in our area and related matters.

I shared this comment with friends a short while ago, ‘Between our email campaign and SN’s support we had to have delivered our message. If registered voters stay away, or go the other way, then at least we know we gave them the information to make an informed decision. Borrowing from an old TV series featuring a Shaolin Monk as a master teacher, “choose wisely grasshopper.”’

Voters did not choose wisely in 2008 or 2012. With history now behind them, perhaps they have learned from their mistakes.


John Traynor


Halloween – very creepy

Town Council Slate:

• is going to fire the best town manager Cave Creek ever had due solely to reasons of vengeance,
• and they are going to do it in a manner that publicly maximizes the damage to an honest and honorable man, that does not follow town ordinances, and tramples his civil rights,
• and they are going to do this even though the town manager’s contract ends 4 months hence,
• and it’s going to cost the town to hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses, expose the town to a $3 million federal civil rights lawsuit, and significantly raise the town’s insurance rates for years to come.
• Halloween Prank?? Nope. That’s exactly what Slate council members Trenk, Spitzer, Durkin and Monachino did in their first week in office.
Town Council Slate:
• is going to give the Cave Creek Court to Carefree along with lots of money each year,
• and they are going to do this even though it has been analyzed for years and never made economic sense unless you wanted to bestow a wonderful gift to Carefree,
• and they are going to do this because the interim town manager was directed to do it by council slate, had not a clue as to the economics involved and made the case using untested budget numbers and refusing to talk to the court staff that understood the revenues and costs involved.
• Halloween Prank?? Nope. That’s exactly what Slate council members Trenk, Spitzer, Durkin and Monachino did in their first 3 months in office.
Town Council Slate:
• is going to hire an interim town manager with absolutely no experience as a town manager or anything related,
• and they are going to hire him only because he is an unemployed buddy of Adam Trenk,
• then they are going to pay this unqualified individual the same salary as an experienced and successful town manager,
• and they are also going to give this affable but clueless fellow an unlimited credit card and pay him to commute back and forth to work,
• and then they are going to give him a $10,000 dollar raise, and
• then they are going to extend his contract a couple of extra months because he was too inept to hire his replacement on time.
• Halloween Prank?? Nope. That’s exactly what Slate council members Trenk, Spitzer, Durkin and Monachino did in their first 6 months in office.

Halloween pranks? We only wish. And, that was just for starters for this creepy Slate– we have massive, nonbudgeted frivolous spending, costly public relations stunts, attempts to abandon the trails program, secret meetings/zero transparency, stonewalling public documents requests, road closings for their buddies, tacky town core, opening the entire town to horse properties, suffocating economic development, and on and on and on.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Response to “Hidden Canyon application not as scary as it sounds”

It appears that Ms. Bentley hasn’t had the opportunity to hear all of what the United Engineering spokesperson for the Hidden Canyon expansion project had to say, as we have had.
(Neighborhood Meeting Open House/Required Public Meeting Oct. 20) When attendees asked directly about the plans for the development by the new owners, the spokesperson barely mentioned single family home concept. He went on to say the market is really into multi-family units, because, “that’s what’s selling.” The change request seems obvious because that is where the most developer profit could be. The takeaway was that once the zoning change is in effect, all bets are off. One of the examples given as to the proposed plan, was multi story, multifamily buildings such as the Surry Hills development just off Cave Creek Rd. to the south of the parcel in question.

The developer wants the zoning changed to 29 acres of MR-Multi Family Residential Zoning before he would address any of the questions regarding density, environmental impact, traffic control, storm water control, water usage or any other concerns of anyone living in the area. These are obvious questions for all parties concerned, private or public, before consenting to a zoning change. If this change goes through whose neighborhood is next?

What “I” heard was that the new owner is anxious to turn a profit on their investment. This parcel sale closed in September 2014 and the rapid rezoning effort I believe is a huge mistake. It will result in devaluing our neighborhoods while ignoring the historic Cave Creek character we are proud to be a part of.

The Planning Commission... meets and could recommend this zoning change on Nov. 20th ...
It all sounds pretty scary to us…

Robert and Debbie Peterson
Cave Creek


Mans’ best friend: Part II

Greetings fellow Creekers,
Spoke to you last year about our great community in Cave Creek, Red Dog Ranch. Friendly people, clean air, unbelievable scenery and wildlife all cohabitating to enjoy life. Summer was long and hot with monsoon winds and rains now a distant memory. Welcome fall – warm days and mild nights, open windows, no air conditioners, football hockey, baseball playoffs – what a great time to be here!

