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Citizens of Cave Creek are blessed

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steve lamarHalloween is past. The whispers of fall in the pre-dawn mornings are now glorious sonnets of perfect cool mornings and evenings; with a touch of sweet, warm contrast moving on a gentle breeze in the afternoons. We really are blessed to live in the great Sonoran Foothills. Halloween marks the time of year when we again are the envy the nation, and our winter citizens migrate back to winter homes to rejoice with the rest of us in the beauty of our foothills community.

We are blessed in so many ways. We are Americans and have the power, if we exercise it, to govern ourselves by demanding that our elected officials represent our nation’s best interests, not themselves. That is a tall order for citizens now-a-days. But it has been a tall order for us since the beginning. A witness to the response of our early citizens to tyranny told of knowing where the Continental Army had passed by the pink tinted snow left by the bleeding, bootless feet of volunteers marching to face the greatest military power in the world, the British Empire.

The citizens of Cave Creek have taken a page from the perseverance of our forefathers, and have prevailed against all odds over our local regime of tyrants, forcing them to face them in a recall election in March of 2015 where they, the citizens of Cave Creek, will have an opportunity to roll up their collective sleeves and give town hall a good old fashioned spring cleaning.

Mike Durkin, Reginald Monachino, and Gary Spitzer have ridden on the coat tails of Adam Trenk, the consummate carpetbagger, for two years. In March of 2015 you can make sure that they ride Trenk’s coat tails right out of office. Mr. Trenk can then quit pretending that he really lives here, the rest of his gang can continue to do what they have done since confabulating their way into office ... absolutely nothing.

We come in all shapes and sizes, rich and not so rich, of every race and stripe, all sorts of backgrounds, we are artists, horse people, hikers, walkers, bikers, cooks and cleaners, young and still young at heart, we all have our burdens and our joys, our loves and our ” yuk “ buttons, our dreams and our regrets. We are wonderfully individual. It is that individual fabric that gives us the strength to care, and sometimes to just carry on.

On the surface we don’t have a lot in common. But where it counts the citizens of Cave Creek have in common a great love for the community you have worked together to build over the years. You know when that balanced, rural community has taken a turn for worse. A turn toward the tourist trap that is the vision of Trenk, Durkin, Monachino, and Spitzer. You have shown through your work and support of the grass roots recall movement that when you are lied to and deceived by self serving charlatans, you have the strength of will to call the bums to account.

Thanks to all the good citizens who have signed petitions, made phone calls, and knocked on doors to join in the clarion cry; enough is enough!

Now is not the time to rejoice, relax, and forget that the battle is begun but not yet won. Trenk and his minions spent record money spreading lies and half truths in the regular election. They have run out of litigation options after their lawyers avoided the first successful recall by using Trenk’s forgery, and violation of election laws to disenfranchise even handicapped citizens of Cave Creek. All done to avoid facing the people they promised to serve, but have exploited.

You can be assured that the flood of signs, fliers, half truths, and outright fabrication will begin anew. They have spent thousands of your dollars promoting themselves in the Cave Creek Coyote. Trenk’s special interest money will be brought to bear again.

There is one thing they have proven with action in the last two years. They shamelessly take credit for the work of others, but haven’t even budgeted enough money to keep two lanes open on Spur Cross Rd.

You should be proud that you have taken one important step toward restoring service and integrity to our town hall. Now we must work together to clean up the mess.

Imagine the pain walking through the snow with feet wrapped in rags, bone tired, nearly starving, cold to the bones, choking back fear, fighting to the death to be free.

We just need to love this town and take action to assure that the people in town hall serve it. Seems like we owe that much for the blessing of freedom.