But, as usual, with the good comes the not so good! The quiet, tranquil mountain serenity has once again been replaced by that disturbing, nerve-wracking monotonous sound of the dreaded terror – the unsupervised barking dog!

Am I missing the boat here? Please explain to me and my silent suffering neighbors the benefits you seem to derive from allowing your dog to ruin our peace and quiet. Please write to this publication defending your position to allow your pet to disturb everyone day and night.
We are not dog haters. Owner responsibility is at issue here.

In the immortal words of that great street philosopher from Los Angeles, “Can’t we all just get along?”

In conclusion, let us all be neighborly and respectful of other people and their feelings so we can all enjoy the calming sights and sounds of our beautiful community.


Douglas Gill
Soon to be called Barking Dog Ranch


Packages From Home needs your help for Veterans Day!

Today I'm writing to you in celebration of the men and women who protect our country overseas!

With Veterans Day fast approaching, we wanted to find a way to help our heroes overseas. Here in our District Office, we serve as a drop off location for a local non-profit called Packages From Home (PFH). PFH collects and packages wish-list items for our soldiers based abroad. With your help, we can fill our bin and make a trip to PFH before Veterans Day.

Last day to donate: Monday, November 10, 2014. Our Office: 10603 N. Hayden Road, Suite 108, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Hurry in!

David Schweikert

"The List" of PFH Donation Items
Top Items to Donate:
Foot or body powder - @ Dollar Store
Hand Sanitizer
Eye drops - @ dollar store
Tee shirts
Boxer shorts - med , large, X L

Single drink mix ( crystal lite, Wylers)
Pop tarts
Canned soup (10.5 oz)
Microwave Pop Corn
Sunflower Seeds

Drink mix singles (Crystal Lite, Gatorade)
Coffee (one-pot packs)
Slim Jims ( short 0.28 oz per stick)
Canned Chili, Ravioli, Spaghetti-O’s, Soup, Stew (15 oz to 20 oz)
Top Ramen soup/noodle mix ( 3 oz )
Canned fruit (5 oz to 16 oz)
Canned tuna, chicken, or turkey
Granola bars, Power bars or Energy bars
Hot Chocolate – Individual size
Peanut butter in plastic containers
Nuts – cashews, peanuts, corn nuts,
Fruit snacks – individual size
Tabasco sauce (2 oz size)
Saltine Crackers in sleeves

Foot Powder - (Dollar Tree)
Eye Drops (for desert environment)
Lip Balm (Blistex, Carmex, Chapstick etc.)
Sunscreen – (6 oz to 8 oz)
Men’s Deodorant (Stick type - NOT anti-perspirant) 0.5 oz to 3oz)
Lotion, cleanser and/or moisturizer, cream…(1 oz to 5 oz)
Shampoo & Conditioner travel size (1 oz to 3 oz)
African-American hair products
Hand Sanitizer - small and medium size (2 oz to 8 oz)
Wet wipes (unscented-baby wipes)
Disposable razors – (Quatro Pro and Mach 3 preferred – with refills)
Shaving cream ( 2 to 5 oz)
Socks – Men’s and ladies’
T-shirts – medium, large, & extra large – new only please
Boxer shorts – medium, large, and extra large
Toothbrushes, individually packaged
Toothpaste – trial or small size are great
Band aids
Toilet Paper
Tissue Packs – travel size
Bug Repellent
Cool Ties

RECREATION - New or gently used
Hand held games ( poker , solitaire…)
Ping Pong paddles, balls & nets
Sports equipment and nets
Video games & Systems
PS3, xBox , xBox360, Wii ( used and in working condition)
Video game cartridges

Returning soldiers are not allowed to drive for the first 48 hours after their return. Let’s get them some gift cards ($10 ) to places like Subway, McDonalds, Papa John’s, Dominoes, Pizza Hut who either deliver or are on every corner so that those without families have a treat on us to thank them for their service.


To Cave Creek Council:

The large electronic sign on border of Carefree & Cave Creek noted that the lane closure ahead was to accommodate motorcycle parking for two bars, the HideAway and Tap Haus. These bars should have had adequate parking available or make other arrangements for their event. Impeding traffic flow for citizens, other tourists and harming businesses along Cave Creek Road is not a good idea.

Until there is an alternative route though the town, most Cave Creek citizens DO NOT want lane restrictions on the only roadway though the community. This is a health, safety and welfare issue. Please stop granting these permits.

Thank you.

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek